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Feb 27 2018
Congresswoman Stacey Dash + Pratt's Prayers + Apple's Gay Ads + Gay Parenting Win + The Golden Metcalf + QUEER EYE Makeover! — 6-PACK Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2018-02-26 at 11.18.35 PM(Image via Instagram)

Above: Daniel J. Duggan is always good for some ogling.

Below: Keep reading for Congresswoman Stacey Dash, Chris Pratt livin' on a prayer, Apple's gayest ads ever, a big win for gay parenting, the Roseanne spring of Laurie Metcalf and a fresh Queer Eye makeover ...

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Jan 18 2018

Blaze+bernstein+missing+oc+teen+found+deadRIP Blaze Bernstein (Image via Facebook)

Gay pre-med student Blaze Bernstein was remembered as “a young man who possessed a combination of a high-caliber mind and the heart of a poet” by Orange County's D.A. Tony Rackauckas, as more details of this senseless murder were pieced together.

Bernstein's bereaved parents also released a statement, alluding to the possibility that their son's murder was a hate crime ...

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Jan 03 2018
Son Of God Is Dead: WeHo Jesus Kevin Short Dies @ 57 Comments (0)


Kevin Lee Light aka Kevin Short aka #WeHoJesus — a man who looked a lot like old-school perceptions of Jesus Christ you'd see in paintings, and who was a staple of the West Hollywood scene — has passed away.

He was 57 years old.

A post on Facebook by the official City of West Hollywood Government account noted that Kevin apparently passed away “a brief illness.”

Over at Wehoville, more details included:

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Dec 28 2017
Jeff Stryker Hoses Things Down ... To Thwart California Wildfires Comments (0)

361d5ad2e759414e322c185472b547c7Jeff Stryker, 55, was one of many Californians who feared losing his home to the latest, historic wildfires.

Now, the '80s gay-porn legend — he of the famous third leg — walks his fans through his struggle to save his million-dollar home. (Porn worked out well for him!)

Watch ...

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Dec 13 2017
Hate Criminals + Franken's Replacement + Foot Fun + RIP Smithereens Singer + Ho, Ho, Hos + Dennis Hastert's Ban From Kids — 6-PACK! Comments (0)

Above, amazing model Steven Edward Dehler shows off his eight years of progress.

Below, read about the O.C. thugs charged with hate crimes in an attack on a gay couple, Al Franken's replacement, an even gayer Xmas video than the last one and much more ...

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Dec 06 2017
L.A. Burns Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2017-12-06 at 11.15.25 AM(Video still via Twitter @thatrebecca)

It is unbelievable to watch some of the footage showing the wildfires around L.A., including one raging near the Getty Center. There are highway closures and dire warnings that all the elements are there for the fires to rage on, nearly unabated.

Footage here and incredible video after the jump ...

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Oct 09 2017
Idris Elba's Biggest Turn-On + Maxine Waters Reclaiming Time For Ali Forney + Here's The Corker + Speedo Freak? + Pence's Race-Baiting Fake-Out + Streep Smacks Weinstein — 6-PACK! Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2017-10-09 at 11.55.56 AMKate Winslet has outed Idris Elba as a foot fetishist!

I'm down with any information about Elba being freaky, in any way.

Keep reading for more on this, plus slightly more serious stuff — like Corker calling Trump a WWIII-monger, the upcoming Ali Forney fundraiser featuring Maxine Waters and Tituss Burgess, and that fake-ass P.R. stuff VP Pence pulled over #TakeTheKnee ...

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Sep 04 2017
Evangelicals Attack Pro-LGBT Book + Nikki Haley Warns North Korea + Anti-Gay Pastor Says Harvey Is God's Vengeance + L.A. Brush-Fire Disaster + Gay Punk Zine, Collected + Racing For The Door Over David Duke — 6-PACK! Comments (0)

51lOr0fYHkLParents tend to think the world revolves around their precious progeny, which can lead to whacky things like Evangelicals Kurt and Michaela Jaros demanding a Chicago library remove from its shelves a gay-positive book because their 3-year-old toddler allegedly stumbled across it.

This Day in June (Magination Press) teaches kids about Pride, and has the American Psychological Association's seal of approval.

Keep reading for the Chicago Public Library's response, and more of the day's hottest links, including North Korea war posturing, the anti-gay pastor who claims Harvey is God's wrath for letting trans people pee and more ...

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