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Aug 16 2013
Let's Do The Twist Comments (0)
Beefcake Twister was just one fun part of Northalsted Market Days last weekend in Chicago. After the jump, check out video to see where this went. This weekend, I hope (?) to edit the 100s of shots from the event and toss up a killer gallery. (Galleries open on separate pages now so that the refresh shouldn't be as annoying)...

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Aug 14 2013
Aaron Carter Is Not Hiding His Candy Comments (1)
My old buddy (er, young buddy!) Aaron Carter is the sweetest person, so I'm surprised that (1) I missed his set at Northalsted Market Days entirely due to my and my family's laziness, and (2) he did a credible medley of "Blurred Lines," "Treasure" and "Get Lucky" that included a raunchy crotch-grab...

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Aug 13 2013
Chicago Boy Comments (6)

My visit to Northalsted Market Days in Chicago was an interesting day for me. I'll write about it more thoroughly ASAP (I have dozens of shots of guys to post), but here's Steve Grand's performance of "All-American Boy."

I was late to his set so missed most of his "You & I" Gaga cover, then was so inhumanely crushed toward the back of the outdoor space, I was lucky to get this much. Sorry it's so shaky. Better 'n' nothin'...

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Aug 10 2013
On Point: Steve Grand's Q&A/Performance For Hilton & The Point Foundation Comments (6)
*DSC06333 steve grand
  DSC06249 steve grand
DSC06273 steve grand DSC06370 steve grand
DSC06386 steve grand
DSC06401 steve grand
DSC06417 steve grand
DSC06435 steve grand
DSC06444 steve grand
DSC06450 steve grand
DSC06469 steve grand
DSC06491 steve grand
DSC06583 steve grand
DSC06594 steve grand

I'm in Chicago for a weekend visit with my family, but I'm making some time for "family" affairs as well—I'll be attending Northalsted Market Days, the music- and shirtlessfest featuring such diverse acts as Lynda Carter, Kerli and Olivia Newton-John. Hey, where else can you see David Cassidy open for Andy Bell? I'm going in spite of the visceral reaction I have to the world "Northalsted," which begs to be "North Halsted" or at the very least "Northhalsted." "Newsstand" comes to mine. But I digress!

*DSC06198 steve grandOut editor Aaron Hicklin had Steve on the hot seat.

The fest also features out singing sensation Steve Grand, who will open for Wilson Phillips tonight at 8:15. That would've been my first time seeing Steve perform in the flesh, but I was given access by the Hilton last night to a special event for the Point Foundation at which Steve appeared and performed.

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Jul 25 2013
Need To Know: Batman-Meat, Cuomo Pays The Homos, Russian To Judgment, Britney To Knock 'em Dead As Lesbian + MORE Comments (2)

Tyler-HoechlinGo (Adam) West, young man!

*widget boy cultureWill Tyler Hoechlin be the next Batman?

*widget boy cultureRussian activists arrested for "promoting non-traditional sex relations."

*widget boy cultureBruce Willis acts like a douche for five minutes. Britney-Spears

*widget boy cultureCuomo: Big refunds to surviving partners who paid "gay tax."

*widget boy cultureHouse sides with Obama on NSA.

*widget boy cultureYemeni girl's amazing monologue against forced marriage.

*widget boy cultureNot the right time for marriage equality in Florida?

*widget boy cultureLittle girl dances up a storm behind local reporter.

*widget boy cultureBritney Spears to play a lesbian killer. Watch out, Charice!!!

*widget boy cultureBeth Ditto ties the knot!

*widget boy cultureMUSIC TO MY EARS: The Dotcom Remix of "Youth" by Daughter.

*widget boy cultureMadonna's son Rocco tweets: "Who would take a bullet for the queen".

*widget boy cultureYoung guy lips to "Papa Don't Preach," insists, "I will meet Madonna":

Jul 21 2013
Coming Out Of Somewhere: A Q&A With And Gay Pop Cultural Opinion Of Steve Grand Comments (49)

Steve-GrandConstant craving.

Steve Grand, 23, seemed to come out of nowhere earlier this month when he released his song "All-American Boy" and its accompanying video, an instantly iconic treatment of the oldest story in the gay world: falling for a guy who seems to feel the same way, but who ultimately does not. Like a microcosm of the reaction to Brokeback Mountain in 2005, the video was mostly enthusiastically received—1.6 million YouTube views and counting, national TV appearances—and yet has had its share of detractors, most of them gay.

