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Apr 09 2017
Chicago Dance Flashback Comments (0)

I went to college — and to gay clubs — in Chicago in the late '80s and early '90s.

Surfing YouTube waiting for a friend to show up, I found these classic reminders of the way things used to be ...

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Apr 07 2017
6-PACK — Ride A Cowboy + Chicago's Chuck Hyde Dies + Oh, Good Lourd + Why Filibustering Gorsuch Was Worth It + Dustin McNeer's McButt + Ian McKellen's Early Gay Life! Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2017-04-07 at 12.43.12 PM(Image via Rage Monthly)

WIDGETKenneth in the (212): Kenneth takes you to where the boys are. And the men.

WIDGETChicago Pride: Longtime (30+ years) Sidetrack GM and staple of the Chicago gay scene, Chuck Hyde, dies @ 55.

Screen Shot 2017-04-07 at 12.54.03 PM(Images via various magazines, including Tiger Beat)

WIDGETTMZ: Billie Lourd is talented and I'm sad for her losses, but three generations of women involved with gay men? Wake up, already. Or stop treating us like idiots.

WIDGETMTV: Why Gorsuch was worth the filibuster — even if the Republicans ultimately got their way.

Screen Shot 2017-04-07 at 1.19.57 PMDustin McNeer (Image via Instagram @d_mcneer)

WIDGETOMG Blog: America's Next Top Model stud Dustin McNeer drops his pants, shakes his cheeks. (Work Unfrienly)

WIDGETRandom Acts: Ian McKellen's early gay life revealed in somber new short film:

Dec 29 2016
Rant Leads To Alleged Assault: Woman Who Went Off On Michaels Employees Gets Attacked? Comments (0)

Ramiz-Bajwa-and-Jennifer-Boyle-800x430(L-R) Ramiz Bajwa & Jennifer Boyle (Boyle image via YouTube)

UPDATE: Charges dropped; she didn't even show up in court.

Look, I hate this woman, too, but violence and even threatening violence is for terrorists and criminals.

Ramiz Bajwa, 29, was arrested December 20 for allegedly entering the building where viral ranter Jennifer Boyle lived and shoving her while calling her “a racist, bitch-ass whore.”

The words I can live with, the hands-on approach, nope. If he's guilty, he deserves punishment. If not, um ... wow.

Dec 06 2016
Ka-Ching!: Crazy Woman's Tirade Pays Off For Store Manager Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2016-12-05 at 10.55.35 PM(Video still via Chicagoist)

Loud, unhinged, racist bitch Jennifer Boyle's screamfest at Michaels has resulted in the store's manager — who took the brunt of the shit fit — is getting over $30K thanks to a GoFundMe page set up after the incident.

It's great! If someone gets crazy-bad stuff randomly happening to them (okay, crazy-annoying), why not crazy-good, too?

Nov 29 2016
YOU ARE, LITERALLY, THE BITCH: Nasty Jennifer Boyle Has Ranted Before Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2016-11-29 at 3.05.47 PM(Video still via Chicagoist)

Via Queerty: The insane woman who went on an unhinged rant at Michael's in Chicago was caught by Chicagoist in another, eerily similar rant at a coffee shop, one in which she mocked a gay employee, using an effeminate hip gesture; said they were not safe just because they were in a gay neighborhood; said that calling her a bitch was stereotyping, and she could call him something stereotyping, too (guess what?); and flaunted the fact that she had a $90K-a-year position as opposed to being a coffee shop manager.

Newsflash: She no longer has that position, and if she is this maniacal over a $1 bag (Michael's) and over forgetting her wallet (at the coffee shop), she probably has even deeper problems than being a Republican sociopath.

Trump needs to hire her as an LGBTQ liaison.

Continue reading to watch this lukewarm mess of a human being ...

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Nov 28 2016
The Latest Face Of White Entitlement — UGH Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2016-11-28 at 11.56.16 AM(Video still via Jessie Grady/The Beautiful Wild Magazine)

Absolutely insane woman goes on extended tirade about voting for Trump while insulting patrons at a Michael's in Lakeview, Illinois, last week ...

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Nov 25 2016
Show Him, Show Him, You Really Love Him Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2016-11-24 at 9.58.01 PM(Image via YouTube)

Above, an actual exchange in the comments section of the Club Mix of “Show Me” by the Cover Girls.

Thank GOD I lived in music capital of the world (then!) Chicago at the height of the house music and freestyle craze; both forms were even better than anal sex.

Fuck me, it's been 30 years.

Awesome song after the jump ...

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Sep 30 2016
CHICAGO TRIBUNE Presents Cogent Argument For Its Utter Irrelevancy, Endorses ... Johnson! Comments (0)

Logo_ChicagoTribune(Image via Chicago Tribune)

Having an Aleppo moment of its own, the editorial board of the Chicago Tribune is following the lead of the Detroit News in endorsing neither Clinton nor Trump, but Gary Johnson, the pothead flake who can't name a world leader, sticks his tongue out a lot and has no idea what's happening in Syria.

I get that this is a good thing for Clinton in that the paper would typically endorse a Republican, but for fuck's sake, Gary Johnson is incompetent. This just makes them look stupid.

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