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Dec 28 2012
Control Freak-Out Comments (1)

Us (January 7, 2013) leads its new issue with this story about how Kim Kardashian is threatening to leave Instagram over their new policy that they can sell users' images.

Apparently, Instagram is backing down over user outrage. But what I found interesting was that Us itself published a bunch of her photos from Instagram and credited them to "Kim Kardashian." I doubt they asked permission. Magazines using images from social media usually credit the platform and leave it at that. Either way, no public figure would get anywhere suing over the printing of images he or she posted publicly.

Just an interesting copyright issue to me.

Nov 27 2012
Need To Know Comments (2)

Lindsay-Lohan-Liz-and-Dick-vodkaLa Lindz as La Liz swills Vodka-brand vodka

Widget boy cultureCharlie Sheen gave Lindsay Lohan $100K for taxes.

Widget boy cultureAngus T. Jones's mom: Religious rant shows he's being exploited.

Widget boy cultureFacebook policy-change hysteria. Rob-Johnson

Widget boy cultureRob Johnson looks ah-mazing shirtless.

Widget boy cultureThe Shining: The Musical exists.

Widget boy cultureHipsters pre-date Christ?

Widget boy cultureJenny Johnson wins Twitter feud with Chris Brown.

Widget boy cultureRachel Maddow to Doonesbury.

Widget boy cultureMeet David Guetta in Ibiza, girl!

Widget boy cultureGay dad makes electoral history.

Widget boy cultureMug shot extortion could lead to more mug shots.

Widget boy cultureRicky Martin: Adios to Evita.

Widget boy cultureVarious bloggers (him & him) were wrong about "Elmo."

Widget boy cultureFOX News guest calls network "wing of the Republican Party."

Widget boy cultureUganda to condemn its LGBT and LGBT-friendly citizens?

Ugandan_gay_rights_012711-thumb-640xauto-2101-thumb-640xauto-3091-624x390From the producers of Idi Amin...

Nov 19 2012
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Ann-Miller-Judy-Garland-Liza-Minnelli-hoarderListen, Darling...you need help!

Widget boy cultureHoarder Ann Miller receives a posthumous intervention.

Widget boy cultureBeing ex-gay can be murder.

Widget boy cultureAnti-gay NH lawyer arrested for child porn while in court.

Widget boy cultureKevin "Elmo" Clash's accuser says he lied about lying.

Widget boy cultureP!nk's latest acrobatic wonder.

Widget boy cultureSen. Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) to Romney: "Stop digging." Chinese-grandfather-models-tween-clothes

Widget boy cultureGlee's Dean Geyer for Bello.

Widget boy cultureAlaskan newbie (age 23) leading longtime incumbent by 28 votes.

Widget boy cultureChinese grandpa models tween clothes, goes viral.

Widget boy cultureWhen "public domain" isn't the end of the story.

Widget boy cultureBlond...James Blond: Daniel Craig with long hair

Widget boy cultureThe Beckhams' kid has a future as a cheerleader.

Widget boy cultureForty-year-old gay-recruitment poster art.

GAY-try-itSeventies ad: I'd like to buy the world a cock...

Oct 22 2012
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John Barrowman ArrowJohn be Arrow man

Widget boy cultureJohn Barrowman isn't straight, is in Arrow.

Widget boy cultureRussia's war on gays intensifies.

Widget boy cultureChris Brown's war on gays intensifies.

Harry McFly shirtlessWidget boy cultureMcFly's Harry Judd is fit/to be tied.

Widget boy culturePeople are interested in Paul Ryan's stats.

Widget boy cultureAdele gives birth to a boy.

Widget boy cultureMitt Romney continues plagiarizing Friday Night Lights.

Widget boy cultureOut singer Jonny unleashes a "Gay [sic] Canon".

Widget boy cultureBest blind, lesbian opera singer story  you'll read today!

Widget boy cultureAthletes are often hawt.

Widget boy cultureSuffolk thinks Ohio is tied, but previously ceded Florida, Virginia and North Carolina to Romney outright.

SUFFOLKPoll cats: Suffolk sounds like it's in the tank for Romney/Ryan

Sep 28 2012
An Offer She Can't Refuse Comments (3)

Marlon Brando"$tella!

Copyright is an issue that never fails to engage me, partly because it's intricately interwoven in nearly everything I do as a blogger and as a writer (from opposite sides!), and partly because—like obscenity—it's an incredibly vague aspect of American law capable of engendering many different, nuanced interpretations.

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Sep 26 2012
Rules Of Engagement Comments (0)
Brian Edwards and Tom Privitere were thrilled with this sweet engagement photo taken by Kristina Hill, but were less so when they discovered it had been Web-jacked and used by hate group Public Advocate of the United States in an attack ad against an equality-friendly state senator in Colorado. Instead of getting mad, they're suing. And more power to them—let's hope they drain this grotesque anti-gay group's coffers.
Jul 12 2011
I Love Our Work! Comments (1)


UPDATE: Now apologize for the solution, dude.

My pal Simon Dumenco took on HuffingtonPost for its aggressive aggregation—paraphrasing his entire article with an unappealing, and demonstrably unsuccessful, link at the end—and won: HuffPo flatly accepted the criticism and suspended the writer behind the post.

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Jun 05 2011
I Was A Teenage Homosexual Comments (12)

While away, I was asked to remove an image of Colton Haynes—now starring in MTV's Teen Wolf—from my blog as it is copyrighted by someone else. This request did not Colton-thumb-300x199-18479 come from the rights holder directly. In fact, I have no way of knowing if the true rights holder made the request or not. Instead, an entity appealed to TypePad (my blogging platform), and TypePad made the decision it was legit.

I'm suspicious, however, in that Haynes's legal eagles have been systematically having homo-erotic images of him—for which he posed willingly at age 18 for xy Magazine—stripped from the 'Net.

Isn't it more likely his lawyers made the complaint? (Or perhaps they bought out the photographer?)

At any rate, running the images could easily be argued as fair use in that the one I posted was to illustrate the possibility that he was running from the images while trying to launch his acting career.

I would love to find out exactly what happened with this and who made the request.