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Jul 01 2018
Dixon Dick: Vice-Mayor Of Podunk Town Slurs Gays As Lazy, Inferior Show-Offs Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2018-07-01 at 4.16.17 PMPeople say not to be so sensitive — but when guys like this are slurring us ... (Image via

The vice-mayor of Dixon, California, Ted Hickman, wrote an op-ed that declared July to be SPAM, “Straight Pride American Month.”

It was adorned with a circular rainbow insignia with a slash through it.

In the write-up, Hickman expressed his contempt for gay people in every way:

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Jun 27 2018
The Power Of Gay Images + SCOTUS Meltdown + The Most Anti-Gay Jurist Possible + 10-YearOld Murdered For Being Gay + Joe Jackson Dies + Daniel Franzese Single + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

Above: Can't imagine why he was my most popular Instagram shot from #NYCPride2018. Follow me here.

Below: Pride-tastic pics, Chris Matthews goes ape over SCOTUS, 10-year-old murdered after coming out, K-Pop has a new gay star, Daniel Franzese is single again, and much more ...

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Jun 07 2018
Ben Robson's Booty Extraordinaire + Actually, All Gays Allowed + Pearl Fernandez Gets Life + Guy Gets HIV So He Can Spread It + Trump Isn't Prepping For North Korea Talks + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

Above: The above — FOLLOW HERE — made me remember this that '70s or '80s image of the gay clone in jeans sitting on a fire hydrant in the village. Even though no fire hydrant around. For some reason.

Below: Keep reading for Ben Robson's behind, a lower-court ruling that shows Masterpiece wasn't about NO GAYS ALLOWED, Gabriel Fernandez's mom and her boyfriend sentenced, a gay-marriage win for Bermuda, Trump's winging it with North Korea, and more ...

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Jun 06 2018
Wrestler Mania + Kathy Griffin Honored + Queer Art + How NOT To React To A Coming-Out + Amazing Election Results + Grenell's Alt-Right Advocacy + Cate & Sarah Cutting Up On TODAY + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

Above: Fashionably hot.

Below: Keep reading for a sexy wrestler, a queer art show, a straight woman's guide to reacting to gay people, amazing election results, and the funniest Today interview of all time ...

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Gavin Newsom, Early Gay-Marriage Proponent, Scores 1st-Place Finish In California Gubernatorial Primary Comments (0)

Gavin-Newsom-Event(Image via SLO)

As the mayor of San Francisco from 2004-2011, Gavin Newsom became a progressive beacon by marrying same-sex couples well before it was safe, politically — or even legal.

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May 18 2018
HOW CAN I BE WITH A MAN INSIDE OF THE LADIES' ROOM?: California Right-Winger Harasses Trans Woman In Bathroom Comments (0)

SaavedraJazmina Saavedra, a far-right-wing congressional candidate from SoCal, took her iPhone into a Denny's bathroom and badgered a trans woman who was using the bathroom in a stall at the time, shouting at her that she was the one invading Saavedra's privacy.

The video is stomach-turning, and now Saavedra is using it as a fundraising ploy.

I hope she gets her gender sued off for this, and I hope the Denny's manager gets sued, too — or at least fired ...

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May 14 2018
Tim Chung Should Be Someone's Baby Daddy + Ex-FDNY Sues Over Anti-Gay Hazing + Palm Springs STI Outbreak + The Harmful Myth Of Patient Zero + Is GIRLS Biphobic? + Nolan Gould Grew Up Hot + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

Above: He moves to Thailand and looks like that; I'd move to Thailand and be in a perpetual pad Thai coma.

Below: Keep reading for Kylie Jenner's hot not-baby-daddy, ex-FDNY suing over anti-gay and anti-Hispanic hazing, the truth about Patient Zero, Nolan Gould frees the nipple, Tomi Lahren gets schooled, Trixie Mattel opens DragCon, and more  ...

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May 09 2018
Making Matt Bomer Snicker + Zachary Quinto & Miles McMillan's Love Nest + Colton Haynes Files For Big D + Carmen Carrera Keeping Caitlyn In Check + Hot Guys Galore + Election News + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

Above: Getting ready for the thirsty days of summer.


Below: Keep reading for Matt Bomer's tormentor, he's the (gay, Asian) sheriff, Zachary Quinto's love nest, Colton Haynes files for divorce, and much more ...

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