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Aug 04 2017
Martin Shkreli: Guilty Verdict Takes Him From Pharma Bro To Karma, Bro Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2017-08-04 at 5.30.46 PMMartin Shkreli, the smarmy 34-year-old douchebag who jacked up HIV-med prices and was accused of running his companies like a Ponzi scheme, has been found guilty on three of eight counts in his (unrelated) federal securities fraud trail.

Shkreli, facing 20 years in the slammer, is thought to be looking at far less, and bragged that he was delighted by the verdict. Keep reading for more ...

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6-PACK — Kidd Creole Accused Of Killing Man Over Flirting + Duggar Hubby Goes After Jazz Jennings + Gaga On Tour: LOVE EACH OTHER + Tom Wopat Accused + Spicer Can't Dance, Is No Friend Of Mine + NEWSWEEK Pans Lazy Trump! Comments (0)

Screen-shot-2017-08-04-at-10-11-820x430One of the legendary founders of the hip-hop form, who with Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five was among the first rappers inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, stands accused of knifing a homeless man to death in the middle of a busy NYC street because he became “infuriated” when he thought the guy was “hitting on him.”

He also claimed he feared the man would rob him. Keep reading for this and more of the day's hot links, about Lady Gaga, Jazz Jennings, Tom Wopat, Sean Spicer and more ...

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Aug 02 2017
6-PACK — Rentboy CEO Sentenced + Tom Of Finland's Men + NEWSIES Anniversary + Trans Patriotism + Built For Your Junk + Take Some Gay BABY STEPS! Comments (0)

Jeffreyhurant“The very thing that is illegal — there is no question it did a lot of good,” Judge Margo K. Brodie announced from the bench in Brooklyn. Nonetheless, she sentenced former Rentboy owner Jeffrey Hurant to six months in prison and a $7,500 fine for operating the site, which was deemed an “online brothel” by investigators. Ugh. Why is prostitution illegal? Why'd they only nab the gay guy?

Keep reading for this and other hot links of the day ...

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Aug 01 2017
Nigerian Men Arrested For Being Gay Need Your Help Comments (0)

Unnamed(Image via All Out)

Click here to sign a petition to bring attention to an egregious injustice.

Seth Rich: New Lawsuit Ties Trump To The Fake News Story That Keeps Giving Comments (0)

Seth-Rich-TW4A new lawsuit alleges that Fox News and a rich Trump supporter conspired — with White House approval — to turn the unsolved murder of DNC worker Seth Rich into a conspiracy theory expressly claiming the young man's death was a hit. The implication in the debunked story is that Rich leaked the DNC that WikiLeaks dumped just in time to mortally wound Hillary Clinton's campaign.

Keep reading for more on the suit ...

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Jul 31 2017
6-PACK — The Art Of Being David Hockney + Booty Call + Homeland Security Candidate Out Over Trans Ban + Chris Christie's Big Shot At Asserting Himself + Pledge Of Might? + Gaga Subpoenaed! Comments (0)

Gm_366438EX1_Original_x1024David Ehrenstein profiles living legend David Hockney on the occasion of the show Happy Birthday Mr. Hockney at L.A.'s The Getty Center.

The show's on, as is Hockney's legendary love for boys jumping into pools, apparently. Keep reading for this and other hot links of the day ...

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Jul 26 2017
Man Accused Of Trying To Support ISIS: I'M GONNA PLACE A BOMB IN A GAY CLUB Comments (0)


Via Crime Watch Daily: In the case of Oakland man Amer Sinan Alhaggagi, prosecutors have released transcripts of recorded conversations with him in which he allegedlyexplicitly stated his desire to blow up a gay club in San Francisco and wreak havoc throughout the city.

Alhaggagi allegedly said in one recording (not sure if he literally stated “lol,” but that's what's noted):

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Jul 24 2017
Congresswoman Davis Pushes Back Against Flag-Basher Comments (0)

Pride-flag-outside-rep-davis-office-1500917282(Image via Congresswoman Davis's office)

Congresswoman Susan Davis of San Diego has displayed an LGBTQ rainbow flag outside her D.C. and San Diego offices since March 2015 without making waves.

RIP Gilbert Baker, Rainbow Flag Creator

Now that a nutjob has sued lawmakers for displaying the flags (because homosexuality is a religion — that's his actual argument), she's fighting back, writing an impassioned defense of the flag for Cosmo.

She writes:

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