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Sep 16 2016
6-PACK — Football Me + Harlem Hate Church Love Story + Grinding PRINCE CHARMING + Hillary Calls Out Birther Trump + Masc = Misogyny? + Man Who Threatened Gays In Florida Indicted! Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2016-09-16 at 10.00.41 AM(Movie still via Lionsgate)

*widget boy cultureThe Russell Tovey gay football drama has a new trailer (AFTER THE JUMP) and it's hot-hot-hot.

*widget boy cultureNew romance set amidst the real-life grotesque dealings of the so-called “Harlem Hate Church.”

My-harlem-faces-square_ae0f0b70dcc998d4486b3a85ff472b47.nbcnews-ux-600-480(Image via

*widget boy cultureThey hate-watched every second of Finding Prince Charming so you don't have to!

*widget boy cultureDonald Trump led the birther movement, Hillary says. Trump lies, says Hillary started it. Because the media won't check:

*widget boy cultureAren't masc guys really just assholes?

*widget boy cultureHA-HA: Nutjob Craig Jungwirth, who allegedly made terroristic threats against fellow gays, indicted.

CraigJungwirth1-608x330(Video still via Joe.My.God./WESH2)

Keep reading for that Russell Tovey trailer ...

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Sep 15 2016
Nine Years Hard Time For Man Who Used Chair As Deadly Weapon In Gay-On-Gay Assault Comments (0)

Bayna Lekheim El-Amin, a gay man with 29 felonies under his belt, was sentenced to nine years in prison for his infamous, chair-shattering assault on a gay couple at the Chelsea Dallas BBQ in NYC in May 2015.

The assault was controversial because it followed a messy argument between the couple—one of whom started it—and El-Amin, and because El-Amin's reported use of anti-gay epithets caused the incident to initially be labeled a hate crime.

Once it became clear it was not a hate crime (it wasn't prosecuted as such), a number of commentators framed it as a case of white privilege—the victims are white—overlooking El-Amin's long track record of run-ins with the law, and also overlooking the fact that he decided to break a chair over the guys he'd been arguing with after the argument was over. 

From The Advocate:

Some observers agreed with El-Amin that he was a victim of racism. A widely shared social media post accused Snipes and York-Adams of exploiting white privilege, and many of the people attending the sentencing wore light blue armbands or headbands as a symbol of support for El-Amin, Gay City News notes. He also spoke at the hearing, describing his accusers as “drunk white men who felt they were entitled to swing on me.”

But the judge did not agree. “I know that you want to cast this, your supporters as well, as an issue about race,” Goldberg said. “I don’t see it that way. … When you picked up that chair, that was a criminal act that cannot be excused.”

It was a naked act of aggression that damn well could've paralyzed someone—or killed someone.

The couple in the attack are now broken up and one is no longer in the area. Neither attended the sentencing.

SCOTUS Justice Peter Thiel? Progressives & Young People Who Say MEH To Hillary Are Enabling Disaster Comments (0)

BwsPojaIUAEJ649(Image via Fortune)

I have a young friend—21—who is bright and thoughtful. He was a Bernie fan. Now, he is a fan of nothing at all and will not vote. One of his biggest reasons is that Bernie promised to get money out of politics, and then sold out to Hillary.

What boggles my mind about young, smart—but YOUNG—people is not the idealism or the preference or the personal distaste for any candidate in particular (I am shocked anyone wouldn't like Obama; I am not shocked anyone wouldn't like Hillary), but their comfort level at going from caring very much about something to caring not at all.

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Sep 06 2016
6-PACK — MMA Fighter For LGBTQ People + Trumping Clinton + Hillary Rips Trump A New One + Bear Essentials + FOX Pays For Roger Ailes's Abuse + Detox & Adore! Comments (0)

*widget boy cultureMMA's Nicolas Dalby sticks up for LGBTQ community at weigh-in.

*widget boy cultureNew (Labor Day Weekend) CNN poll puts Trump +2 on Hillary.

*widget boy cultureFresh Hillary ad savages Trump on veterans' issues:

*widget boy cultureIf you're a bear or love bears, THESE sneakers are for you.

*widget boy cultureFOX pays off Gretchen Carlson ($20M!), will apologize; Greta Von Susteren abruptly leaves, too. (Nobody touched me!!!)

*widget boy cultureDetox catches fan stealing. Adore Delano explains what happened when she left RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars

Sep 05 2016
Gotcha!: Man Who Threatened Pulse-Like Event Arrested, Charged Comments (0)

CrN2d3SWgAAza5t(Image via Towleroad)

This is what happens to pathetic losers who hide behind their keyboards making threats—they get arrested and charged with federal crimes. Let's hope Craig Jungwirth is off to prison for a good, long stretch.

Sep 02 2016
Surprisingly, Jared Fogle Isn't Very Nice Comments (0)
Sep 01 2016
Man Threatens Event Worse Than Pulse — Gets Off Scot-Free Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 9.57.42 AM(Video still via

Florida man Craig Jungwirth threatened to exterminate gays, threw around AIDS slurs—questioned & released!

Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 9.58.38 AM(Image via Twitter)

Jungwirth, who is said to be gay, was reportedly incensed when he bought the rights to a gay party night and received no support from the community.

Police can only say Jungwirth is not nearby, and after being questioned ... is not under arrest.

Aug 30 2016
Get Ready To Rumble Comments (0)

Hulk-hogan-shirt-tear-hulk-hogan-gifs(GIF via WWF)

Congrats, all of you who stubbornly focused on Gawker specifically when the rest of us were pointing out the chilling effect Thiel's persecution of a site he didn't like would have: Litigation start-up companies, where people with money can invest in lawsuits.

Gee, what could go wrong?