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Jun 13 2013
Need To Know: First Criss, Snow Country For Libertarian Men, Can We Talk About Joan Rivers? + MORE Comments (4)

Glee-gay-DARREN-CRISSPuppy love.

*widget boy cultureGLEE-FUL: Darren Criss meets his pre-teen "boyfriend."

*widget boy cultureEdward Snowden now telling the Chinese the U.S. hacks them.

*widget boy cultureCamille Paglia has a hard-on for Joan Rivers.

*widget boy cultureOldest man ever—and last male born in the 1800s—dies, aged 116.

*widget boy cultureThe apple didn't fall far from the Republican  tree.

*widget boy cultureGrace (!) University expels lesbian, demands she repay $$$.

*widget boy cultureRacist pricks dominate Twitter after Mexican-sung anthem.

Oct 16 2012
Sexual Personae Non Grata Comments (11)

Camille Paglia"Notice me."

Nineties relic Camille Paglia is still out there blathering away, peddling her narrow point-of-view when it comes to art and pop culture. A mega Madonna fan until after Madonna refused to see or discuss her, Paglia has for the past 15 years or more trashed her former idol's every move.

Now, she tells Joy Behar that Madonna has lost her instinct for performing (!) because she has too many social issues in her show. Even Behar, not much of a Madonna fan or even very informed on Madonna's latest show, scores points on Paglia by shooting down her flawed Dietrich comparison.

P.S. Paglia doesn't think much of Lady Gaga, in case you were wondering.

Full video after the jump...

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May 09 2011
Woman, I Feel Like A Man Comments (2)

Queerty is back in existence and while it promises less scorched-earth commentary, it also swears it won't let up on the snark. Yet I don't think it was snark so much as human error that led to this otherwise clever headline meant to tweak Camille Paglia that wound up referring to Chaz as "her."

Chaz is a dude now. The memo was widely circulated.

May 06 2011
Cutting Remarks Comments (18)

Via Joe.My.God.: Camille Paglia is was still aggressively spewing idiocy after all these as recently as two years ago. God, I hate that I loved her first book so much before getting wise to the phony progressive's poisonous attitudes.

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Sep 27 2010
Auntie GaGa Comments (6)

PreviewScreenSnapz002The Bowery Girls

I dunno if I can ever forgive Mark Simpson for "post-gay" (his Anti-Gay had to be the first book of that nature) let alone "metrosexual," but he's spot-on regarding Lady GaGa. (Which is just a snappier way of saying, "This guy's saying exactly what I've been saying!")

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Marginal Prophet Comments (9)

Camille Paglia (annoyingly) explains how her op ed on Madonna as "the future of feminism" was "prophetic." I think she was right, however, her claim that she's "still here" while all the other "prude" feminists from 1990 are marginalized is highly debatable.

Sep 15 2010
Girl Meats World Comments (20)

Lady+Gaga+gaga+sexyNo Paglia mine

I thought the anti-GaGa brigade (as opposed to those of you who just aren't into her) was already juvenile—adult men referring to her as CaCa, shrieking, "Copycat!" like we're in third grade—but now we're moving onward and downward into, "She's not sexy!" territory.

Gag-inset_69550a It's worth noting that I have been sent links to Camille Paglia's (I wouldn't) hit (that) piece on Lady GaGa from a dozen Madonna fans wondering what I think. What I think is that Madonna fans have a short memory if they're thrilled with anything Paglia says—this is the woman who's written scathing attacks on Madonna for 15ish years after initially thinking Madonna shat magic sex beans, possibly because she never got over being rebuffed by the object of her intellectualized desire when she tried for a meet-up.

0679735798.01.LZZZZZZZ.jpg I loved Paglia's Sexual Personae; I loved finding out one could write about history and public figures through the lens of human sexuality because it's always been my belief that just about everything we do—on purpose or against our will—is colored by our sexualities even if that doesn't mean everything has to be about the act. I found her writing was exciting, playful, bold and original.

6a00d834520b4b69e200e5527cc1818833-800wiCamille: She wants your sex

Then she continued writing and it soon became clear to me that Paglia was a con artist. I felt most of her theories began with a controversial conclusion and were fleshed out in reverse in order to guarantee publication and discussion.

In some ways, it makes sense that Paglia would bristle at GaGa—doesn't GaGa (and didn't Madonna before her) do the same thing? Doesn't she come up with shocking concepts in order to draw attention? Sure, but the difference is that GaGa (as did Madonna before her) does this because as a popstar, it's part of her job to gain and maintain attention, not just for its own sake, but in order to enhance awareness of her music and to control a running narrative on issues (shallow and/or deep) that affect society. For Madonna, she did lots with religion, gender and sexuality—some of it we can all agree was brilliant, some of it would attract cries of B.S. from even ardent fanboys—while GaGa is also very gender-obsessed, but more so than sexuality seems enchanted by fashion in a conceptual way, and by what constitutes outsider status in society.

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