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Dec 11 2013
Need To Know: Ice King, Greeting Raul, Shoe-icidal Tendencies, There Goes My ROSEMARY'S BABY + MORE! Comments (0)

Blake-SkjellerupGood sport.

*widget boy cultureBlake Skjellerup glides onto the cover of Bello (December 2013).

*widget boy cultureFAKE OUTRAGE: Haters POed at Obama for selfie, Raul Castro handshake. Yawn.

*widget boy cultureDumb, bigoted, anti-gay baker feels his rights have been compromised.

*widget boy cultureDon't try shoe-icide...nobody gives a damn.

*widget boy cultureI'M RUBBER, YOU'RE GLUE: Racy condom commercial pulls out all the stops.

*widget boy cultureCan Megan Mulally save Sean Saves the World?

*widget boy cultureGeorge H.W. Bush is the third U.S. president on Twitter.

*widget boy cultureAnother fake GF for Taylor Lautner.

*widget boy cultureBETTER THE DEVIL YOU KNOW: Now NBC is remaking Rosemary's Baby.

Tumblr_lflvnenclB1qf7r5lo1_500It's the Me(phistopheles) Generation.

Jul 10 2013
Need To Know: Water Pole, Palin's Plans, The (Gay) Wedding March + MORE Comments (0)

Rugby-speedoFrankly, if my name were Benjamin...

*widget boy cultureRugby dudes + Speedos is like p.b. and chocolate. Mmm-mmm.

*widget boy cultureHasselbeck's last day on The View is today! (Off to Fox & Friends.)

*widget boy cultureHow does "Sen. Palin (R-Alaska)" sound?

*widget boy cultureThe new anti-marriage law in Indiana that wasn't.

*widget boy cultureNext marriage targets: HI, OR, NJ & IL.

*widget boy culture2 mos. in, gay divorces already happening in CO.

*widget boy culturePA marriage ban challenged.

*widget boy culture!@#$!: VA guv's son arrested for booze and...swearing?

*widget boy cultureMichelle Duggar refers to abortion as "baby Holocaust."

*widget boy culture"Is Madonna still selling sex? I sort of think she is."—Neil Tennant

*widget boy cultureWorking out with Madonna:

May 19 2013
Need To Know: Tyson's A Knock-Out, Romney Sniffs At Obama, France's Final Oui To Marriage + MORE Comments (0)

Tyson-BallouHot Ballou

*widget boy cultureTyson Ballou is summer-ready.

*widget boy cultureBROKEN NEWS: Phylllis Diller celebrating Barbra Streisand in 2001.

*widget boy cultureMitt Romney not a fan of Barack Obama's. (Who cares?)

*widget boy cultureColorado Republican storms away angrily from Aurora victim's dad.

*widget boy cultureMarriage equality in France is a done deal.

*widget boy cultureCannes shooter: "It really appears to be a crazy guy." 

*widget boy cultureCatholic loon Bill Donhue jumps on the IRS wahhh!mbulance.

*widget boy cultureJason Bateman & Will Arnett give 'em something' to talk about:

Jason-BatemanAn arresting development.

May 15 2013
Need To Know: Mr. Brice Guy, Restaurant-Owner Villains Made To Order, He's All Tatt + MORE Comments (0)

Peter_calandra1Via Sticky (Work Unfriendly): Actor Peter Calandra was born to be interviewed...and viewed.

*widget boy cultureAll that (see above) and one of his fave movies is Funny Girl, too? (Work Unfriendly) Alex-Minsky

*widget boy cultureMichael Stokes shoots Alex Minsky.

*widget boy cultureAnd you thought your bosses were assholes?

*widget boy cultureBrazilian judges rule in favor of marriage equality.

*widget boy cultureShelter dogs and cats are Colorado's official state pets.

*widget boy cultureMichele Bachmann more insane than previously thought.

*widget boy cultureHANDS OFF HARRY HAMLIN, PEOPLE!

*widget boy cultureNatalie Maines is back with "Without You."

*widget boy culture"Democrats worship abortion." Oh, my D&C!

*widget boy cultureA sad day for drunk drivers.

*widget boy cultureJames Franco in As I Lay Dying:

May 02 2013
Need To Know: Grand Theft Auto—Cher Version, Hot Jocks, Doubling Up + MORE Comments (0)

*widget boy cultureCher stole a car. Above, check out her mug shot!

*widget boy cultureJason Collins gets Twitter death threats from losers.

*widget boy cultureHottest men of the NHL.

*widget boy cultureWhat makes Ryan Lochte smile?

*widget boy culturePros planning for more out gay athletes.

*widget boy cultureNational Gay & Lesbian Sports Hall of Fame launched.

*widget boy cultureSame-sex nuptials at midnight in Colorado.

*widget boy cultureMiley Cyrus quasi-denies break-up, quasi-bares booty.

*widget boy cultureA League of Their Own...the musical!

*widget boy cultureCOMMUNITY RESOURCE: NYC Up & Out.

*widget boy cultureB-T-S Terry Richardson POPwater shoot images here, here, here.

*widget boy cultureCute French twink's Lo-NRG "Holiday."

*widget boy cultureMarina and the Diamonds + Charli  XCX: "Just Desserts."

*widget boy cultureWork out Teen Wolf-style with the twins:


Feb 28 2013
Need To Know: Papi Perez, Give A Dogg A Bone, How Soon They Forget + MORE Comments (4)

Perez-hilton-and-son-child-father-birth-announcement(1)__oPtNo kidding

*widget boy culturePerez Hilton is now a papi.

