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Nov 24 2015
Chris Colfer Spills On AB FAB Movie Comments (0)

ColferChris_ScreenGrab_008 (1)

Chris Colfer opens up to Larry King about his role in the upcoming—finally happening—Ab Fab movie, after the jump ...

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May 25 2014
FABULOUS News! Comments (0)


Jennifer Saunders confirms a 2015 Ab Fab movie...with Chris Colfer. #sogay #sothere

Nov 25 2013
They Got Into The Groove Comments (0)

Apparently, Glee isn't out of Madonna songs to cover after all...now it's "Into the Groove," by Chris Colfer (with an assist by Demi Lovato and Adam Lambert).

Oct 30 2012
Need To Know Comments (3)

Chris ColferA Chris before dying

Widget boy cultureNew trailer for Chris Colfer's Struck By Lightning.

Widget boy cultureAl Gore on Sandy: "Toldja!"

Widget boy culturePresident Obama: "Streamlined"assistance to Sandy victims.

Widget boy cultureMitt Romney not a fan of flood prep.

Widget boy cultureRomney surrogate lies: Roe v. Wade would be safe under Romney.

Widget boy cultureBill Clinton gives out lesbian Tammy Baldwin an assist in her Senate race. Nate-silver

Widget boy culturePoll guru Nate Silver mocked, called "effeminate."

Widget boy culturePolling may be affected by Sandy; just vote in a week.

Widget boy cultureClueless Stacey Dash still LOVES Romney/Ryan.

Widget boy cultureBritney Spears fans—sticklers for keepin' it real—hated Lucky's fakey cover.

Widget boy cultureDamiana & Barbara are a fright.

Widget boy cultureAnderson Cooper's daytime talk show canceled.

Widget boy cultureMadonna teases on Gaga.

Widget boy cultureJeff Stryker's penis does Vaudeville (Work Unfriendly) in Florida.

Jeff StrykerCan I have its autograph?

Jun 21 2012
On The Record Comments (3)

Entertainment Weekly (June 29, 2012) has an interesting feature on the "new art of coming out" in Hollywood. In a nutshell, the magazine points out that many of the celebrities who've made if official in the years since Ellen's "Yep, I'm gay" splash have done so in low-key ways or as an afterthought. This removes the defensive argument many people make about gay public figures not having to march in pride parades—that was never the point. The point was making it official, and more and more are doing so.

Sidenote: Above is the newsstand cover, but the subscription cover needs space for a mailing address so loses two faces. The two who were considered expendable: Jane Lynch and Jesse Tyler Ferguson.

Apr 18 2012
Wishing Well Comments (0)

Screen shot 2012-04-17 at 8.23.26 PM
With the arrival of The Land of Stories: The Wishing Spell (Little, Brown; July, $16.99), Chris Colfer will be not only a TV actor, not only a movie actor and writer (Struck by Lightning) but an author. Kid never sleeps!

Mar 01 2012
Oversext Comments (1)

Ricky Martin Glee Chris Colfer gay gossip

National Enquirer (March 12, 2012) makes the dubious claim that Chris Colfer has been overtexting co-star Ricky Martin and using flirty nicknames like "babe," causing issues with Ricky's longtime partner Carlos. Good problem to have.

Feb 27 2012
Elton's Stable Comments (7)


Elton John's Oscar party was dripping with gay men and/or men that gay men find attractive. Above, that's Matt Morrison, Chace Crawford, JC Chasez and Colton Haynes (the latter of whom tweeted the pic). Don't know the cutie in the middle or the lovely lady.

The party also attracted Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka, Ryan Kwanten, Ian Somerhalder and Chris Colfer.


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