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Jan 24 2009
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I think Eric Nies looks as good now as he did back in the day, even with the extra hair on his head and especially because of the extra hair elsewhere.
Jan 08 2009
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I was never much of a fan of Billy Hufsey, Jeremy Jackson or Jamie Walters, but I lusted after Christopher Atkins, Adrian Zmed, David Chokachi and Eric Nies—and everything old is new again—so I am intrigued by the sleazy reality show Confessions Of A Teen Idol on VH1.

It's a great concept—it would be an even greater execution were the idols truly former stars as opposed to former almost-stars. But producers Scott Baio (stupid Republican who was always very ugly except when in a Battle Of The Network Stars Speedo) and Jason Hervey (even uglier, from The Wonder Years) had to settle for the cutest of the formerly cute and the most desperate of the formerly desperately sought.

In honor of this experiment in he-miliation, here are some of the guys' best shots from years (and decades...actually, most are from the last century) past:

Adrian Zmed, then and now (about to turn 55)

As far as I know, he's still working fairly steadily—he's probably the most successful of the bunch. I definitely noticed him a lot back in the day. Dark and handsome and soaking up attention is how I like them, and cheesy as hell can be sexy:

Adrian on the left, Dynasty's John James on the right.

Remember this???

Grease was the word.

TJ Hooker was so long ago even Shatner looked bangable.

Cropped and extremely questionable early nude of "Adrian."

Christopher Atkins then and now (soon to be 48).

I was coming of age when Blue Lagoon hit, and it was so filthy-dirty in a "what? it's just nude kids!" way that it blew my freakin' mind. I remember seeing stills of it in clandestinely obtained copies of Playboy and being mesmerized by Chris, who still looks okay:

0dbddf2e3cede1e5ad451dcc1da13f6fChris posed for Playgirl, and a full nude is out there (just not on this site).

174447This is called an "I'd love to give you-" headshot.

Tons more sexy after the jump...

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