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Aug 20 2013
Straight Talk With Nick Gruber Comments (0)
You know you're an asshole when you owe Michael Lucas an apology. Nick Gruber opens up to Michael Musto over at Gawker, talking about such fascinating things as his admiration for Lindsay Lohan and his distaste for labels...except for "straight," a label he kinda loves.
May 29 2013
Need To Know: MVP Anti-G*A*Y, Hugh's Huge, Nothing Gets Between Nick And His Calvin + MORE Comments (1)

Tumblr_mksvu21zHJ1rhrax1o1_500Kissin' because'ins

*widget boy cultureSome things are fun to look at "just because."

*widget boy culture"Reigning NFL MVP" says of gay marriage: "To each his own. I'm not with it." Lat-la-dd-liberace-cooks-la0004314175-02-20130528

*widget boy cultureObamacare turns out to be a huge bargain.

*widget boy cultureBehind the Candelabra a big ratings hit.

*widget boy cultureCooking with Liberace.

*widget boy cultureKooking with Liberace.

*widget boy cultureThe Wanted back with "Walks Like Rihanna."

*widget boy cultureJoseph Gordon-Levitt's shirtless Don Jon trailer.

*widget boy cultureDiet soda = meth when it comes to tooth decay.

*widget boy cultureLaShawn Ford (D-Illinois) is for marriage equality.

*widget boy cultureYOU'RE SO VEIN: Hugh Jackman's arm is in 3-D.

*widget boy cultureNeedles needles Austria on Nazis, invokes Shirley Q. Liquor.

*widget boy culturePros and cons from USA Today "readers" on the new BSA policy. Sharon-needles-life-ball

*widget boy cultureChelsea Clinton focusing on health & gay rights.

*widget boy cultureFirst gay couple engaged in White House get hitched

*widget boy cultureJessie J's new single.

*widget boy cultureVID: "They Die By Dawn" by The Bullitts, etc., etc.

*widget boy cultureCalvin Klein & boytoy Nick Gruber bury the hatchet?

GruberIntent on starring in the real-life sequel to the Liberace/Scott Thorson saga.

Mar 05 2013
Need To Know: You Can't Stop Jackie Beat, Joan Rivers Heckled, Madonna's Haring Sharing + MORE Comments (1)

I-Want-Your-LoveDown Under? Over & out!

*widget boy cultureBanned in Australia, I Want Your Love gets Franco defense, NakedSword release.

*widget boy cultureSpeaking of smut, there's the dirty Boy Culture tumblr to consider. (Work Unfriendly)

*widget boy cultureTake a cruise with Audra McDonald and Will Swenson.

*widget boy cultureBradley Cooper doesn't want an Oscar???

*widget boy cultureJeb Bush moving backwards on immigration.

*widget boy cultureLech Walesa's own son embarrassed by his anti-gay comments.

*widget boy cultureCalvin Klein's Dark Obsession with Matthew Terry.

*widget boy cultureFollow me on Twitter.

*widget boy cultureBEATING OFF: A host of Downtown denizens raised $ for Jackie Beat's hips:

Jackie-Beat(Sorta L-R) Lance Cruce, Sherry Vine (behind), Frank DeCaro, World Famous Bob (behind), Chip Duckett, Joan Rivers, Murray Hill (behind), Formika (back), Jackie Hoffman, Robin Byrd, Jackie Beat  (behind) and Mimi Imfurst.

*widget boy cultureThis underwear is sheer ecstasy. (Work Unfriendly)

*widget boy cultureBoehner's lawyer accidentally argues for marriage equality.

*widget boy cultureCampaigning for the papacy? Margaret Avery would be proud.

*widget boy cultureJoan Rivers is being a dick about Adele.

*widget boy cultureMadonna's gift from Keith Haring, 1983.

*widget boy cultureCrazy-rare Madonna mag from Japan sucking the air out of eBay.

*widget boy culturePlease "like" Boy Culture on Facebook.

*widget boy cultureMakes me mad this only has 52 views.

*widget boy cultureHow many EY! Magateen subscribers live in and around the Vatican?

EY! MagateenHe's the latest (Do) "It" boy

Feb 04 2013
Need To Know Comments (2)

Tumblr_mhop63pDXg1rn892lo4_250-1The gif that keeps on giving

*widget boy cultureAndrew Rannells exits Girls in style.