*widget boy cultureSnoop Dogg's son goes naked. (Remember, I like it ruff.) Corde-Snoop-Dogg-Van-Cliburn

*widget boy cultureMan kills mysterious sea creature in NJ.

*widget boy cultureI hope whoever did the Oscars' memorial list dies.

*widget boy cultureLike me on Facebook, boo.

*widget boy cultureRare Madonna interview from '85.

*widget boy cultureGuns for Beyoncé tickets?

*widget boy cultureBeyoncé's gross sneakers made of every zoo animal.

*widget boy culturePhoenix bans gay bias following 5-hour bile-fest.

*widget boy cultureCloseted gay pianist Van Cliburn dies at 78.

*widget boy cultureTeen actor comes out...as a straight guy.

*widget boy cultureMarilyn Musgrave still a bigot.

*widget boy cultureOver Exit Out, a film about gay suicide.

*widget boy cultureDemi Lovato is at risk for a "Heart Att-a-a-a-a-a-ack":

Nov 07 2012
Need To Know: Forward Comments (0)

Barack-Obama-hair-flag-ladyThe lady with the flag in her hair was a scene-stealer. Aretha wants one NOW.

Widget boy culturePresident Barack Obama's instant-classic 2 a.m. victory speech.

Widget boy cultureWhy his win is, in fact, a mandate.

Widget boy cultureMitt Romney's brief but conciliatory concession. Tammy-Baldwin

Widget boy cultureTammy Baldwin's powerful victory speech.

Widget boy cultureTommy Thompson's deflated concession speech.

Widget boy cultureElizabeth Warren's exhilarated victory speech.

Widget boy cultureScott Brown's defensive concession speech.

Widget boy cultureClaire McCaskill's against-all-odds victory speech.

Widget boy cultureTodd Akin's must-see revolting cunt-cession speech. Barack-Obama-Michelle

Widget boy cultureHeidi Heitkamp (D) narrowly defeats Rick Berg (R) in ND.

Widget boy cultureJon Tester (D) looks set to beat Denny Rehberg (R) in MT.

Widget boy cultureGabby Giffords' aide slightly behind in race to succeed her in AZ.

Widget boy cultureOpenly gay Richard Tisei (R) loses to John Tierney (D) in MA.

Widget boy cultureMichele Bachmann (RX100) beats Jim Graves (D) in MN...barely.

Widget boy cultureAllen West (RX1,000) probably loses to Patrick Murphy (D) in FL...barely.

Widget boy cultureJeff Flake (R) defeats Richard Carmona (D) in AZ.

Widget boy cultureSenate will have highest % of females ever...at 18%.

Widget boy cultureGA won by Romney, but by less than 8%. Swing state '16.

Widget boy cultureAll four marriage-equality votes favored the good guys.

Widget boy cultureOH newswoman has zero integrity, sick of talking about it.

Widget boy cultureGOProud not only stupid, but also bitter.

Widget boy cultureBrian Williams on Trump: "Driven well past the last exit to relevance."

Drunk-Diane-Sawyer"Hey, guysh...if you wanna hear shum shtuff, I'll tell yas shum Nixshun shtuff...whee!"

Widget boy cultureProjection: Diane Sawyer is sleeping it off right now.

Widget boy cultureCO, WA & MA chillax on the pot issue.

Widget boy cultureL.A.: Porn performers must wear condoms. MADONNA STRIPS OBAMA

Widget boy cultureMadonna thrills at news of Obama's victory. Strips.

Widget boy cultureOther stars react to President Obama's big win.

Widget boy cultureKarl Rove refuses to accept reality. Worked in '00. Not this time.

Karl-Rove-OhioThis turd has blossomed

Oct 07 2012
Nothing's Indestructible (But Panicking Is For Losers) Comments (0)
Big Bird

With Big Bird continuing to dominate as the primary takeaway from the first presidential debate—along with "Fuck, Romney was stellar and Obama was not!"—the Democrats are on the offensive this morning on the Sunday talk shows, pegging Romney's performance as "fundamentally dishonest."

Polling has shown that Romney had at least two fantastic polling days after the debate, reflecting the good he did for himself in those 90 minutes.

The good news: The first post-debate poll of Colorado has Obama still ahead by four and some of the daily trackers have shown a dissipation of Romney's bump.

I think it's undebateable that Romney scored with his balls-out debate performance, and that it helped him. I think it's undebateable that Romney could feasibly win this election. I also think it's undebateable that too many Democrats out there (including whatever Andrew Sullivan is) have glass jaws and love to wring their hands. I know this because I see it, I know this because I sometimes privately do it. But it's stupid, it's illogical and it's manifest destiny. Take that energy and funnel it into anger that Romney lied during the debate (lies that have been documented in the media steadily over the past several days), funnel it into volunteering to help, funnel it into reassuring wavering voters that the president has a plan and Romney does not and funnel it into helping to get the word out—we need this president to have a second term, and denying him that would constitute turning back to the Bush years right when our economy is showing real signs of improvement.

Sep 26 2012
Rules Of Engagement Comments (0)
Brian Edwards and Tom Privitere were thrilled with this sweet engagement photo taken by Kristina Hill, but were less so when they discovered it had been Web-jacked and used by hate group Public Advocate of the United States in an attack ad against an equality-friendly state senator in Colorado. Instead of getting mad, they're suing. And more power to them—let's hope they drain this grotesque anti-gay group's coffers.
Sep 24 2012
That'll Learn Ya! Comments (1)
Mitt Romney teacher
Mitt Romney was a total dick to this Colorado teacher, perhaps unsurprisingly. But to hear that he lectured her about unions and swatted down her attempt to provide an answer ("I didn't ask you a question.") is infuriating and, as always, comes off as imperious.