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Nov 22 2015
Sexiest Men Alive Comments (0)
  Ryan-Guzman Michael-B-Jordan Mikhail-Varshavski Angelo-Grinceri Bolle Val-Chmerkovskiy Baby-Daddy Mario-Lopez

My picks from People's Sexiest Man Alive issue are—in order in the above gallery—Ryan Guzman, Michael B. Jordan, Dr. Mikhail Varshavski, Angelo Grinceri, Roberto Bolle, Val Chmerkovskiy, the cast of Baby Daddy and old stand-by Mario Lopez.

Nov 18 2015
Is Abdelhamid Abaaoud Dead? UPDATE: Yes. Comments (0)

Abdelhamid abaaoudAbaaoud was thought to have been in Syria, but may well have died in Belgium overnight.

UPDATE: Abaaoud is confirmed to be dead.

The French have conducted a massive raid in France, which was meant to nab suspected Paris-attacks mastermind Abdelhamid Abaaoud.


The action led to two deaths of suspects and seven arrests.

Both Abaaoud and wanted suspected terrorist Salah Abdeslam were thought to have been in the apartment raided, but neither were apprehended. Authorities will conduct DNA tests to determine if one of the men killed in this latest raid was, in fact, Abaaoud, which would be a major coup—Abaaoud is also presumed to have masterminded the recent foiled train attack. (Which led to a stirring addition to Dancing with the Stars, of all things.)

2E912A0500000578-3323495-Decorated_Seven_year_old_police_dog_Diesel_pictured_with_her_ser-m-10_1447856115796Diesel the dog, a seven-year-old bomb-sniffing, booby-trap-finding heroine

One of the deaths occurred when a women emerged from the apartment shooting, and blew herself up using a suicide vest. Her insanity led to the death of Diesel, a beloved and effective police dog whose life, frankly, was worth a lot more than the scum who ended it. UPDATE: It was not a woman, but a man who blew himself (and her) up, which resulted in the dog's death.

Nov 12 2015
Who Do They Think They Is? Comments (0)

JakeHagoodFallonbHe is Fancy

TMZ reports that openly gay artist Who Is Fancy is performing on an upcoming Dancing with the Stars with Ariana Grande and Meghan Trainor, and that his management requested male-on-male dancing to illustrate his song, which is about a man in love with another man.

The answer was no.

I guess Dancing with the Stars can tolerate glass-closeted male dancers (and one out one), but any suggestion of out-in-the-open homosexuality is too distasteful, even one time, even in the perfect context. In 2015.

Oct 20 2015
Queen Of Deen-ial Comments (0)


Not sure what style of dance this is other than a straight copy of Madonna's original MTV Video Music Awards performance.

I had joked in an early post that it was inappropriate for Deen to dance to a song opining that it makes no difference if you're black or white, and yet even I was surprised that that lyric was cut out! (The whole song was shortened, but...)

Terribly embarrassing that the openly gay dancer has such bad taste ...

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Oct 17 2015
It Makes No Difference If You're Black Or—Oh, Wait. Comments (0)
May 12 2015
Need To Know: Twin Sync + The Devil Made Her Say It + Billy's Club + It's A Ty + MORE! Comments (0)


*widget boy cultureThe Carver Twins by Terry Richardson.

*widget boy cultureRacist blames the devil for her graduation-unfriendly words.

*widget boy cultureTom Brady barely punished for probably cheating.

*widget boy cultureEllen's hot gardener in his barely-there underwear.

*widget boy cultureNoah Galloway proposes to his girlfriend live on DWTS.

550_noah_galloway_proposal_DWTSShe better!

*widget boy cultureAnother George Zimmerman-related shooting.

*widget boy cultureZac Efron's butt double!

*widget boy cultureRed-hot Marlon Texeira in the wild.

*widget boy cultureSpandau Ballet has still got it.

*widget boy cultureOut artist Ty Herndon covers Miley Cyrus, after the jump ...

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Apr 07 2015
What A Jack-Off Comments (0)


Suzanne Somers officially has NO shame. John Ritter did not like you, that's why you never said good-bye...

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Apr 05 2015
I Was Too Sore To Do My Leg Day, Compared To THIS Comments (0)


Indefatigable, inspiring Noah Galloway, as profiled in People.


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