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Sep 09 2013
Need To Know: Eminem Loses Himself, Porn Pioneer, Happy Together + MORE Comments (0)

Steve-GrandGlory, glory hole-elujah!

*widget boy cultureSteve Grand's relationship with the Catholic Church.

*widget boy cultureChristians are Not All Like That on gay rights.

*widget boy cultureEminem blasted out of his mind.

*widget boy cultureMadonna: Queen of Pop? Or Queen of Superfluidity?

*widget boy cultureShould blind people be allowed to carry guns?

*widget boy cultureSaudi Arabia supports a Syria strike.

*widget boy cultureI guess we're too gay to strike Syria.

*widget boy cultureA chat with porn kingpin Tim Valenti.

*widget boy cultureCelebrating the life of gay-rights icon Jose Sarria.

*widget boy cultureLife sentence for HIV-positive man with 300 partners?

*widget boy cultureCheyenne Jackson serenades Christine Quinn on primary eve.

*widget boy cultureA gay couple together 58 years represents NYC's gay past and future.

08COUPLE1-articleLargeAlways, forever.

Sep 02 2013
I Can't Believe I'm Losing To This Straight Guy Comments (0)

It must kill Christine Quinn that even now, shortly before the Democratic primary for New York's mayoral race, the city's gay nightlife mag Next (August 30, 2013) can't even have her on the cover without a big question mark after the cover line, "The Right Candidate for Gay New York?"

Inside, she defends herself against the perception that she is a lesbian version of Mike Bloomberg, but there is a pall over her candidacy as poll after poll suggests Bill de Blasio might not only best her in the primary, but do so by enough of the vote to erase the need for a run-off.

Aug 15 2013
Another Gay Bashing In NYC Comments (0)


A gay couple holding hands was viciously attacked after leaving a late show at Clearview Cinemas (now Bow Tie) in Chelsea. Michael Felenchak and Peter Notman heard anti-gay slurs and then were beaten up by six men. None were apprehended.

Peter-NotmanNotman shows off his injuries. Both men were treated in the emergency room and released.

Felenchak says:

"They just came up and they hit Peter like this and they just hit me like this. They hit me so hard that I fell on the ground, and they were kicking and punching me. And those were the first two guys, and then four guys came out of nowhere."

People who do this are worse than animals. They need to be arrested and tossed in jail for 20 years. An unprovoked, violent, bias-driven assault is a sign of a sociopath. I'm hopeful that since there were witnesses, the "men" will be caught and face a stiff sentence when convicted.

Christine-QuinnNew York City mayoral candidate City Council Speaker Christine Quinn appeared at an early-morning press conference with the victims, asserting that this kind of violent acting out will never push gays back into the closet. With righteous indignation, she grasped Notman's face to show the damage, telling viewers who may still think of gay bashing as something humorous, light and/or a good idea:

"This is no joke...They were walking. Home. From. A. Movie."

Aug 14 2013
Too Late To Apologize Comments (0)

Christine Quinn snuffed out Anthony Weiner in the NYC Democratic mayoral debate last night after he said she's never apologized for misleading voters:

“I don’t think we need to be lectured by Anthony Weiner on what we need to apologize for.”

But both of them paled alongside Bill de Blasio. Looks like the "anyone but Quinn" brigade has a very real chance of getting their wish.

I am leaning toward Mr. de Blasio at this point.

Jul 02 2013
NYC Gay Pride: Married To A Gay Mob Comments (0)
Check out my video from NYC's Gay Pride Parade after the jump, with celebrity cameos by Christine Quinn, Edie Windsor, Andrew Cuomo, Chuck Schumer, Shane Bitney Crone and...JWoww???...

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Full Windsor: NYC Gay Pride 2013 Comments (2)
  DSC02423 DSC02420

DSC02716 DSC02721

José and I were supposed to have a big gay brunch with 10 people, but when we arrived to the eatery on Greenwich at 1PM, Grand Marshal of the Gay Pride Parade, Edie Windsor, was being driven past. Not wanting to miss the whole thing, we canceled and instead watched over an hour of the parade from a fantastic vantage point on Christopher.

DSC02339Mayoral candidate Christine Quinn embraces supporters at a pre-Pride availability.

I know some people think they're too cool for Gay Pride. I wish they didn't. Gay Pride is a unique time of the year when one sees a true diversity of people coming together to celebrate what connects us. It is a mixture of frivolity and deadly seriousness, of politics and pecs, of drag and advocacy.

Mike-BloombergWe ran into Mayor Mike Bloomberg—Quinn's Svengali—on W. 34th, ducking into...Bebe???

I personally have fun with it each year after having skipped something like 10 years in a row a few years back.

Lesbian cop mommyLesbian mommy cop with her li'l one. Adorable!

Chest bumpA gay-lesbian chest bump.

Gimme five gay pride babyHe almost got squashed by a truck, which was not cute. But this was cute!

Gay pride hot assNothing Freudian about this at all.

Above, check out a gallery of images.

Below, some more images with caps...

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Jun 30 2013
The Gays Love Her: Christine Quinn Touts Her LGBT Support Comments (0)

Many gay people I know are, at best, skeptical of Christine Quinn as a mayoral candidate, citing her allegiance with Mayor Bloomberg and some legislative failings  from a progressive standpoint.

But Quinn is not about to let her core drift. She'll appear today at 11:30 on 35th Street and Fifth Avenue alongside victorious DOMA warrior Edie Windsor and Robbie Kaplan, unveiling a list of over 1,700 LGBT people who are backing her up. Let's call them her Quinnions. The list includes: Neil Patrick Harris, Cheyenne Jackson, Lance Bass, George Takei, Harvey Fierstein, Urvashi Vaid and Melissa Sklarz.

When Quinn marches in today's NYC Gay Pride Parade, she'll be doing it with 500 backers, not the least of which are AFER's Rob and Michelle Reiner, Bruce Cohen and Tim Gunn.

I guess she's saying that poll-surging Anthony Weiner can suck it when it comes to gay support.

Jun 27 2013
On The Outs: A Review Of Timothy Greenfield-Sanders's THE OUT LIST Comments (1)

TimothyGreenfield-Sanders with Dustin Lance Black

Timothy Greenfield-Sanders's The Out List follows his The Black List and The Latin List as an HBO documentary that serves as sort of a moving portraits of a number of LGBT luminaries, and by its diversity of subject, of the LGBT community at large.

WANDAAiring June 27 on HBO, The Out List is in some respects a simple, to-camera Q&A with famous LGBTs. Stylistically, nothing new. But the sum is greater than its parts. Greenfield-Sanders engenders (in some cases, the editing is a bit too aggressive) plain-spoken, highly personal responses from the people in front of his lens. In the same way that he showed a new side of porn stars via photography, many of these familiar faces are presented in slightly different ways in this film.

Most interestingly, the edge behind Lady Bunny's humor is revealed, not purposely, to be her anger over being marginalized by not only the world at large but by her own community, especially the young'uns.

What follows are memorable quotes from each of the film's subjects. Check them out, and don't miss this queer filmic time capsule when it airs later this month on the 44th anniversary of Stonewall...

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