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Nov 04 2012
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Mitt-Romney-douchebag-lauughingMitt Romney is a joke. Unfortch, he has no sense of humor.

Widget boy cultureWhat Republicans REALLY think of Mitt Romney.

Widget boy cultureFor those in the market for a castle.

Widget boy cultureMadonna introduces "Give It 2 Me"/"Celebration" mash-up.

Widget boy cultureThe Heiress on Broadway is "handsome" and "starchy." Obama-mixed-race-child

Widget boy cultureA mom's powerful letter to a mixed-race president.

Widget boy cultureChris Rock's (hilarious) message to white voters.

Widget boy cultureGOP already blaming Sandy for Romney's loss. Before he loses.

Widget boy cultureKaty Perry is NOT an undecided voter.

Widget boy cultureThe Real Housewives have really...changed...over time.

LuAnn de LessepsThis "nurse" has visited a few doctors since '86

Mar 18 2010
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Via AKA William: One of the unfunniest comedies of the past several years, the British film Death at a Funeral (2007), has been remade by Neil LaBute with an interracial twist added to its homo-panic storyline. Considering the director's other work, I don't expect the homo-panic or racial aspects will be handled, er, gently.

I'm not sure why on earth this was remade, unless it was strictly to look at James Marsden's butt (double):