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Dec 31 2012
Batmen Comments (3)
This is the first time one of those face-morphing things really works—it's all the Batmans (West, Keaton, Kilmer, Clooney and Bale) combined into one Superbatman. Hot!
Mar 26 2012
The Closest Thing To Perfect That I've Ever Seen? Comments (11)


Star's special The Best, Worst & Most Shocking Plastic Surgery special says the above guy is the perfect man—a combination of Hollywood's best attributes. To see who makes up his features (and to see his female counterpart), keep reading...

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Feb 27 2011
All Things Considering Comments (3)

In spite of Melissa Leo's really embarrassing (remember when Margaret Avery did one for herself for The Color Purple...in the form of a letter to God?), self-plugging Oscar ads, I hope she wins tonight; she was terrific in The Fighter and was also recently terrific in Frozen River. Plus she had the guts to remind everyone SAG is a mother-fucking union when she won that trophy.

Art020Via Italian Vanity Fair (23.02.11)

It will be interesting to see if Hollywood can forgive some shameless self-promo as easily as it can forgive (beautiful, talented, troubled) Christian Bale's past on-set lunacy.


Oh, and I want him to win, too. And I still think he's hot, even if I'm be ascared to work with him.

Some shots of Hollywood Blvd. as it was being set up for the Oscars this past week:

Mar 29 2009
Bale Out Plan Comments (4)


He's had a spate of bad PR—scaring his mommy, yelling at an underling—but Christian Bale is still sexy, as Italian Vanity Fair (Marzo 25, 2009) proves:


Feb 03 2009
Christian Goes Bale-istic Comments (8)


I know he's said to be crazy, and I know how harsh this new audio of Christian Bale LOSING IT over a d.p.'s set comportment sounds, but what does it say about me that I hear this and am naturally inclined to side with Bale??? And not just because it conjures up images of him as a completely insatiable, unreasonable top...
Sep 26 2008
Russian Psycho Comments (1)


Christian Bale on the cover of Russian GQ. Killer looks:



More after the jump...

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