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Mar 08 2016
WIN IT: New Gay Horror Comedy YOU'RE KILLING ME On DVD! Comments (0)

YKM PROFILE PIC 2Matthew McKelligon's performance is said to be killer. (Image via Wolfe Video)

Coming to Wolfe Video today is You're Killing Me, a witty gay horror flick starring two out leading men, Jeffery Self and Matthew McKelligon.

I've got 5 DVDs to give away!

To enter, comment this blog with your favorite horror movie of all time. I'll pick 1 of you at random to win 1 week from tonight at 5 p.m. ET. (U.S. only)


From a press release:

George (Jeffery Self), a narcissistic wannabe internet star, starts dating Joe (Matthew McKelligon), a monotone serial killer. While all of George's friends agree that Joe seems a bit strange, George claims his new beau "isn't scary, he's gorgeous." But as George's friends start to disappear, the remaining group decides to take matters into their own hands.

Directed by Jim Hansen, creator of the viral video smash series The Chloe Videos, this gay mixture of Dexter and Gilmore Girls blends witty banter, pop culture references and good old-fashioned murder. You're Killing Me employs humor, camp, and razor sharp wit to tell a morality tale about self-obsession and our growing disconnection with the world around us. After sold out festival screenings and critical acclaim last year, the film is now available to nationwide audiences.

Starring popular gay actor Matthew McKelligon (Interior. Leather. Bar., Eastsiders, and My Sweet Suicide), Jeffery Self (Logo's Jeffery & Cole Casserole), Drew Droege (The Chloe Videos), Mindy Cohn (The Secret Life of the American Teenager), and Edi Patterson (Blackish, Partners).

Keep reading for the trailer ...

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Feb 22 2016
WIN IT: Massive Modus Vivendi Coupon! Comments (0)


Modus Vivendi is giving away a HUGE coupon to 5 lucky winners from among their newsletter subscribers.

Subscribe now through March 15 to enter!

Feb 18 2016
WIN IT: Audible Audio Book Of My Memoir STARF*CKER! Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2016-02-18 at 12.15.13 PM

As I wrote earlier this month, my book Starf*cker is now available as an audio book.

To enter to win a code to get a free download, just comment this blog post with your favorite thing about my blog, Boy Culture—can be anything!

I'll pick 1 of you a random to win 1 week from today at 5 p.m. ET. Thank you all for participating!

TURNING THE TABLES With RHONJ's Teresa Giudice: Inside Her Book-Launch Party Comments (0)

IMG_5101The signs were all there. (All images in this post by Matthew Rettenmund)

Why did I go to Teresa Giudice's launch party for her book with K.C. Baker, Turning the Tables (Gallery Books)? Well, because I was invited, of course!

IMG_5055The Real Housewives of the East Coast

The venue, 49 Grove in the Village, was jam-packed with well wishers and other Italians. There were lots of Housewives and very few housewives running around, and rumor had it that there were several top-secret new Housewives, too. I missed them, being very bad at differentiating between glamorously styled woman in sheer LBDs.

IMG_5084Half the men in the room were named Joe.

The first noteworthy name to arrive was RHONY's Dorinda Medley, with her controversial beau John Mahdessian. She's stunning in person, looking like a million bucks. She was totally approachable.

IMG_5043I think it's definitely an option for her to do a book called Selfies with Gay Guys

IMG_5066Jackie Hoffman, a Real Housewife of Broadway. Andy Cohen was there for a hot minute, but eluded my lens.

When Giudice and her hubby arrived, the Gorgas close behind, the room swelled and it got a whole lot harder to move freely, an issue she dealt with when she was behind bars for over a year, the subject of her book. She seemed a little dazed to be faced with so much support, but had no time to decompress, making a beeline for a series of TV interviews in the back.

IMG_5110Giudice (whose boobs looked like they were under minimum security) with publisher Jennifer Bergstrom

IMG_5089Having the last laugh

IMG_5121“So close,” she observed of my camera, but she could've been talking about her relationship.

Without much fuss, I was able to get posed pictures of the most recognizable Housewives, then got a tip that led me to be right in front of Giudice as she gave a short speech (during which she got choked up) about her fans, how the book came about and the love she has for husband Joe, who will soon go off to prison himself.

IMG_5026Bitch, please—that's famous doggie Tinkerbelle.

Fun time, and things are looking up for Giudice—her book is a #2 bestseller after one week on the shelves.


Win a copy of Turning the Tables by Teresa Giudice with K.C. Baker! Enter by commenting this post with your choice for your favorite Housewife from any show in the series. I'll pick 1 of you at random to win 1 week from tonight at 5 p.m. ET. Good luck! (Offer good in the U.S. only.)

Feb 10 2016
WIN IT: THE DANISH GIRL Blu-rays Comments (0)


Here's your chance to win a Blu-ray of The Danish Girl, which releases March 1. To enter, comment this post with your favorite trans character of all time. I'll pick 5 of you at random to win 1 week from tonight at 5 p.m. ET (U.S. winners only). Good luck!

From a press release:

The recipient of 4 Academy Award nominations, The Danish Girl tells remarkable love story inspired by the lives of Lili Elbe and Gerda Wegener (portrayed by Academy Award winner and current nominee Eddie Redmayne and Academy Award nominee Alicia Vikander, respectively, and directed by Academy Award winner Tom Hooper). Lili and Gerda's marriage and work evolve as they navigate Lili's groundbreaking journey as a transgender pioneer.

Feb 08 2016


Here's your chance to win the funny new movie Portrait of a Serial Monogamist from Wolfe Video!

