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Apr 18 2014
Need To Know: Dated Material, Under Review, Dustin Lance Blacklisted, Are You Anti-Barefronting? + MORE! Comments (0)


*widget boy cultureThis video of a guy picking up guys has hilarious—and DISTURBING—results. Hercules-Dustin-Lance-Black

*widget boy cultureJames Franco douches out on NYT reporter over review.

*widget boy cultureHoly crap, this Hercules ginger is hot and musical.

*widget boy cultureDustin Lance Black destroys his alma mater. Must-read.

*widget boy cultureMost powerful NYC mediaites, most powerful gay couples.

*widget boy cultureWhat to expect when you come out as a lesbian...again.

*widget boy cultureClint Eastwood's Jersey Boys movie trailer.

*widget boy cultureThe Tom of Finland...cross-stitch kit???

*widget boy cultureRounderbum's gluteal shaper is exactly what you think.

*widget boy cultureNO BAREFRONTING!: Legal brouhaha over leaked Gaga shots.

*widget boy cultureThis girl is such a horrible person it's breathtaking.

*widget boy cultureIranian mom forgives son's killer, spares his life.

*widget boy cultureWhat a lovely male figure.

*widget boy cultureSexy men, poetry and $40,000...how can you not click?

*widget boy cultureBryan Singer cancels personal appearance over accusations.

*widget boy cultureOne Hundred Years of Solitude author Gabriel Garcia Marquez dies at 87.

100yearsHe wrote the book.

Oct 24 2012
Need To Know Comments (1)

Shirtless model
Widget boy cultureCreator Magazine's latest body beautiful (Work Unfriendly).

Widget boy cultureBon voyage, Bilbo Baggins.

Widget boy cultureEllen DeGeneres gets Twained.

Ellen DeGeneres Twain

Widget boy cultureClint Eastwood, for some reason, is back.

Widget boy cultureKevin Rettinger strips for Mirko Fuhrherr.

Widget boy cultureLana Wachowski speech on her journey to womanhood.

Widget boy cultureGOProud refuses to believe Romney is against gay partners having hospital visitation rights.

Widget boy cultureAllred's surprise: Mitt lied under oath to help his friend screw his wife out of millions.

Widget boy cultureTrump's surprise is no surprise: He'll pay $5 million for Obama's college/passport records.

Widget boy cultureIndiana's Mourdock refuses to apologize for saying rape is "God's intent."

Gloria Allred Maureen StembergAllred hopes to first-wives club Mitt Romney over the head

Nov 04 2011
WIN IT: Enter For A Chance To Win A J. Edgar Prize Pack! Comments (58)


I'm not trying to make a federal case out of it, but Boy Culture has some amazing J. Edgar prizes to give away to five of you who comment this post between now and Friday the 11th at 5PM EST—I'll choose five of you to win at random. Simply comment back with your choice for your favorite biopic of all time and you're entered to win...it's that easy!

JE_Bag JE_Hat

One grand-prize winner will receive a J. Edgar leather messenger bag, J. Edgar hat and a movie poster. Four runners-up will receive a J. Edgar hat and a movie poster.

More after the jump...

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Oct 28 2011
Bestills My Beating Heart Comments (2)

A slew of new J. Edgar stills came to light today, chiefly of interest to me thanks to the presence of serial enflamer of gay hearts Armie Hammer. (But they also show director Clint Eastwood, writer Dustin Lance Black and stars Leonardo DiCaprio, Naomi Watts and Dame Judi Dench.) Tons more after the jump...

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Sep 21 2011
G(ay)-Men Comments (5)

The official trailer for Clint Eastwood's J. Edgar Hoover biopic J. Edgar—written by Oscar winner Dustin Lance Black—is out, unlike its subject...

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Sep 15 2011
Once I Had A Top-Secret Love Comments (2)

J. Edgar Hoover would be busting a nut in his grave if he knew luscious Armie Hammer was playing his real-life lover (let's face it) Clyde Tolson in J. Edgar. In Details (October 2011), Hammer says of the Clint Eastwood-directed/Dustin Lance Black-penned flick:

"It wasnt the gay aspect I had a hard time with. When I first read the script, it didn't make sense why Clyde would stay around—because 99 percent of the time he's just taking abuse. But then it was explained to me. When you get that little glimmer of hope—like Tolson did—that simple kiss on the forehead, it all seems worth it and you stay."

Kind of like how I'll continue holding out hope Hammer is gay and loves men twice his age even though he's married to a woman and waxes nostalgic in the magazine about his 10-day-long bachelor party.

Great, hi-res pix to follow...

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Don't Make A Federal Case Out Of It Comments (3)

Next Issue 19.12 - Sep 16
Dustin Lance Black tells Next that he doesn't believe his J. Edgar Hoover biopic J. Edgar was degayed by Clint Eastwood:

"Clint and the studio never cut or changed a word, they never had a note about it. Clint said some things that were so incredibly moving that he understood the struggle young gays go through today. If anything, Clint made it even more human and universal."

Even more interesting is his response when asked who he'd like to attend the upcoming staged reading of his Proposition 8 play 8:

"Who would I love to have in the audience?" he muses. "If anyone could be there and really listen, I would give my left arm to have President Obama sitting front and center. To see what it is we’re fighting for, and why it’s important something be done about itnow. And Marcus Bachmann. It’s time he see that it’s okay to be gay. I mean that for the kids he’s supposedly helping and for himself. President Obama and Bachmann in the front row. What more do I need?"

One more shot of the increasingly muscly Black after the jump...

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