At least some of the criticism of Grand is simply misplaced, resting squarely on the otherwise extremely helpful Buzzfeed piece that almost single-handedly got his name out to the world. In the post, Grand was tagged as "the first openly gay male country star," even though he was not the first, nor does he pretend to be a country artist, nor is he a star—yet.

But several other negative reactions made the Grand phenomenon more interesting to me than it might have been otherwise (readers of my blog know I'm rarely drawn to singer-songwriters, no matter how talented or cute). An inflammatory piece at The Bilerico Project (which was initially headlined in such a way as to imply the singer himself was a "sad, predatory drunk") accused Grand of trading on his looks, demonizing his "pouty lips and sculpted abs," while selling a Boys in the Band-like "self-loathing" message. It was even suggested that Grand's actions in the video could have led to "some serious gay bashing," the implicit message being that this bewitching Billy Budd would've had it coming. (The author of the piece later said his only regret had been maligning The Boys in the Band.)

Boys-in-the-Band"Oh, Mary, don't ask."

Fratmen-pornOn my own Facebook page, one person said I should ask Steve which thing about him did he feel made him more of a gay stereotype, the fact that he cries a lot (Grand's Good Morning America interview had a touching Johnnie Ray moment) or the fact that he's been through ex-gay therapy, as if either were something to be ashamed of. Still other armchair critics of the right way to be gay have sniffed at the video for making Grand's character seem powerless (love and lust are apparently signs of weakness...God forbid the character turns out to be a bottom!), have said it was wrong for Grand to work with [Work Unfriendly] an actor who did porn (it's apparently wrong to have anything to do with porn actors unless you're watching them fuck their brains out for too little money) and have complained that smoking is glamorized.

In short: Hey, pretty boy, how dare you not be the kind of gay person I want you to be?

Considering the self-aggrandizing, materialistic, superficially sexual, outright obnxious things that pop up in most every other enthusiastically adored music video today, I saw Steve Grand's achingly vulnerable song and video as honest. The most dangerous thing he does in the video is jump into that fetid swamp. But anything for love...

All-American-BoyBorn in the U.S.A.: Scenes from "All-American Boy."

What also interests me about Steve Grand is the fact that he didn't come from nowhere—no one does. His backstory is one many gay people can relate to: He fell for a camp counselor at 12, was outed to his conservative parents by an instant message they discovered and was sent to therapy to try to overcome "unwanted same-sex attractions." They were unwanted, but not necessarily by Grand. He has cycled through various identities—his days as a model and as cover artist "Steve Starchild" are readily documentable via Google—and has settled on being himself.

So forgive me if I take umbrage at the critics who think Steve is less than perfect, because it seems clear to me he knows he isn't. This "bad role model" has survived Catholicism, parental disapproval, ex-gay therapy and body issues to emerge as an unapologetically out performer, unafraid to be vulnerable, which in my opinion makes him a wonderful, if humbly relucant, role model for young people, gay and otherwise.

Everyone is so heartbroken when a troubled gay teen commits suicide, so why not cheer one on when he is able to rise above his struggles, embrace who he is and give back to the world in the form of art?

As I found over the course of three conversations, two on the phone and one during his quick visit to NYC for a CNN interview and some business meetings, Grand is the least marketed singer you've ever heard of, has no media training, has only a family friend as an advisor, isn't wholly comfortable with so much as profiting from his music (his YouTube account, as of this writing, seems to have no ads) and, unlike so many of the young performers I've spoken with in the past 15 years, cares more about making a personal connection with his audience than he does about scoring a merchandising deal or getting free clothes to wear from designers.

He's got talent, humility and sincerity—even without the abs, I think that's a good recipe for the right kind of gay...

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Feb 12 2013
Joint Statement Comments (0)

Lady Gaga has postponed both her Chicago shows, her Detroit stop and a Hamilton, Ontario, show due to a battle with "a severe inflammation of the joints." On Twitter, she says:

"I hope you can forgive me, as it is nearly impossible for me to forgive myself. Im devasted [sic] & sad"

Feb 05 2013
"Norton, My Friend, How Would You Like to F*ck Me Up The A**?" Comments (0)
Gay-HoneymoonersA site for gay honeymooners—if Chicago is your ideal getaway destination.