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Jan 24 2015
The Truth Is OUT: Yep, He's Straight Comments (0)


As a former magazine guy, I understand that magazines are going to put people on their covers to sell copies, so Out is gonna have straight people. Still, it's a little odd to have him on the cover while inside he is asserting he is heterosexual, therefore is never hit on by guys.

He does, however, look good in underwear.

Apr 02 2014
Need To Know: Hated It!, Supremely Well Funded, Butch/Femmetery, Male Model Mayhem + MORE! Comments (0)

Boy-CultureABOVE: Nobody told me there'd be gays like this. Bad sound, but perfect ending.

Boy-CultureSupreme Court thinks what our political system needs is more money.

Boy-CultureThese hot men are absolutely killing it.

Boy-CultureOne enthusiastic vote for Courtney Act to win RuPaul's Drag Race.

Boy-CultureTo be buried in a lesbian cemetery, are tattoos required?

Boy-CultureFRAMED: Art-school virgin reneges on promise to lose anal virginity on stage.

Boy-CultureModel Jordie Caskey's selfie-saturated tour of his life & home.

Jordie07_GAYLETTERPowerbottom Mac. (Or maybe I'm projecting!)

Aug 20 2013
Ad Men Comments (0)
Jan 10 2013
Your Nightly Briefing Comments (0)
David Gandy looking fine 'n' dandy.
May 10 2012
Gand How! Comments (0)

Via Sticky (Work Unfriendly): Fine and Gandy.

Jan 18 2012
The Tops Comments (5)


Via Sticky (NSFW): A few reminders why David Gandy is THE male model. (Of all time? I'm asking.)

Oct 20 2011
The Latest Model Comments (1)

Details (November 2011) goes with an actual model for its latest cover rather than a celebrity. Of course, David Gandy is practically a celebrity he's such a famous model! But I like the precedent.

Sep 19 2011
Bulging With Style Comments (0)

A great preview of the D&G book on David Gandy—lavishly illustrated—can be had here.



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