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Aug 10 2012
Dancing In The Gay Bars Comments (9)

Derek Hough National Enquirer gay
Via National Enquirer (August 20, 2012): A fan claims that just because he was dancing with buddies at a gay club (Jam in Salt Lake City, Utah) and threw a fit when asked to pose for a photo, Derek Hough must be gay. Actually, I've been convinced by less evidence in other cases.

May 14 2012
Crack Shot Comments (4)

Thank you, Maria Menounos, for posting this twit pic of Derek Hough's sumptuous ass.

May 11 2012
Phone Bone Comments (0)

In Touch (May 21, 2012) teases us with a story that William Levy has made multiple sex videos. Allegedly, he asked an actress named Grace Roubidoux aka Carolyn Hayver to do the same, showing her some on his phone, but she refused. I'd sooner watch that than Dancing with the Stars.

Apr 26 2012
Pitch/Catch Comments (0)

HotLife Style William Levy
I'm not sure Life & Style (May 7, 2012) fully appreciates the concept of playing catch with William Levy, but I'm right there beside them.

William Levy's Hairstory Comments (3)

William Levy hairClick to maximize

From TV Notas (Abril 3, 2012): Check out William Levy's hair history, from cropped to foppish to spiky to absent to its miraculous comeback.

Apr 23 2012
Bruknowing Looks Comments (4)

Globe (April 30, 2012) has a funny article pointing out that William Levy is a gay icon, and that "he is dancing for Bruno now." That's one way to win Dancing with the Stars:

"You can practically see Bruno panting when William lights into a routine wearing a sexy outfit and rips off his shirt at the end!"

Apr 13 2012
Where There's A Will Comments (0)

Hi-res of William Levy on/in People (April 23, 2012). Are you dying that he turned down a role in Magic Mike? I am...

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Feb 28 2012
The Levy Was Anything But Dry Comments (2)


Dancing with the Stars has a new slate of fresh talent and, in some cases, lack of talent! We'll find out which are which soon enough.

Most interesting to me:

Martina Navratilova Dancing With the Stars lesbian gay LGBT

As seen above posing with me: My pal/adorable Disney kid and now grown up rapper Roshon Fegan (wait until people see all the energy he has), smoldering hottie William Levy (wait until people rehash all the see-through underwear photos he has) and tennis icon Martina Navratilova (wait until people immediately vote her off because she's an out lesbian).

William Levy shirtless underwear dancing with the starsIt will be hard for him to dance that ass completely off