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Oct 17 2013
The Tea Party's Over Comments (0)

Cory-BookerCory is NJ's cup of tea.

Now that Cory Booker is Sen. Cory Booker (D-New Jersey), we can relax...until he faces a re-election battle in a year.

Until then, let's enjoy what an anti-social tool his Tea Party (gee, that identification probably hurt) opponent Steve Lonegan is. Check out how he reacted when his own wife tried to console him during his concession speech...

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Oct 14 2013
Need To Know: Louganis Takes The Plunge, Russian Bigotry On Parade, Kelly Girl, Unintelligent Design + MORE Comments (0)

*widget boy cultureBAND OF GOLD MEDAL: Greg Louganis is officially off the market. GBF_pic_03_3

*widget boy cultureGay-rights rally in St. Petersburg ends in violence.

*widget boy culture"And what do you look like? Like a woman." (Video.)

*widget boy cultureI'm not the only one who remembers Patsy Kelly.

*widget boy cultureG.B.F. is hilarious.

*widget boy cultureDavid Bromstad is idiotic.

*widget boy cultureNJ Senate candidate fires aide who said Booker is gay.

*widget boy cultureD.O.A.: Machete Kills murdered at the box office.

*widget boy cultureChanning Tatum is sought for a gay romantic comedy.

Channing-Tatum-11The object of our affection.

Jun 10 2013
Need To Know: Britain's Got Eggs, Rebel & Blue Take A Soak, Taking Pride + MORE Comments (0)

*widget boy cultureSimon Cowell egged on live TV over lip-synching, cynical music-biz influence.

*widget boy cultureMORE WOMAN THAN YOU CAN HANDLE: Hyperglam Rebel Wilson. Rs_293x390-130606160719-634.rebel_.ls_.6613

*widget boy cultureBeyoncé boils Blue Ivy like a potato.

*widget boy cultureSeptuagenarian Seymour Stein's role at WMG expands.

*widget boy cultureL.A. Pride opening, and why you shouldn't sniff at Pride.

*widget boy cultureThis right cheer remains an awesome dance song.

*widget boy cultureIs there a gay serial killer on the loose in Canada?

*widget boy cultureCory Booker is in: Running for Senate this year, not next.

CORY-BOOKERCory Booker hops into the race.

Nov 30 2012
Need To Know Comments (0)

Mormon-Kama-SutraWhen every position is the missionary position

Widget boy cultureThe Kama Sutra re-enacted by Mormon missionaries.

Widget boy cultureObama/Romney lunch meeting was hand-shaky. Pool-shirtless

Widget boy cultureHere are the polls that made Romney believe he'd win.

Widget boy culture"Greg" by Lionel Andre is hot and wet.

Widget boy cultureBrowns player Tank Carder goes unpunished for "fag" rant.

Widget boy cultureBritish man fighting 50-year-old criminal record for being gay.

Widget boy cultureKatie Holmes hits Broadway again.

Widget boy culture$pend the day with Lady Gaga.

Widget boy culturePerfect 10: Hot, free Madonna remixes.

Widget boy cultureTwilight's 18-year-old gym buff strips in a parking lot.

Widget boy cultureNJ Dems want Hillary in '16, prefer Christie as guv to two of their own kind.

Widget boy culture"The Middle Class Cats of Instagram." Purrrfect.

Cat-instagram-kitty-enhanced-buzz-3533-1353990844-0These pussies are a riot

Nov 02 2012
Need To Know Comments (1)

Sandy NYCUnbelievable

Widget boy cultureScenes from the ongoing disaster that is Sandy.

Widget boy cultureSandy's tallest hero.

Widget boy cultureBloomberg insists NYC Marathon will come off without a hitch. Benedict Cumberbatch

Widget boy cultureBenedict Cumberbatch goes gay.

Widget boy cultureAstronauts using Madonna's "Vogue" in space!

Widget boy culturePapa Joe Simpson will "never" come out.

Widget boy cultureRape apologist Mourdock's poll numbers crater.

Widget boy cultureFinal pre-election jobs report: Real momentum.

Widget boy cultureWhy 2012 is America's chance at an 1896 do-over. Truck tub

Widget boy cultureNothin' like a buddy-bath in the back of a truck.

Widget boy cultureStomach-turning gay bashing in Jamaica.

Widget boy cultureAd: Maryland vet's parents for equality.

Widget boy cultureJoy Behar doesn't get homocons.

Widget boy cultureGay voters definitely get President Obama.

Widget boy cultureStarbucks gets President Obama, too.

Widget boy cultureMitt Romney: Elect me or the economy gets it.

Widget boy cultureClinton/Booker in 2016! (I'm thinking Clinton/Castro.)

Widget boy cultureRomney/Sandy in 2012!

Widget boy cultureIf Obama calls...I'm here! I'm here!

Barack Obama Hillary ClintonThis begs for a Hillary text in reply


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