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Sep 28 2015
Hillary's Fan Club Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 3.15.22 PM

Bill and Chelsea talk about Hillary's campaign to E! Bill takes on Donald Trump, while Chelsea says this about her mom:

“I think my mom, if possible, is more committed this time. I think being a grandmother, which is something she talks a lot about, has just given even greater energy to her race because she feels even more responsible for the future, because she has a granddaughter now in the future.”

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Apr 17 2014
Chelsea Late: Bill & Hillary's Little Girl To Be A Mom! Comments (0)

Chelsea-ClintonChelsea Clinton for Vogue

Chelsea Clinton is expecting! Hillary will be the first woman, mother and grandmother president...if she runs and wins in 2016.

Nov 21 2013
Need To Know: It's In Your DNA, Zimmerman's Finances Are Shot, Without Sandra Bernhard...I'm Nothing, Melba Moore! Moore! Moore! Comments (0)

DNA167cover490x694Making a splash.

*widget boy cultureWAIT...isn't every issue DNA's "Swimsuit Issue?"

*widget boy cultureGeorge Zimmerman can't own a gun anymore, is $2.5 million in debt.

*widget boy cultureTurns out missing gay officer didn't want to be found.

*widget boy cultureSandra Bernhard Q&A at Without You I'm Nothing screening.

*widget boy cultureSPOILER ALERT: Mare Winningham clip from amazing Philomena. Basquiat

*widget boy cultureMelba Moore + MORE at this year's NYC Sparkle benefit.

*widget boy cultureJay Z spends $4.5 million on a Basquiat.

*widget boy cultureSean Penn is still nuts.

*widget boy cultureCroota Swimwear makes its movie debut in Out to Kill.

*widget boy cultureRacist insults against teammate results in football season being canceled.

*widget boy cultureHetrick-Martin Institute Awards video: Chelsea Clinton & more. 6a00e54fb7301c8834019b01654ccd970b-500wi

*widget boy culturePrettyboy model Jefferson West.

*widget boy cultureStevie Nicks on the set of American Horror Story: Coven.

*widget boy cultureA fresh take on Madonna's "Borderline."

*widget boy cultureGAYS: The Series is coming in January.

*widget boy cultureDo British youth see Tories as "aliens"?

*widget boy culturePsychic Sylvia Browne passes to the other side.

*widget boy cultureComparing Obama to Bush, and Obamacare to Katrina = pure stupidity.

Obama-BushLike comparing apples and Agent Oranges.

May 29 2013
Need To Know: MVP Anti-G*A*Y, Hugh's Huge, Nothing Gets Between Nick And His Calvin + MORE Comments (1)

Tumblr_mksvu21zHJ1rhrax1o1_500Kissin' because'ins

*widget boy cultureSome things are fun to look at "just because."

*widget boy culture"Reigning NFL MVP" says of gay marriage: "To each his own. I'm not with it." Lat-la-dd-liberace-cooks-la0004314175-02-20130528

*widget boy cultureObamacare turns out to be a huge bargain.

*widget boy cultureBehind the Candelabra a big ratings hit.

*widget boy cultureCooking with Liberace.

*widget boy cultureKooking with Liberace.

*widget boy cultureThe Wanted back with "Walks Like Rihanna."

*widget boy cultureJoseph Gordon-Levitt's shirtless Don Jon trailer.

*widget boy cultureDiet soda = meth when it comes to tooth decay.

*widget boy cultureLaShawn Ford (D-Illinois) is for marriage equality.

*widget boy cultureYOU'RE SO VEIN: Hugh Jackman's arm is in 3-D.

*widget boy cultureNeedles needles Austria on Nazis, invokes Shirley Q. Liquor.

*widget boy culturePros and cons from USA Today "readers" on the new BSA policy. Sharon-needles-life-ball

*widget boy cultureChelsea Clinton focusing on health & gay rights.

*widget boy cultureFirst gay couple engaged in White House get hitched

*widget boy cultureJessie J's new single.

*widget boy cultureVID: "They Die By Dawn" by The Bullitts, etc., etc.

*widget boy cultureCalvin Klein & boytoy Nick Gruber bury the hatchet?

GruberIntent on starring in the real-life sequel to the Liberace/Scott Thorson saga.

Nov 24 2012
Need To Know Comments (2)

Hector-CamachoCamacho's appearances in Playgirl were decades apart

Widget boy cultureFighter Hector Camacho dies following shooting.

Widget boy cultureYet another President Bush? Anna-nicole-daughter-guess

Widget boy cultureChelsea Clinton's equality views muzzled by NBC.

Widget boy cultureAnna Nicole's daughter keeps 'em Guess-ing.

Widget boy cultureThe right to bear arms on Black Friday.

Widget boy cultureThe polls were skewed...in Romney's favor.

Widget boy cultureI agree with Romney..."much to be thankful for this year."

Mitt-romney-ann-thanksgiving-facebook-photoThankful we dodged a bullet

Apr 04 2011
Thank God Malia Obama Wasn't In The Mix Comments (0)

Us (April 11, 2011) has no mercy, reporting that its readers took a gander at images of Abbie Cornish, Gwyneth Paltrow, Leslie Mann and Chelsea Clinton in the same look and not 1 of 100 thought Clinton wore it best. And she looks great!

Aug 01 2010
Speaking Of Ugly... Comments (4)

...the first time I ever heard the name "Rush Limbaugh" was in reference to his bashing the looks of then-teenage Chelsea Clinton 17 or so years ago. Now, she's a lovely bride (with a fantastic dress). It's so rare that a presidential kid has a big wedding like this. I don't remember the last one. Nobody noticed if Amy Carter got hitched. And Hillary looks like she was beaten black-and-blue by the pretty stick—hair, makeup and dress. Bill still looks slightly like he's in the doghouse, no? It's like Hillary's embracing her son-in-law and daughter and Bill photo-bombed the picture.


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