*widget boy cultureObama on gun control in Minneapolis. Adam-Levine-nipple

*widget boy cultureAdam Levine's nipple on 7 Hollywood.

*widget boy cultureLady Gaga's crazy tour rider.

*widget boy cultureHer rant in this deposition is even nuttier!

*widget boy cultureCK Underwear's sexy Super Bowl ad.

*widget boy cultureHighest-rated Super Bowl ever.

*widget boy cultureMadonna's half-time show still  (barely) #1.

*widget boy cultureDrag queen recreates all of Madonna's MDNA.

*widget boy cultureLooks like a young Gilles Marini.

*widget boy cultureReality stars on the runway vs. AIDS.

*widget boy cultureDonald Trump suing Bill Maher.

*widget boy cultureFake porn posters from the fake past. (Work Unfriendly)

Porn-posters-art"Does my body drive you wild with desire?"

Dec 06 2012
Need To Know Comments (5)

Goonies-reunion-Corey-Feldman-Sean-AstinAs seen in TV Guide (December 10—23, 2012)

Widget boy cultureWhat's this we hear about a Goonies reunion?

Widget boy cultureOut artist Frank Ocean nabs 6 Grammy noms.

Widget boy cultureGays have more $$$, better prepped to retire. Ashley-Judd-Frank-Ocean-shirtless-Scott-Evans-gay

Widget boy cultureCalvin Klein's ex-squeeze is a chick- & dick- magnet.

Widget boy cultureSen. Jim DeMint (R-South Carolina) resigning.

Widget boy cultureAshley "way too damn liberal" Judd prepping Senate run?

Widget boy cultureReasons to be gay and proud this year.

Widget boy cultureHuzzah to Dan Savage & Terry Miller!

Widget boy cultureMILK IT: "Who You Calling a Cow?" remix contest.

Widget boy cultureScott Evans busted trying to buy...something.

Widget boy cultureHot and wet Made in Brazil video.

Widget boy cultureAn easy way to stink of pizza always.

Widget boy cultureOpen season on black men?

Widget boy cultureDr. Who's first-EVER TV Guide cover:


Oct 31 2012
Your Nightly Briefing Comments (1)
Gay underwear
The CKs are pretty tacky (who wants a blue skull on maroon underwear? or a skull on underwear at all?), but the model is just pretty pretty.
Oct 01 2012
Your Nightly Briefing Comments (3)

Calvin Klein underwear model
Calvin Klein's underwear for dudes is 30 years old this year. Shocking. I still remember first seeing those Tom Hintnaus ads and being happy I was 13 in 1982.

To see Tom Hintnaus more recently, keep reading...

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Aug 20 2012
Calvin's Boy Toy Bares All Comments (4)

Nick Gruber shirtless in Rufskin underwear
Calvin Klein Nick GruberNick Gruber, Calvin Klein's ex-boy toy, is "writing" a tell-all book about his two years with the fashion designer. What Came Between Me and My Calvin is the title, which suggests he slept with Klein in order to be able to break up with him and publish a book with the most perfect title ever.

His book's title is based on this ad from before his birth

The two broke up earlier this year, but it looks like Gruber will be screwing Calvin at least one more time.

Jul 26 2012
What's Under There? Comments (3)

To find out what brand of underwear is favored by Olympic divers Tom Daley, Jack Laugher and Chris Mears, click here.

May 21 2012
When You're Hot Comments (0)

Out (June/July 2012) is foisting its "Hot List" on us, including a slew of hot faces, bodies and (see above) packages. Amongst my faves are Matthew Terry, Hudson Joshhenderson4Taylor, Harry Lloyd, Ian Harding and Josh Henderson. Henderson (who used to treat his MySpace followers with half-naked photos, see left) is heating up thanks to his Dallas reboot. I know him from his days as a teen popstar, when his cool mom ("Mama Hendu") used to be in regular touch about coverage for her strikingly handsome son. He was a member of Scene 23, a boy/girl group that was formed on a WB (remember them?) series called Popstars that predated American Idol. Another grad of Popstars? Nicole Scherzinger, who was a member of short-lived, short-tempered (trust me!) girl group Eden's Crush.

Hotness from Out to follow...

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