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Oct 04 2011
Romney v. Romney Comments (1)

Mitt Romney now kowtows to the right by claiming he would support a Constitutional amendment stating that life begins at conception even though when he ran for the Senate in Massachusetts in '94 he was giving unabashed support to Roe v. Wade. "You won't see me wavering on that." Uh, yeah, right.

Once the right gets over its polygamous lust for a series of nutjobs (Bachmann's up! No, Trump! No, Perry! Now Cain!), it will settle on this hack, thinking him the best bet vs. Obama. And right now, he looks like the best bet vs. Obama. But he won't look like a good bet once it's one-on-one.

Nov 13 2010
Supreme Court Injustice Comments (10)

PreviewScreenSnapz001Give these guys a reality show as roommates

Supreme Court Justice Breyer and Supreme Court Injustice Scalia engaged in a public debate over the Constitution that yielded this illuminating exchange regarding the intent of legislators when making a law before the Court:

Scalia: "I don't at all look to what I think the legislature thought. I frankly don't care what the legislature thought."

Breyer: "That's the problem."

Spectators: [Thunderous laughter]

If that doesn't underscore the idiocy of Constitutional constructionists, how about the fact that Scalia argues that there isn't even any room to argue whether capital punishment is unconstitutional "cruel and unusual punishment" simply because at time "cruel and unusual" was crafted, capital punishment was the norm. Breyer pointed out that people were still being flogged nearly to death at whipping posts in the U.S. at the same time, something (almost!) nobody would be okay with today...

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