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Dec 16 2012
Need To Know: Sandy Hook Massacre Comments (6)

Girl-loves-dog-with-three-legsThree-legged grace

Widget boy cultureFirst, amazing signs that not all human beings are wicked.

Widget boy cultureShooter's mom a gun nut who regularly took him to the range.

Widget boy cultureAdam Lanza didn't experience pain normally.

Widget boy cultureHartford Courant's exhaustive CT shooting story.

Widget boy cultureDemocrats will introduce assault-weapons ban.

Widget boy cultureNRA's new media goes quiet...to stifle celebration?

Widget boy culturePiers Morgan is right on gun control.

Widget boy cultureSen. Lieberman (D-CT) wants anti-violence commission.

Widget boy cultureGun Owners of America: More guns in schools.

GunsPoint-blank: The U.S. needs more, not less, gun control

Nov 07 2012
Need To Know: Electoral College Edition Comments (5)

Obama_Oct_2010"Chill out—he had this!"

Widget boy cultureLesbian Tammy Baldwin (D) beats out Tommy Thompson (R) in WI.

Widget boy cultureOut former Clinton staffer Sean Patrick Maloney (D) beats Nan Hayworth (R) in NY.

Widget boy cultureMaine to marriage equality: We do! (MD: Us, too!)

Widget boy cultureClaire McCaskill (D) shuts down Todd Akin (Rape) in MO. Elizabeth-Warren

Widget boy cultureElizabeth Warren (D) unseats Scott Brown (R) in MA.

Widget boy cultureKirsten Gillibrand (D) easily wins a full term in NY.

Widget boy cultureSherrod Brown (D) wins vs. unspeakable douchebag in OH.

Widget boy cultureLinda McMahon (R) pinned by Chris Murphy (D) in CT.

Widget boy cultureJoe Donnelly (D) aborts Richard Mourdock (R) in IN.

Widget boy cultureTim Kaine (D) trounces George "Macaca" Allen in VA. Tammy_Baldwin

Widget boy cultureBill Nelson (D) strikes out Connie Mack (R) in FL.

Widget boy cultureBill Casey (D) wins—no clever verbiage—vs. Tom Smith (R) in PA.

Widget boy cultureIn MA, Kennedy (D) scores Barney Frank's seat. (Stop it.)

Widget boy cultureTammy Duckworth (D) vanquishes deadbeat dad Joe Walsh (R) in IL.

Widget boy cultureMazie Hirono (D) defeats ex-guv Linda Lingle (R) in HI.

Widget boy cultureRedskins game that predicted Obama loss was botched by ref.

Widget boy cultureBill O'Reilly thinks all O voters are freeloaders.

Widget boy cultureGOP to hold onto the House of Representatives.

Widget boy cultureKarl Rove literally thinks he owns FOX News.

Widget boy cultureDonald Trump should be arrested for treason. For real.

Widget boy cultureAnd finally, Sarah Palin looks HIDEOUS:

Sarah-PalinVia Perez.

Nov 05 2012
Need To Know Comments (1)

Christina-Aguilera-Lotus"Lotus" blossoms

Widget boy cultureMore of Christina Aguilera's album is previewed.

Widget boy cultureLady Gaga brags on her perfume's success.

Widget boy cultureMadonna on Gaga: "I invited her to sing with me on stage—she turned me down." Cheyenne-Jackson-shirtless-Performers

Widget boy cultureCheyenne Jackson flaunts skin in his new show.

Widget boy cultureSarah Palin endorses Romney/Ryan—36 hours out.

Widget boy cultureEx-NJ Gov. Whitman: FL voting mess "inexcusable."

Widget boy cultureJohn McCain strategist: Voter fraud is Republican "mythology."

Widget boy cultureNice Knockers: Linda McMahon is one desperate Republican.

Widget boy cultureRomney's anti-factual pollster leaks fantasy internals.

Widget boy cultureFinal ABC/WaPo poll = 50 (0) - 47 (R) : Undecideds breaking for Obama.

Widget boy culturePresident Obama responds to daughter of gay dads:

LgbtWhat's the difference?

Sep 20 2010
Money Can't Buy You Happiness, But It Can Buy You A Senate Seat Comments (1)

I'm sick of Linda McMahon's ads, too...and I'm not even a Connecticut resident! She's got mad wrestling dough so she carpet-bombs the entire East Coast with ads about what a nice person she is. When will people get it? Republicans are pro-business. Period. As businesses have made money in recent times, they are not hiring new people as they used to, they are laying people off. Elect Republicans and you're laying yourself off. Unless you're upper management, in which case I hope you're on board with their social agenda or that your baskets of money will help you tolerate it.


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