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Oct 10 2014
Ad Men: Chris Pine Comments (0)


Jun 30 2013
Straight Allies: A Pride Day Gallery Comments (0)

This is the latest in a series of articles for Boy Culture by The Underwear Expert.

Pride Month... it's not just for gay people anymore!

Okay, so it is about gay people, but gays aren't the only ones that get to celebrate during the month of June. We can't forgot gay allies out there that play a pivotal role in the gay-rights movement and in the lives of us all. With out those understanding and forward-thinking straight men and women in our lives, Pride would not be nearly as joyous. So let's take a moment to focus in on the straight-but-not-narrow men that have stood up for gay rights throughout the years.

In the assembled gallery, we've gathered 10 celebrities from various forms of entertainment. We've got movie stars, athletes, Broadway actors, TV stars, and, oh, yeah, underwear models. And the one thing they have in common (besides the fact that they look oh-so-good with their shirts off) is that they are all gay-friendly men.

Take a look at our gallery of 10 Straight Men Full of Pride (in order: Alex Minsky, Ben Cohen, Brendon Ayanbadejo, Chris Pine, David Beckham, Brad Pitt, Chris Kluwe, Cristiano Ronaldo, Daniel Radcliffe, Stephen Amell), and make sure to thank a straight ally in your life before Pride Month is over.

May 14 2013
Pining For Him: Chris Pine Does MEN'S HEALTH Comments (2)

Uberhandsome Chris Pine covers Men's Health (June 2013). Inside, he says of criticism:

"You either listen to the naysayers and fall into the pit of self-loathing, or you stay on the path and move forward."

Good advice not only for professional actors, but for those everyday amateurs pretending to be someone they're not. 

May 07 2013
Need To Know: James Peen, Art Attack, Minnesota Marriage + MORE Comments (2)

Gay-comicTalk about a graphic novel!

*widget boy cultureBlisteringly erotic gay comic released.

*widget boy cultureWalk Off the Earth cover Madonna's "Material Girl." Jesus-luz-brasil

*widget boy cultureMost at the Met Ball ignored the "punk" theme. Who looked best?*

*widget boy cultureJesus Luz goes shirtless for Junior.

*widget boy cultureHot 97 DJ Mister Cee: "I am not gay."

*widget boy cultureChris Pine would play gay.

*widget boy cultureIn Minnesota, marriage equality advances. Rs_293x404-130506111713-634.pine.ls.5613

*widget boy cultureGetting picked up by Ryan Gosling.

*widget boy cultureAir Force's Sexual Assault Prevention & Response Office head assaults woman.

*widget boy cultureNYC couple attacked in broad daylight near MSG.

*widget boy cultureGay vs. lesbian with AARP as the weapon.

*widget boy cultureUse these self-publishing moms for inspiration to make bank.

*widget boy culturePat Robertson: Gays like murderers,  rapists, thieves.

*widget boy cultureABBA museum. Suggested donation? "Money, Money, Money."

*widget boy cultureYou know I'll be attending this:


*widget boy cultureStr8 ally Chris Kluwe dropped by the Minnesota Vikings.

*widget boy cultureJimmy Wright's drawings of NYC's gay meat market. Phillippe

*widget boy cultureHelen Mirren vs. drummers.

*widget boy cultureFuck, yeah, Ryan Phillippe.

*widget boy culturePet Shop Boys compare new album to Madonna.

*widget boy cultureChristina Crawford on her mom's rumored affair with Marilyn.

*widget boy cultureA Portrait of James Dean: Joshua Tree, 1951 avail for digital download today.

A Portrait of James Dean carouselCome back to the five and dime, Jimmy Peen, Jimmy Peen (#bulge).

*Dakota Fanning, Anne Hathaway, Madonna, Rooney Mara, Gwyneth Paltrow, Sarah Jessica Parker, Aubrey Plaza, Amanda Seyfried & Kerry Washington can all get it.

Feb 11 2013
Need To Know Comments (0)

Gay-Accidental-BearA tour to benefit LGBT mental health/suicide prevention = music to my ears

*widget boy cultureAccidental Bear launches summer queer-music tour.

*widget boy cultureTaylor Swift is now Kathy Griffin's Seinfeld character.

*widget boy cultureNIGHT OF SHE-IGUANA: Courtney Stodden's new video. Chris-Pine

*widget boy culture478 (!) red-carpet looks from Oscar history.

*widget boy cultureUrge DC Comics to drop traitor Orson Scott Card.

*widget boy cultureAs a mom, Shirley MacLaine made a great actress.

*widget boy cultureHalf-nekkid model's got nice eggs.

*widget boy cultureDecrepit anti-gay mayor resigns.

*widget boy cultureAdam Lambert is our new Liza.

*widget boy culture"40 is the new dead": Fresh Mike Diamond.

*widget boy cultureRussia should have "private zones for LGBT"???

*widget boy cultureBatman & Robin: Bulging with queerness.

Burtward2Wonder no more—he ain't no Boy!

Oct 21 2010
A Whiff Of Pine Comments (0)

A hi-res look at those Matthias Vriens-McGrath images of Chris Pine for Details (November 2010):

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Oct 14 2010
That Was The Way, Uh-Huh, Uh-Huh, He Liked It Comments (2)

In Touch (October 25, 2010) reveals that Gavin Rossdale will tell Details (November 2010) that he really did have that long-rumored affair with Marilyn in the '80s:

"It's just one of those things: move on. I don't think there's anything strange about any form of...you're learning about life. That's it. No more, no less...You have to know what you like, and I know what I like."

It's refreshing that he'd acknowledge a gay relationship as normal and a part of learning about life, though Marilyn will probably find it somewhat bittersweet that it's in the context of a youthful indiscretion that helped him figure out he likes women.

Meanwhile...I want to beam up that Chris Pine Details spread right now!

May 21 2009
Suit Me Up, Scotty Comments (0)


Star Trek's Chris Pine suits up for GQ (June 2009), modeling "hot-weather wardrobe" and enticing guys to "lighten up":


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