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Dec 10 2012
Need To Know Comments (1)

Gay-straight-as-a-candy-caneFrom here: They better run!

Widget boy cultureTHE SKIN CROWD: Boston's 12th Annual Santa Speedo Run.

Widget boy cultureKathleen Turner killing it in The Killing of Sister George?

Widget boy cultureSoledad O'Brien's been awesome, so of course must be replaced. Beekmans-Amazing-Race-gay-shirtless-Jason-Wu-Damiana-drag-aging

Widget boy cultureBeekmans make up for lost PDA time.

Widget boy cultureLady Gaga tour bombing—in South America.

Widget boy cultureMen denied marriage license in '70 still together over 40 years later.

Widget boy cultureGay retirement options looking up.

Widget boy cultureObama follows good news to MI.

Widget boy cultureIt's a Damiana & Tanya mystery.

Widget boy cultureMeet fashion superstar Jason Wu.

Widget boy cultureLesbian not guilty over her DOMA role.

Widget boy cultureChicago: False-confession mecca.

Widget boy cultureMore Matt Raimo than you can handle.

Widget boy culture"Most parents would prefer their children not to be gay."—Tory

Widget boy culture

Via Rod: I've never made dinner quite like this:

Nov 08 2012
Closure. Comments (1)

Obama-gets-bear-hug-by-pizza-shop-owner.-Photo-by-Saul-Loeb_AFP-e1347231698947Thank you, Florida!

Mitt Romney finally conceded Florida. The final election results:

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Nov 06 2012
Need To Know: An Election Lasting More Than Four Hours Comments (1)

Obama-tear-crying-cropped-proto-custom_28Tearin' it up

Widget boy cultureObama goes emo in Iowa: "It's up to you."

Widget boy cultureSpringsteen & Jay-Z hype up WI for the other Boss. Young-bigot

Widget boy cultureYoung bigots explain their views: It's the Bible.

Widget boy cultureThe candidates court the football crowd.

Widget boy cultureCNN on Obama today: "Hangs out" in Chicago, "lies low."

Widget boy cultureLittle girl supports marriage equality.

Widget boy cultureProtect Marriage Maine really hates the gays.

Widget boy cultureIrish bettor pays out on Obama bets two days early!

Widget boy cultureInTrade is also bullish on President Obama's chances.


Widget boy cultureFOX News is afraid of black men. Literally.

Widget boy cultureObama wins 23-9-2 in Hart's Location, NH, ties 5-5 in Dixville Notch.

Widget boy cultureChris Christie blew off Romney even worse behind-the-scenes.

Widget boy cultureMap always favored Obama—still does.

Widget boy cultureAll poll closing times.

Widget boy cultureMichelle Obama: Vote!

Sep 19 2012
Gay Hard-On For Obama Comments (5)

Barack Obama gay GLobe rumors Kevin DuJan
Kevin DuJan, who is called "a prominent member of the Windy City's homosexual community" by Globe (October 1, 2012) but who is really just an infamous, sour-grapes Hillary booster who claims he can't get a date because of his politics, tells the gossip rag the same story he's been repeating for ages, that Barack Obama is "100 percent gay." With zero evidence, DuJan simply asserts that Obama used to frequent bathhouses in Chicago. (Never mind that the clubs' owner flatly states that Obama was never there.)

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Sep 03 2012
Love Ball Comments (0)

Love equals love
Great Chicago graffiti via Boy Culture reader Dwight.

Aug 14 2012
Guydar: All Systems Chicago Comments (0)

Bulging biceps
Boy Culture reader Dwight took a trip to Chi-Town and shares with us these 14 hot shots from a Cubs game and from Market Days...

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Jun 30 2012
They Were Here Comments (2)

The AIDS Quilt has 48,000 panels and 91,000 names. For the first time in over 15 years, the entire quilt will be laid out in its entirety in public—it'll be on the mall in Washington, D.C. (Jesus, I hope it will be protected). The above project wants to photograph all of it and make it into what sounds like a fascinating app.

Img736It's only got $6,781 so far out of the $25,000 it needs. Please give if you can.

When I saw the quilt—which on my photos I referred to as "The Names Project," its official title—in October of 1990 in Chicago, I was blown away by it. So much so that it felt weird taking photos. (Considering how photo-happy I am, you must appreciate how overwhelming the experience was!)

I only snapped these two shots—one is of Chicago's artist Gabor, who I'd been aware of from the free gay weeklies, and the other (which shows a few panels) is of designer Perry Ellis's violet panel, taken because a friend of mine was obsessed with him.

Jun 26 2012
The Pride Of Chicago Comments (2)

SafariScreenSnapz022Harold Washington, who many assert was secretly gay (and who died in office two years later), was the first Chicago mayor to attend a gay event

FOBC (Friend of Boy Culture) Alan Light contributes these historical photos from the 1985 Gay Pride Parade in Chicago—wow, it's been 27 years since 1985! Shocking seeing how much thinner so many of the people were, whether from lack of working out/steroids or lack of morbid obesity, both of which are more common today.

See more of Alan's vintage gay-parade photos from other cities here.


Hope you will love seeing this peek into the past as much as I did...

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Jun 23 2012
Holiday On Ice Comments (0)

Decided to hit an estate sale on my recent trip to Chicago, but seeing all the stuff was so depressing. An old woman or man had clearly passed away and all their stuff was going for $10 a bag. These Christmas stockings, hung with care in the basement, told the tale.

Jun 15 2012
"Oh, No, You Didn't...Go To High School" Comments (5)

Via Towleroad: Must-see TV has Jack McBrayer, Triumph the Insult Comic Dog and some nasty food-service divas going head to head to head.