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Nov 27 2012
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Lindsay-Lohan-Liz-and-Dick-vodkaLa Lindz as La Liz swills Vodka-brand vodka

Widget boy cultureCharlie Sheen gave Lindsay Lohan $100K for taxes.

Widget boy cultureAngus T. Jones's mom: Religious rant shows he's being exploited.

Widget boy cultureFacebook policy-change hysteria. Rob-Johnson

Widget boy cultureRob Johnson looks ah-mazing shirtless.

Widget boy cultureThe Shining: The Musical exists.

Widget boy cultureHipsters pre-date Christ?

Widget boy cultureJenny Johnson wins Twitter feud with Chris Brown.

Widget boy cultureRachel Maddow to Doonesbury.

Widget boy cultureMeet David Guetta in Ibiza, girl!

Widget boy cultureGay dad makes electoral history.

Widget boy cultureMug shot extortion could lead to more mug shots.

Widget boy cultureRicky Martin: Adios to Evita.

Widget boy cultureVarious bloggers (him & him) were wrong about "Elmo."

Widget boy cultureFOX News guest calls network "wing of the Republican Party."

Widget boy cultureUganda to condemn its LGBT and LGBT-friendly citizens?

Ugandan_gay_rights_012711-thumb-640xauto-2101-thumb-640xauto-3091-624x390From the producers of Idi Amin...

Mar 07 2011
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System PreferencesScreenSnapz001
Via My Life as a Blog: A clever mash-up of Tom Cruise and Charlie Sheen is after the jump. Which is crazier: Scientology or actual craziness?

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Mar 02 2011
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Piers Morgan goes on Conan, they rave over his amazing Charlie Sheen interview as if Sheen is not bipolar or otherwise out of his mind, and then Morgan moves on to attack Madonna—unprovoked—again:

"She's banned, yeah. Banned. Lifetime ban. Oh, she's just so bloody annoying, isn't she? Don't you think? Uh—anybody here want me to invite her onto the show?"


"Crimes against the British accent for starters. She's got this terrible, this terrible thing. It's the way she tries to be British."

The audience cheers Madonna banning. In exactly the same way any in-studio audience would lose its shit with glee if Madonna were the guest and were trash-talking Piers Morgan.

CLASSLESS, tacky man. Again, he's raving about Lady GaGa being half Madonna's age (uh...and half Morgan's age, too, no?) and twice as talented and better-looking. Uh...no. And really unnecessary. Is this really kindly Larry King's replacement? I just can't imagine his ratings will hold. And he's trotted out his nasty Madonna vs. GaGa shtick enough that I am expecting the latter to come to the defense of the former.


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