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Jan 05 2016
RIP Kit Duffy, City Of Chicago's First Gay & Lesbian Liaison Comments (0)

Ct-katherine-duffy-obit-met-20160104July 2, 1944—December 22, 2015

Missed this when Windy City Times first reported it: Katherine “Kit” Duffy, Chicago's first-ever gay and lesbian WCT_DUFFYAIDSForum liaison in the '80s, has died at 71 following heart surgery.

Duffy was instrumental in pushing for the city's gay-rights ordinance, was the first executive director of the AIDS Foundation of Chicago, helped set up the Illinois Federation for Human Rights (Equality Illinois) and was inducted into the Chicago Gay and Lesbian Hall of Fame.

Duffy's friend, fellow activist William Greaves remembers her:

She was a wonderful, wonderful person. And smart. Oh, God, was she smart. And she knew how to analyze problems, how to analyze issues and how to organize people to get those issues addressed. She was generous with her time and her abilities, and she would help anyone. She reached out to so many people and helped them.

A memorial is set for January 31, 3 p.m. - 6 p.m, at Sidetrack bar (3349 N. Halsted St., Chicago).

Dec 17 2015
Need To Know: Down On His Knees For You + Where's The Hair? + When Lindsay Lohan Can Look Down On You ... + The Righteous Brother + Jew Must Love Me + MORE! Comments (0)


“My primary purpose of going there is to show this community love that has been severely damaged by those who claim to be Christians,” said [the movement's current leader].

*widget boy cultureViral Chicago runner & pal offer free prayers outside Boystown gay bar. Images

*widget boy cultureI miss men reliably having pubes

*widget boy cultureLiLo smacks back at JLaw.

*widget boy cultureThe year in Google searches.

*widget boy cultureNick Jonas humbly denies he's a gay icon.

*widget boy cultureJustin Trudeau takes sick kids to see Star Wars.

*widget boy cultureRolling Stone readers anoint Madonna's “Ghosttown” as year's best single.

*widget boy cultureMetal worker demonstrates one reason 9/11 truthers are lunatics.

*widget boy cultureAWESOME legs, bro. 

*widget boy cultureNekkid French firefighter calendar.

*widget boy cultureMillennials less into getting nude in the locker room.

*widget boy cultureDetox reveals “This Is How We Jew It.”

*widget boy cultureTyler Perry will host live musical about the crucifixion/resurrection of Christ. Images



Dec 13 2015
Otterly Adorable Comments (0)


Look, climate change is going to kill us all, but some of us are gonna die happy—warm weather in Chicago (60+ degrees in December, same as in NYC) led to this furry stud running around in nothing but shorts and sneakers. He's single ...

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Nov 25 2015
Things Are Tense In Chicago As Video Proves Laquan McDonald Was Executed Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 1.41.51 PMHappy Thanksgiving, Chicago!

I used to live in Chicago. I wish I could say it's surprising that a cop shot a 17-year-old 16 times—firing after the kid fell, re-loading, even—and that it was covered up for more than a year, but it's not.

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Nov 13 2015
They Ain't Cait Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2015-11-13 at 12.32.37 AM

Protesters against Caitlyn Jenner giving a speech for Chicago House (which assists people with HIV/AIDS and focuses on other LGBT issues) made asses of themselves, yelling at her with a bullhorn and saying she is an insult to all trans people because she's rich, white and old. (Her age was called out specifically.)

This kind of protest is what is an insult to all trans people, and to all thinking people. It may be unfortunate that fame overrides all, giving some people more power than others, but Caitlyn Jenner is using her spotlight for good. She is not an insult to anyone just for being who she is.

Repulsive braying alert if you click.

Jan 09 2015
And He's Almost Done With It! Comments (0)


Big ups to my friend Steve in Chicago for snapping this. This dude on the right is reading—in 2015—an original hardcover copy of La Toya Jackson's first memoir, which came out in 1991. Love it! I just mentioned that book in my memoir, which is coming from Lethe Press in the spring (gulp).

Dec 08 2014
Need To Know: Dunn In + Tits Ahoy + Race To The Bottom + The Fur Flies + Madonna's Toxic Nipples + MORE! Comments (0)

Simon-DunnStick a f**k in him, he's Dunn.

*widget boy cultureBobsledder Simon Dunn (above) is hot. Much proof here.

*widget boy cultureElusive perfect pec bounce captured on film!

*widget boy culturePresident Obama says U.S. racism is “deeply rooted.”

*widget boy cultureIs you're obsessed with/repulsed by here.

*widget boy cultureAttempts to change the narrative on Ferguson should be resisted.

*widget boy cultureExtremely tense confrontation between protester and NYPD.

*widget boy cultureChicago FurFest convention hit with dangerous chlorine gas attack.

*widget boy cultureThis is one reason why I can't bring myself to see the new Annie.

*widget boy cultureLabour MSP calls Madonna a “silly exhibitionist,” condemns her boobies.

*widget boy cultureMayor de Blasio to intro bill (today) to ban horse-drawn carriages.

*widget boy cultureAngelo's “Delusions of Grandeur”.

Angelo-Delusions-of-GrandeurYou thought that he was weak...

*widget boy cultureIs Bianca Del Rio the “Joan Rivers of drag”?

*widget boy cultureEven Hugh Hefner thinks Bill Cosby's a freak if the allegations are true.

*widget boy cultureTHE GAY BLADE: Olympic figure skater Eric Radford comes out.

*widget boy cultureNick Jonas gets naked for Kingdom.

*widget boy cultureThe luck's run out for Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-Louisiana).

*widget boy cultureMeth-smuggling gay pornstar Bruno Knight gets 2 years.

*widget boy cultureBoston's Santa Speedo Run raises $ and hope.

Nov 02 2014
John Hancock-Tease Comments (0)


In truth, I thought Roddy McDowall's photographs of Elizabeth Taylor were pedestrian, but I told him I thought he'd taken some of the best shots ever of his good friend because I knew he would love to hear that. He looked up from signing my book—his book—to thank me, and seemed pleased that I was a cute college kid. 

I'd come to see him in Chicago because I knew, had heard, he was gay. That was the attraction, not his movies, his sexual orientation. He was someone I knew to be secretly gay. I was also secretly gay, at least, I was secretly gay in Chicago. A bunch of my Michigan friends knew, but my Chicago friends hadn't gotten an official press release just yet.

Well, I got him to sign that book and he signed a postcard of one of his Elizabeth Taylor portraits (to my mom because I'd mentioned we used to say she looked like La Liz), but I didn't have the courage to engage him further. Wish I had. He died less than 10 years later.


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