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Nov 14 2014
Charm's Way: Daniel Radcliffe's WHAT IF Is Out On DVD Comments (0)


A movie that harkens back to 500 Days of Summer, Daniel Radcliffe's romantic comedy What If, is out on DVD. This charmer puts him opposite love interest Zoe Kazan in a film described as “a modern comedy about romance, friendship, and everything in between.”

Let me know what you think if you've seen or if you see this one!

Jul 16 2014
Need To Know: RootPaul + Underwear'd It Go??? + Dems #Winning + Gender-Shaming Mrs. O + Selfie Control + Madonna's Cougar Ways Cheered + MORE! Comments (0)

RuPaulWhy the Shelley Long face?

*widget boy cultureJustin Root interviews RuPaul, addresses crow's feet issue.

*widget boy cultureJessica Simpson says she's now Jessica Johnson.

*widget boy cultureJOCKSTRAPPED FOR CASH: Universal Gear in Chelsea, NYC, closing.

*widget boy cultureDaniel Radcliffe's Horns gets a trailer. Have a look.

*widget boy cultureDems slightly ahead in CO & MI Senate races.

*widget boy cultureBritain's Got Talent winner Jamie Lambert comes out.

*widget boy cultureUTAH THIS COMING A MILE AWAY: 2 ex-Attorneys General arrested.

*widget boy cultureCameron Diaz pukey at the thought of tapping Drew Barrymore.

*widget boy cultureTeabaggers align with Joan Rivers in insulting Mrs. Obama.

Joan_rivers_at_mustos_25th_anniversary-680x365What's good for the goose is good for the gender.

*widget boy cultureLeAnn Rimes (of all people) wants you to Dance Like You Don't Give a...!

*widget boy cultureSoccer deep throater. (Work Unfriendly)

*widget boy cultureEx-gay Pastor Duane Youngblood (the name!) accused of molesting a boy.

*widget boy cultureThis kid's celebrity selfie destroys all of yours.

*widget boy cultureBrody Jenner in hot water over selective wedding attendance.

*widget boy cultureCRY ME A RIVER: Public hates Boehner's idea of suing President Obama.

*widget boy cultureNY Post writer defends (!) Madonna's “wild love life.”

*widget boy cultureWeird Al Yankovic transforms “Happy” into “Tacky”, enlists comic support.

Margaret-ChoCho mama!

Feb 25 2014
Need To Know: Take Me Out Of The Closet, Playing Defense vs. Gays, Fingering JTT, I Wanna Be Luft By You + MORE! Comments (0)

Matt-KaplonMatt's teammates said his coming out brought them together.

*widget boy cultureVia Sticky (Work Unfriendly): Baseballer Matt Kaplon just came out to his teammates. FebChris Salvatore2

*widget boy cultureChris Salvatore launching undies line.

*widget boy cultureLobbyists want to ban out players from the NFL.

*widget boy cultureJustin Timberlake disarms finger-giving fan.

*widget boy cultureDaniel Radcliffe is your mane man.

*widget boy cultureJudy Garland's kids to help celebrate Wizard of Oz @ 75!

*widget boy cultureAlec Baldwin continues to campaign for Douche of the World.

*widget boy cultureRep. John Dingell (D-Michigan) retiring after 60 (!) years.

*widget boy cultureTyga, Lil' Wayne and Nicki Minaj together in one place, at last.

*widget boy cultureFrozen longest-running soundtrack at #1 since Titanic.

*widget boy cultureKenneth in the (212) on StonewallLive tonight.

*widget boy cultureDON'T have a cow.

*widget boy cultureMadonna vs. AIDS hysteria in 1985 (tell me you've seen this?), Blondie in 1979:

Oct 16 2013
WIN IT: KILL YOUR DARLINGS Prize Pack! Comments (0)

Enter to win a Kill Your Darlings Prize Pack!

I've got 5 Prize Packs (including one Kill Your Darlings T-shirt, one Kill Your Darlings notebook, and one Kill Your Darlings pen) for you to enter to win. U.S. residents may enter by commenting below  their favorite movie about a real-life crime. I'll pick 5 of you at random to win 1 week from today at 5PM ET.

Sony Pictures Classics presents

Kill Your Darlings

A true story of obsession and murder.

Starring Daniel Radcliffe, Dane DeHaan, Ben Foster, Michael C. Hall, Jack Huston, Jennifer Jason Leigh, and Elizabeth Olsen.

Directed by John Krokidas. Co-written by John Krokidas and Austin Bunn.

A true story of friendship, love and murder, Kill Your Darlings recounts the pivotal year that changed Allen Ginsberg's life forever and provided the spark for him to start his creative revolution.

Kill Your Darlings is now playing in select theaters in New York and Los Angeles! Check your local listings for more information.

Daniel-Radcliffe-Kill-Your-DarlingsCriss-cross...and the beat goes on.

Sep 24 2013
Need To Know: Harry Potter Turns Into Freddie Mercury, Cruz Controlled, Save Up All Your Shears + MORE Comments (0)

Lauren-Bacall-coffeeLauren Bacall me, from my head to my cuppa Joe.

*widget boy cultureStorm Queen's new video is plushie heaven.

*widget boy cultureKaty Perry headlines We Can Survive: Music for Life.

*widget boy cultureDesperately Seeking the Exit is pay-what you-can in NYC on Oct. 13.

*widget boy cultureDaniel Radcliffe to play Freddie Mercury?

*widget boy cultureTed Cruz is even stupider than you thought.

*widget boy cultureJake Shears interviews Cher.

Cher-Jake-ShearsScissor Sister covers rocker.

Sep 11 2013
Rad Gay Sex Comments (0)
Daniel Radcliffe opens up about his gay-sex scene in Kill Your Darlings...

 Read More

Sep 10 2013
Hairy Potter Comments (0)
Kill Your Darlings director John Krokidas had manscaping rules in place when it came to Daniel Radcliffe's gay-sex scene...

 Read More

Sep 06 2013
Need To Know: Andy & Sarah Jessica Are The Next Best Thing, Those Were The Hayes, Dirty Harry + MORE Comments (0)

FourTwoNineBravo, friendship!

*widget boy cultureAbove: Andy Cohen & SJP are inaugural cover subjects of FourTwoNine Magazine.

*widget boy cultureJUST JACK'S BACK: Will & Grace comes out...of mothballs, for Logo TV.

*widget boy cultureListen to EDM artist Jack Gelman's "Free Me."

*widget boy cultureAmazing Hacienda auction.

*widget boy cultureCountry's oldest gay bookstore, Giovanni's Room, for sale.

*widget boy cultureLIZA-APPROVED: Michelle Williams as "Sally Bowles" in Broadway Cabaret revival.

*widget boy cultureBruce Weber goes pansexual. Bruce-Weber

*widget boy cultureEven Kim Kardashian beat Madonna to grills.

*widget boy cultureSOUNDING OFF: One woman's homage is another's theft.

*widget boy cultureDaniel Radcliffe is shirtless and horny.

*widget boy cultureToy helicopter decapitates its 19-year-old operator.

*widget boy cultureThe mortgage isn't underwater, but the house is underground.

*widget boy cultureCutie Zac strips to become university's "anatomical man."

Zac-O-Brien-shirtlessAnatomy lesson.


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