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Aug 17 2017
Cameron Dallas: His Hottest Shirtless Moments, How He Spends His Day Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2017-08-16 at 10.14.25 PMOkay, look — it's hard work rounding up all of Cameron Dallas's hottest shirtless shots, primarly because you have to keep stopping to ... not get distracted.

But Fleshbot - Gay did all the hard work for you, posting more than half a dozen of his best poses, videos and GIFs ...

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Jun 17 2017
Mario Testino Gets Cameron Dallas In A Towel (Almost) Comments (0)

Jan 26 2017
Cam Fun Comments (0)

Cameron-Dallas-GQ-Portugal-February-2017-02(Images via GQ Portugal)

Cameron Dallas nabs not one but two covers of GQ Portugal.

Keep reading for a peek at the other ...

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Jan 10 2017
6-PACK — Do As I Say, Not Who I Do + Unsafe Bette + South Dallas Flirty + Fleeing Fox's Henhouse + Gay Vet's Vindication + Resistance Is Feudal! Comments (0)

Screen-Shot-2017-01-04-at-10.55.00(Image via Atlanta Police Dept.)

WIDGETGay-porn actor Jared Louis Velazquez allegedly attacked his boyfriend ... for watching porn.

WIDGETBette Midler's 1980 Golden Globes acceptance speech was ... not about Trump!


WIDGETCameron Dallas's bubble, and a flash of his junk. (Work Unfriendly)

WIDGETSome LGBTQ people have said Vivica A. Fox barring gays from her male strip revue is okay — but she lost her producer/director over it.

WIDGETA 91-year-old gay veteran finally sees his “undesirable” discharge for his sexual orientation changed to “honorable.”

WIDGETYUZIMA's response to Trump's pseudo-election is the rock song “Resist.”

Dec 31 2016
Ends Of The World: Cameron Dallas Comments (0)

Internet sensation Cameron Dallas has an unscripted reality series coming to Netflix, as you can see in the trailer above.

Screen Shot 2016-12-31 at 2.21.53 PMChest adorable! (Video still via Netflix)

But if you want to catch a glimpse of his impressive bubble butt, keep reading ...

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Apr 27 2016
Cameron Dallas And Some Girl Are Stars Of New CK Campaign Comments (0)
  Calvin-klein-jeans-s16-limited-edition_ph_jack-pierson_sg01 Calvin-klein-jeans-s16-limited-edition_ph_jack-pierson_sg04 Calvin-klein-jeans-s16-limited-edition_ph_jack-pierson_sg06 Calvin-klein-jeans-s16-limited-edition_ph_jack-pierson_sg07 Calvin-klein-jeans-s16-limited-edition_ph_jack-pierson_sg08

 (Images by Jack Pierson for Calvin Klein)

Cameron Dallas, 21-year-old YouTube star, is appearing in a new campaign for Calvin Klein's all-white (insert edgy joke here) capsule line.

His co-star is 17-year-old rising-star model Stella Lucia. I'm not good enough at Photoshop to get rid of her. How dare she touch my boyfriend?