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Nov 06 2011
Boy Culture Turns 6: My Favorite Posts Comments (13)

IMG_7536Prove it!

As of midnight last night, it was exactly six years since my first post. It's been a tough thing to keep up with a dayjob and outside activities, and just when I think I might walk away, a valuable connection or interesting opportunity or a kind word comes my way. Thank you all for reading me.

6a00d8341c2ca253ef014e89143e3e970d-400wiOf whom are you more jealous?

Here are my favorite 100+ posts out of nearly 11,000. Please take some time to read (or re-read!) a couple and tweet or Facebook any you like.

xoxo Matt

6a00d8341c2ca253ef00e54ff027a28833-800wiThe pocket pool championships were intense this year



FROM BOY TO MAN: BC B.C. (2007): The entire history of my novell and novel Boy Culture as well as the movie version; might be my ultimate post.

6a00d8341c2ca253ef00e54f5599878833-800wiJonathon Trent & Derek Magyar make an Allan Brocka sandwich

BOY ON FILM (2006): An account of the NYC launch party for Boy Culture as it played the TriBeCa Film Fest.

6a00d8341c2ca253ef00e54f7f18238834-800wiI was left "Reeling" by the experience

FRIENDS AND "FAMILY" (2006): The movie version of Boy Culture hits Chicago.

6a00d8341c2ca253ef00e54f5ebead8833-800wiNo one would've mistaken me for Taylor Lautner

RAPT PUPIL (2006): The final night of Outfest with Boy Culture; I was fat but on the other hand got to meet Bryan Singer.




PreviewScreenSnapz001Construction worker (shot this week) vs. James Dean

GUYDAR (since at least January 17, 2008) & ENDS OF THE WORLD (since at least January 13, 2008): Attractive men of the world—I got your backs. Your fronts, too.

6a00d8341c2ca253ef0120a5347f59970c-400wi11i-i-i (phone)

Img_0330Not totally built

6a00d8341c2ca253ef0120a58f680c970bUnaltered iPhone image that still blows me away

"Your pictures suck" (2008): An art critic attacks me, but not without sustaining some hits in return.

6a00d8341c2ca253ef00e551ff08528834-800wiLet's call it a draw

DRAWN TOGETHER (2008): How my desire to draw related to my secret desire. One of my absolute favorite posts.

6a00d8341c2ca253ef01156faa215c970cThe shirtless one

LOST ANGELES (2009): My favorite photographic travelogue of L.A.

Img_0986_1Even then, New Yorkers feared 9/11 was the beginning of the end

ART IMITATES LIFE (2006): My 9/11 and my distaste for grief tourism.


6a00d8341c2ca253ef00e54f435c1a8834-800wiDeath of the party—Jeff in high school, already halfway through his life

BURNING MAN (2007): Tribute to my late high school friend and first romance.

6a00d8341c2ca253ef014e862b4a41970d-400wiSigned, sealed (eventually) delivered

LOST BOY FOUND (2011): There is a book in here somewhere.

6a00d8341c2ca253ef01538f1f464a970b-400wiBe Italian

CIAO HOUNDS: OUR TRIP TO ITALY (2011): Finally got José to Europe.

6a00d8341c2ca253ef00e54f10b4de8833-800wiDeath becomes here

ILLINOIS DEATH TRIP (2007): Ruminations on death while revisiting a past home, and the past.

Zehnders Life is short...and meaningful

PASSING BY (2008): Mourning the loss of a person I only met once.

Lots more...

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Aug 18 2011
A Jury Of Piers Comments (8)

6a00d8341c730253ef0154349e719f970c-800wiI will make this witch disappear as if by magic!

Batshit-crazy Christine O'Donnell stormed off of Piers Morgan's CNN show last night because he insisted on being a journalist and asking her questions...even questions she didn't want to field. O'Donnell revealed the mindset of so many entitled public figures (not just Republicans) when she said:

"Don't you think as a host that if I say that's what I want to talk about, that's what we should address?"

To his credit, Morgan stated that he did not.

Via Kenneth: Speaking of reality breaks and Republicans, we also have Rick Perry steadfastly refusing to acknowledge any error in his crackpot comments about the Federal Reserve, which even Karl Rove has gone on record as saying went way too far.

The Republican playbook is avoid, ignore, deny, lie.

Nov 03 2010
The Mourning After: And Now For Thumping Completely Different Comments (7)

More election thoughts and observations:

It still sucks this morning...I was thinking of calling in Democratic!

Democrats should be proud of what they accomplished in the past two years. Those who are not proud were either defeated or should be. Stuff got done—big stuff. Americans don't hate Democrats. Americans don't love Republicans. They dislike them both equally, or dislike Democrats a tad less. But voters are fucking pissed off at the economy and at waiting around for their lives to improve. And they hate the idea of a deficit to the point that they blindly don't realize the stimulus helped stave off a second Great Depression. That's all hard to address (for both parties, actually), but it's easier to address than, say, being hated.

