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Sep 11 2015
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Red-hot Charlie Hunnam was devastated when he felt he had to back out of doing 50 Shades of Grey.

Nov 21 2014
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Charlie Hunnam is kickin' ass on Sons of Anarchy, but gay fans remember him from Queer as Folk. In Men's Health (December 2014), he recalls how he got the gig:

“When Hunnam's first talent agency in England tried to pigeonhole him as a model, he went rogue and found an acting gig on a kids' show called Byker Grove. Then he returned to the agency and said, 'You didn't get me this job, but as a good-faith gesture, I'm going to give you the commission  But you need to start sending me out on stuff.' The agency listened. His next role was on Queer as Folk, which opened the door to Hollywood.”



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