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Mar 22 2013
Need To Know: No-Go On Joe.Jo, Ryan Lochte Soaked To The Bone, Hillary Kicking Asses & Taking Names + MORE Comments (2)

Ass-butt JOE-JONASAnd that's the end of that!

*widget boy cultureYou won't see Joe Jonas's perfect ass get paddled, pervs. Ryan-Lochte

*widget boy cultureAAP endorses marriage equality & gay adoption.

*widget boy cultureRyan Lochte even makes himself wet.

*widget boy cultureBelinda Carlisle's first pop single in 17 years, "Sun."

*widget boy cultureBest (and worst) Madonna tattoos.

*widget boy cultureOsmonds against marriage equality.

*widget boy cultureBlack lesbian teacher fired, paper publishes hate letter.

*widget boy cultureHILLARY '16: She leads Bush, Rubio by X2 digits...in Fla.!

*widget boy cultureNative American lawmaker's superburn on immigration.

*widget boy cultureIf you thought Vanessa Hudgens sullied Disney...

*widget boy cultureChristina Aguilera slims down. Hot Peter-Marc-Jacobson

*widget boy cultureSenate takes aim at background-checks vote.

*widget boy cultureFran Drescher's hot gay ex was against divorcing. Oh, girl.

*widget boy cultureJanet Hubert tuh-RASHES Wendy Williams.

*widget boy cultureKate Gosselin's Quixotic Twitter war.

*widget boy cultureCutest little gay marine ever!

*widget boy cultureEnjoy a quickie with a hottie.

*widget boy culturePlease save Happy Endings, the funniest show on TV.

Jan 23 2013
Can We Carbon-Date Angelyne, Please? Comments (3)
Star (February 4, 2013) has fun showing us which old-timers today's stars will resemble in the future. Many of them are spot-on, but for real—do they actually think Angelyne is only 54? This was Angelyne two years ago. She is probably closer to 70  than she is to 54. Her billboards were popping up around L.A. over 30 years ago.
Dec 11 2012
Search For Tomorrow Comments (2)
Someone on Facebook told me this, and it's true: If you search Google images for "dying grandparent," you get shots of...Christina Aguilera.
Nov 28 2012
You Are Booty-Ful, No Matter What They Say Comments (5)
Via National Enquirer (December 10, 2012): Suddenly gigantic butt aside, I almost don't recognize Christina Aguilera facially. It's like she's trying to become a black hip-hop video hussy. That spray-tan is about one shade away from triggering blackface outrage. She looks absurd.
Beating Off Together: 150 Gayest Songs EVER (The List) Comments (19)

CazwellWhat makes a song "gay?"

Is it the singer's real-life sexual persuasion, the explicit or implicit (and positive or negative) lyrical content, how it has been embraced by the gay community, being inextricably linked with its homo-erotic video...or something else?

Or all of the above?

Judy-Garland"Wait...'YMCA' is about more than just hittin' the gym?"

My picks for the gayest songs of all time follow below in alphabetical order by artist. There is also a separate post (with a crazy load time) with the songs arranged somewhat creatively for your listening/viewing enjoyment.

Feel free to tell me what am I missing, in both senses of the question...

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Beating Off Together: 150 Gayest Songs EVER (The Links) Comments (0)

Gay-songs-Madonna-Gaga-Sylvester-Cole-PorterMadonna, Gaga, Sylvester, too/Cole Porter, we love you...

Here are the links from my original post, arranged somewhat thematically or at least for flow.

There are 150ish videos that follow, so prepare for a long load time.

Again, feel free to tell me what am I missing, in both senses of the question...

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Nov 09 2012
WIN IT: Lotus By Christina Aguilera! Comments (26)

Enter to win Lotus from Christina Aguilera!

Just comment this post with your choice for the best video Christina has ever made.

I'll pick 3 of you at random to win 1 week from today at 5PM EST. You must be a U.S. resident to enter and win.


The new album from global superstar


Including the explosive hit single "Your Body"


* "Let There Be Love" * "Make the World Move" feat. CeeLo Green * "Army of Me" * "Blank Page" * "Just a Fool" with Blake Shelton *

Available November 13 on RCA Records

Nov 05 2012
Need To Know Comments (1)

Christina-Aguilera-Lotus"Lotus" blossoms

Widget boy cultureMore of Christina Aguilera's album is previewed.

Widget boy cultureLady Gaga brags on her perfume's success.

Widget boy cultureMadonna on Gaga: "I invited her to sing with me on stage—she turned me down." Cheyenne-Jackson-shirtless-Performers

Widget boy cultureCheyenne Jackson flaunts skin in his new show.

Widget boy cultureSarah Palin endorses Romney/Ryan—36 hours out.

Widget boy cultureEx-NJ Gov. Whitman: FL voting mess "inexcusable."

Widget boy cultureJohn McCain strategist: Voter fraud is Republican "mythology."

Widget boy cultureNice Knockers: Linda McMahon is one desperate Republican.

Widget boy cultureRomney's anti-factual pollster leaks fantasy internals.

Widget boy cultureFinal ABC/WaPo poll = 50 (0) - 47 (R) : Undecideds breaking for Obama.

Widget boy culturePresident Obama responds to daughter of gay dads:

LgbtWhat's the difference?


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