Obama-spotlightx-large Obama's presser today will be historic. I hope in the good or at least not bad way. If I were him, I would sound a conciliatory note (no baseball bats—see below) yet I would draw some progressive lines in the sand. His only hope for re-election rides on re-engaging the left (the youth vote had better things to do last night and the black vote was somewhat depressed) because going even more centrist (he's already more in the middle than Malcolm) is not going to win him even one right-winger's vote. The Blue Dog Democrats were CRUSHED last night—so he shouldn't become one. His differences with Bill Clinton—the last Democratic prez in this position at this point in a presidency—may be skin-deep, but that's plenty deep enough for the teabaggers. Trust. Of course, this presumes Obama is his party's nominee in '12, a provision that had to be made regarding Reagan and Clinton before him at the same points in their presidencies, but one that nonetheless needs to be made here again.

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Oct 30 2010
The Sane Event Comments (0)

IMG_8346So much for the enthusiasm gap

IMG_8315 We woke up at 3:30AM in order to get over to Citifield in Queens for the free HuffingtonPost busses to the Rally to Restore Sanity.

I'm not sure it was totallllly worth it, but it was an experience and I wound up feeling I'd supervoted.

IMG_8206 Citifield was a clusterfuck! There were thousands of happy-go-lucky liberals swarming in very loose lines. Picture tons of college sophomores, AARPers, wheelchairs, headscarves and Obama T-shirts—the diversity was like the reverse negative of the Tea Party's high-profile gatherings. As we milled about, waiting for directions, a bunch of flashes alerted us to a celebrity presence.

A"You're velcome, dahlinks!"

A twentysomething said, "It's that blonde girl who announced the busses!" She was right—we walked past Arianna Huffington herself greeting all her freeloading followers. Some of the line chanted "thank you" and she basked.

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Oct 28 2010
Ladybugger Comments (1)

340x Gawker runs a truly tasteless story by a then 25-year-old guy (now outed as Dustin Dominiak) who had what I would call a somewhat dry one-night stand with Christine O'Donnell three years ago. The worst part? He cattily disses her ungroomed pubic hair.
 "Obviously, that was a turn-off." Not really the kind of story that I needed to read, but noteworthy for its boundaries-thumping salaciousness.

Unlike Christine O'Donnell, I don't want to limit or control what people do or don't do in bed. If she wants to get naked and refuse sex, that's her business. (Literally, considering how she's used abstinence as her career so far.) But the article struck me as worse than a tabloid and misogynist in tone—not because it was kiss & tell, but because it was kiss & diss. It reminded me of a construction worker I once heard scream across the street at a woman who was ignoring him, "Fuck you, you fucking bitch-dyke!" It felt like revenge.

Oct 21 2010
The Elitists' Manifesto Comments (6)

I don't always agree with Maureen Dowd, but when she's right, she's right:

"Palin mockingly noted that you won’t find her invoking Mao or Saul Alinsky. She says she believes in American exceptionalism. But when it comes to the people running the country, exceptionalism is suspect; leaders should be—as Palin, O’Donnell and Angle keep saying—just like you.

"In Marilyn’s America, there were aspirations. The studios tackled literary novels rather than one-liners like He’s Just Not That Into You and navel-gazing drivel like Eat Pray Love. Walt Disney’s Fantasia paired cartoon characters with famous composers. Even Bugs Bunny did Wagner.

"But in Sarah’s America, we’ve refudiated all that."

And that's why it's so hard to beat that teabaggery; because while not everyone can be smart, cultured, informed, respectful, tactful and broad-minded, anyone at all can be a proud ignoramus.

Oct 19 2010
I'm BOO! Comments (2)

The ageless Elvira aka Cassandra Peterson (she turns 60 next year) turns in my second-fave Christine O'Donnell parody ad yet, after the jump...

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McCain (Not That One) & Obama & Me & Us Comments (5)

I can't believe I'm going to say this but...an interesting interview with Meghan McCain by Rachel Maddow last night. McCain's getting scorched for coming out and saying what many in the Republican establishment are saying behind-the-scenes, namely that Christine O'Donnell is a "nutjob."

But what interests me is that she went on to talk a bit about President Obama and Don't Ask, Don't Tell. I give McCain credit for openly—and, clearly, sincerely—disagreeing with and being hurt by her father's homophobic stance on DADT (and all other gay issues). In the past, I've been unimpressed with her for focusing on what Obama hasn't done when her father—and her party—is actively, aggressively working against gay issues. But she doesn't harp on that here, instead saying politicians should be held responsible for their failings but admitting she really has no answers as to how. (She doesn't advocate not voting for them again, protesting or other measures suggested by Maddow.)

Also interesting is that Ms. McCain seems to think that Obama has been given a free pass for his gay-rights disappointments. I'm glad Maddow pointed out to her that many in the gay community have given him no such free pass (choice comment at Joe.My.God. yesterday: "Obama can't tell his black ass from his white elbow," and it goes downhill from there on a daily basis in the comments section), but I think the central question remains: What do we do about it?


I don't think there are easy answers. I know AmericaBlog and others have advocated not to give the Democrats money. Some have argued that they'd never vote for Obama again or that they wouldn't vote for any Democrats, or that they wouldn't vote at all. Dan Choi's sincerely, passionately applied tactic is to embarrass the president by turning up the heat via civil disobedience and high-profile demonstrations; these things have worked in the past in other areas.

I'm not attracted to any of these remedies, but like Meghan McCain—and unlike those who use the word "Obamabots" in every other sentence—I don't have all the answers and don't pretend to.

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