To enter (U.S. only), comment this post with your favorite lesbian-themed movie of all time. I'll pick 5 of you at random 1 week from tonight at 5 p.m. ET. Good luck!

From a press release:

Smart, successful, and charming, Elsie is a fortysomething Toronto TV producer who is the nice Jewish girl your mother warned you about: the self-proclaimed serial monogamist who seems to have slept with everyone in town. When Elsie breaks up with her long-term girlfriend, her friends challenge her to stay single for five months. When gorgeous DJ Lolli enters her life, things get complicated as Elsie faces her mother's disapproval, conflicting advice from friends, and the nagging suspicion that she may have made a big mistake.

With biting asides and street-smart comedic timing, Emmy-nominated actress / writer Diane Flacks (Kids In The Hall) proves a sexy and magnetic leading lady, demonstrating to audiences why girls keep risking their sanity for a woman all too happy to steal kisses and break hearts. Made by and starring top performers and talents of Toronto's vibrant comedy scene, the ensemble cast also includes Vag Halen lead singer/actress Vanessa Dunn as Lolli, Carolyn Taylor (Queer as Folk) and and a scene stealing supporting role from comedian Sabrina Jalees (writer on NBC's upcoming sitcom Crowded!). Co-directors / writers Christina Zeidler and John Mitchell have created an assured and fresh comedic feature film debut.

Set in the bohemian Parkdale neighborhood in Toronto, PORTRAIT OF A SERIAL MONOGAMIST invites audiences to peek behind the curtain into a world of smart, funny and relatable queer characters, dealing with the universal complications of modern relationships.

The film debuts February 9 across all digital platforms, including iTunes, Vimeo On Demand, and, and will also be available same date on DVD via Wolfe Video and many major retailers. Also playing theatrically in Los Angeles at the Arena Cinema starting January 22.

Keep reading to watch the trailer ...

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Feb 01 2016


Win the new movie How to Win at Checkers (Every Time) by Josh Kim from Wolfe Video on DVD!

To enter (U.S. only), just comment this post with your choice for your favorite movie or TV show about siblings. I'll pick 5 of you at random to win 1 week from tonight at 5 p.m. ET. Good luck!

From a press release:

Superstar Thai actor-model Toni Rakkaen headlines this striking debut feature from Korean-American writer-director Josh Kim. As the now grown Oat, he recalls his childhood experience of trying to rescue his gay older brother Ek from being drafted into military service. As Ek grapples with the gritty realities of life in Bangkok - working at a bar for male hustlers and sex-workers - he has also found love with his more privileged boyfriend Jai. When the moment of truth arrives with the draft lottery these 21-year-olds must draw either a black or a red slip to possibly be conscripted into the armed forces. Who will be sent off to the service and who will get to stay home?

Told with an nuanced detail from the younger brother's point of view, this drama takes a refreshingly unadorned and impartial look at an essentially loving environment where social conditions are governed by corruption and false ideals. Based on the stories from the bestselling book Sightseeing by Rattawut Lapcharoensap, the film unfolds as a riveting dramatic portrayal of poverty and privilege, corruption and the compromises of growing up in contemporary Thailand.

HOW TO WIN AT CHECKERS (EVERY TIME) also features stellar performances from Ingkarat "Ryu" Damrongsakkulas as the 11 year-old Oat and Natarat Lakha "Nut" as irrepressible trans woman Kitty. The film is writer/director Josh Kim's debut feature film, and was produced by Hollywood veteran Chris Lee (Superman Returns, SWAT, Valkryie), Edward Gunawan, and Anocha Suwichakornpong.

The film debuts February 2 across all digital platforms, including iTunes, Vimeo On Demand, and, and will also be available same date on DVD via Wolfe Video and many major retailers.

Keep reading to watch the trailer ...

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Jan 06 2016
WIN IT: Romantic New Film NAZ & MAALIK Comments (0)


Here's your chance to win a copy of Naz & Maalik (Wolfe Video), a new film written and directed by Jay Dockendorf.

To enter (U.S. only), just comment this post with your favorite movie  that contains an LGBT love story. I'll pick 5 of you at random to win 1 week from tonight at 5 p.m. ET. Good luck!

From a press release:

African-American, Muslim teenagers NAZ & MAALIK are best friends, classmates, and lovers. As the two closeted teens go about their regular daily routine on a Friday afternoon in Brooklyn - from visiting their local Mosque to selling lotto tickets on the streets - they arouse the suspicions of an undercover FBI agent who begins to track them. This complicated tale of race, religion, sexuality, and undercover surveillance is an original look into the lives of an underrepresented community, and what it means to be young and disenfranchised in New York City. Inspired by writer-director Jay Dockendorf's interviews with Muslims - including closeted gays - who experienced FBI surveillance in New York after 9/11.

Inspired by true events, NAZ & MAALIK deftly explores issues of government surveillance of Muslims, the tense relationship between black men and police, sexuality, and Brooklyn's increasing gentrification. This drama is a day in the life look at the unique experience of being young, gay, black and Muslim in Brooklyn. Anchored by award-winning, naturalistic lead performances from Kerwin Johnson, Jr. and Curtiss Cook, Jr., Indiewire said the film is 'intimate, authentic, and feels decidedly relevant in today's current context.'

Naz & Maalik will be available January 26 on DVD via Wolfe Video and many major retailers, and also on VOD via and additional digital platforms. The film is also playing theatrically in NYC at Cinema Village starting Friday, January 22.

Watch the trailer after the jump ...

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