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Mar 08 2015
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Not since Bosom Buddies have I loved Tom Hanks so much. He gets major good-sport points for not just being in, but being, Carly Rae Jepsen's new video.

Mar 19 2013
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She likes the Boy Scouts about as much as Madonna does, and Carly Rae Jepsen is also apparently making a play for the gays: She'll close the White Party T-Dance on Sunday, March 31, in Palm Springs, California.
Mar 06 2013
Need To Know: Swift Passage To Hell, Oprah Wins Breast Actress, Lisa Rinna Will Cut A Bitch + MORE Comments (0)

Carly-Rae-JepsenCalled off, definitely

*widget boy cultureBoy Scouts too anti-gay for Carly Rae. Hotshirtless-Turkish-oil-wrestling

*widget boy cultureTurkish oil wrestling is totally legit.

*widget boy cultureJeb Bush running for prez in 2016?

*widget boy cultureKate Middleton carrying a little princess?

*widget boy cultureDeborah Cox to women: HIV still a threat

*widget boy cultureWhy Republicans should support marriage equality.

*widget boy culturePro athlete to come out sooner rather than later?

*widget boy cultureGay Web series are where it's at.

*widget boy cultureLisa Rinna goes off on a chick for mauling Harry Hamlin in the can  at a Vegas eatery.

*widget boy cultureEllen's Ben Franklin: "We're here, we're queer..."

*widget boy cultureSuperman artist won't work with ultra-homophobe.

*widget boy cultureTerrence Howard's Oprah sex scene livened up by her "tig ol' bitties."

*widget boy cultureAnderson Cooper on Madonna: "I'm, like, the oldest groupie in the world."

*widget boy cultureBlog that smeared Madonna on AIDS removed.

*widget boy cultureTaylor Swift takes all comers, can NOT take a joke.

Madonna-AIDSHave you ever seen your best friend die?

Mar 04 2013
Need To Know: Carly Gay Jepsen; Dude, You're Gettin' Adele; AIDS Schtick + MORE Comments (0)

Jamboree_carly_GLAADBeseeching Carly Rae to denounce the Boy Scouts' gnarly gay fatwa

*widget boy cultureCarly Rae Jepsen asked to speak out against gay ban in the Scouts.

*widget boy cultureAdele to be the next Shirley Bassey for Bond?

*widget boy cultureMarc Jacobs playing a pedo pimp in his first movie.

*widget boy cultureJamie Lynn Spears is getting married to "another damn Jamie."

*widget boy cultureGoody two-shoes opens with AIDS joke.

*widget boy cultureNOM's members could also consider the Pony Express.

*widget boy cultureQueen Elizabeth's stomach is upset.

*widget boy cultureVivica A. Fox calls Joe Biden "White Chocolate."

*widget boy cultureNothing can put me off sweets, so this turkey cake looks gooood:

Turkeycake_tumblr_mg3whdtHKm1r13l3bo2_500-thumb-500x375-9904Drumsticky & sweet

Jan 17 2013
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The annual Pazz & Jop critics' poll—choosing and ranking the year's best albums and singles—is in, and Frank Ocean and Carly Rae Jepsen both won by nearly historic margins.

What were your favorite albums and singles this year?

Jan 15 2013
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DoritosIs the new flavor lip gloss?

*widget boy cultureChoose your favorite Super Bowl Doritos commercial.

*widget boy cultureMy new favorite wide receiver. Rentboy-Carly-Rae-Jepsen-guns

*widget boy cultureEvery second man in NYC must be an escort.

*widget boy cultureCarly Rae Jepsen wants to "grovel" and kiss Madonna's hand.

*widget boy cultureNew York leads the way in gun control.

*widget boy cultureFOX News attempts to rebrand the "debt limit."

*widget boy cultureThis priest was literally all tied up in church.

*widget boy cultureRising Evangelical apologizes for gay-bashing.

*widget boy cultureInside NOH8's fourth-anniversary party.

*widget boy cultureLena Dunham won't marry until you can:


Nov 24 2012
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Sep 18 2012
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Carly Rae Jepsen
Impossible to believe, but the ubiquitous Carly Rae Jepsen is only just now releasing her first album since "Call Me, Maybe" dropped—it's called Kiss—today! I'm curious to hear what else she's got in her.

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