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Sep 05 2017
GAME OF THRONES Booty Call + Aussie PM Slams His Own Sis For Being A Lesbian Parent + Gay Immigrants Welcomed In Canada + Speedo Freak? + DOCTOR WHO Does He Think He Is? + Tyson Dayley's Body Beautiful — 6-PACK! Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2017-09-04 at 5.27.52 PMEveryone's talking about Game of Thrones, one of the most successful TV series of all time. Kit Harington's booty flash recently may have been the hottest thing ever seen on the saucy series ... and OMG Blog has the most HD, gasp-inducing GIFs.

Keep reading for that prurient reason and for more of the day's hottest links, including good gay news from Canada, a douchey comment from a former PM and one from a trans-mocking writer, and more ...

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Aug 24 2017
6-PACK — Man Drives Through Trans Protest + Nick Jonas & Tom Holland's Guns + Hot Dude + Gaga Doc + Musto-See + Unbelievable Grindr Racism! Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2017-08-24 at 10.39.51 AMWhy are right-wingers taking their cues from terrorists when it comes to using cars as weapons of destruction? Answer: They are terrorists, also.

(Image via David Carson/Twitter @PDPJ)

In the case of a St. Louis demonstration in memory of Kiwi Herring — a trans woman shot and killed by police during an altercation — a man in a BMW stubbornly tried to circumvent protesters, who promptly blocked his car. He them allegedly caused injuries when he drove off, and initially refused to stop for police. Not exactly as insane as driving into people, but don't try to drive through a protest, no matter how inconvenient it is to your evening.

Keep reading for this and some of today's other hottest links ...

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Aug 11 2017
6-PACK — The Worst Gay Boss Ever + Lord, He Needed To Be Fired + Justin Trudeau As Part Of Her Trousseau + Rainbow Slur + What Did Ed Buck Have To Do With Youth's Meth Death? + Chelsea'll Handle 'Im! Comments (0)

16708210_860062367467474_3232455252443295400_nGay agent Michael Einfeld was not happy when his assistant, Rosette Laursen, asked to have the day of the National Women's March off, so he responded by venting to others — many others, replying all unintentionally — that she should “sew her vagina shut,” and threatening to never hire another “girl.”

Laursen was made aware of his misogynistic comments and threatened to sue, which he ignored. So she went public, and an already ugly situation got uglier. Keep reading for that and more of the day's hot links ...

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Aug 07 2017
6-PACK — Straight Ally Expanding Rainbow Railroad + Sinéad O'Connor On Suicidal Tendencies + Mosque Attack Is TERRORISM + Ty Hardin Dies + Trump's Stupidity Rivalled Only By Ignorance + Gay Prof Caught On The Lam! Comments (0)

1*o2RJsZe8E0lrJo_JWceHXQSeth Rosenberg, a Facebook vet and venture capitalist — who is all of 27 — is flexing his financial muscle to help expand the Rainbow Railroad, a Canadian outfit that helps provide safe passage for LGBTQ people from hostile countries.

Keep reading for how he has launched American Friends of the Rainbow Railroad and more of the day's hot links ...

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Jul 29 2017
Town Hall On Gay Men Missing In Toronto Comments (0)

1297970288739_ORIGINALToronto police are taking action to reassure the LGBTQ community in the wake of three disappearances of gay men between 2010 and 2012, and the disappearance of two more, one in April and one in June of this year.

A town hall has been called, at which members of the local community are welcome to discuss the troubling cases ...

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Jul 26 2017
Canada Is Above The U.S. In More Ways Than One Comments (0)

Trudeau-Canada(Image via Rolling Stone)

Rolling Stone asks: “Is the Canadian Prime Minister the Free World's Best Hope?” (Spoiler alert: Yes.)

Jul 06 2017
8 Men, At Least 5 Of Them Gay, Missing In Canada — No Connection Seen By Police Comments (0)

Kinsman and wang(Images via Toronto Police Service)

Another gay Canadian man has gone missing — Andrew Kinsman, 49, has not been seen since June 26, when he disappeared without making arrangements for his cat or letting anyone know he was leaving:

Andrew is one of the most responsible people I know. He would've never left the house without making sure that the garbage was gonna be taken out, that people that had to come in, that everything was organized ... His cat wasn't fed, and that was what really worried us.

He was last seen heading to Pride celebrations, and friends deny he had any suicidal tendencies.


Kinsman is now one of five gay Canadian men who went missing recently, and one of eight men total who have vanished in the area over the past seven years.

Among the missing is Zhu Jian aka Frank Wang, 25, who disappeared in Toronto in May. Wang, who is not thought to be gay, was last seen getting food at a downtown McDonald's after hitting some bars with friends. He disappeared, his social media halted and, most ominously, his cell phone has been turned off.

Wang's friend, Aashish Oberoi, told Global News:

He normally messages at least a couple of people in the morning to be like, “That was a fun night,” or something else and lets us know what he’s doing. But we haven’t heard anything at all from anyone at all and that’s what I think we find to be the most concerning about this.

So far, police have not connected the cases.

Jun 16 2017
6-PACK — How To Get Away With Manslaughter + Trudeau's LGBTQ Love + Lady Barista + Confronting His Bully + Anti-Gay School Employee's Terrorist Wish + West-Starring Role! Comments (0)

DoddsCheck out the story attached to this below, via Towleroad. (Image via Towleroad)

WIDGETHuff Post: Philado Castile's shooting by a police officer seemed like one case where a trigger-happy cop might go down — but nope. NOT GUILTY.

WIDGETtheOUTfront: Here's what Canada's leader is doing to celebrate LGBTQ Pride. Trump has yet to acknowledge it, too busy cutting back Cuba progress.

WIDGETTwitter @PopCrave: Lady Gaga is serving as a Starbucks barista to support her Born This Way Foundation.

WIDGETThe Randy Report: In this Q&A with Drake Jensen & Patrick Masse, check out Drake's powerful story of his high school bullying!

UnnamedListen up for a very moving story! (Image via The Randy Report)

WIDGETTowleroad: This Columbus, Ohio, school employee wished that a Pride Festival would turn out like the Boston Marathon. It wasn't charm school.

Screen Shot 2017-06-16 at 6.37.07 PMGo West! (Video still via Twitter @ DC Entertainment)

WIDGETTwitter @ DC Entertainment: Watch Adam West's final guest spot, on the canceled series Powerless, after the jump ...

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