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Jun 29 2012
Cutest Of The Cute Comments (3)

Img723Alexander Ludwig, 20

Us: 100 Cutest Guys (Special Issue) seems targeted at teens, but why are they cramming so many full-on adults down little girls' throats when clearly there are so many adult men who'd enjoy that so much more?

Img724Garrett Hedlund, 27

Some of my top picks here and after the jump...

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May 13 2011
Gee, Wiz! Comments (5)

1david henrie shirtless
Out of all the teen-appeal stars out there, Wizards of Waverly Place star David Henrie (21) seems to be the one that all my gay friends lust after the hardest. One reason why, as illustrated above (far left)—the Disney Channel heartthrob has got a rockin' body. Also in this tweeted shot (from L to R) are Wizards co-star Dan Benson (23), Henrie's Sicilian cousin Lorenzo (standing) and Wizards co-stars Gregg Sulkin (18) and David DeLuise (39). I judiciously edited out 16-year-old Jake T. Austin, also a Wizards kid, who displays a body that is competitive with them all.

Not sure who the other seated guy is, but his shirt's on so WTF cares?

One more shirtless group pic after the jump...

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Mar 18 2011
Getting Some Assistance Comments (1)

David-working-out-david-henrie-2192071-350-485 David Henrie has to be the one "teen star" (he isn't the former) all my adult gay friends ask me about. How they know about him, I don't understand—he's not on the adult radar in the way Justin Bieber and others are. But he's about to be—Henrie just signed to star in the CBS pilot The Assistants, a multi-camera comedy from Tucker Cawley described as follows:

"The project centers around Henrie's character 'Mike Beadle' an aspiring writer who has just arrived in Hollywood from a small town in Pennsylvania, who landed a job as an assistant to a big celebrity who he hopes might open some doors for him. In the meantime, he's learning the ropes from his fellow assistants who know how to tip-toe around their neurotic boss and her equally crazy husband."

A lot of "whos" in there, but congrats, all you perved out Disney Channel fans! 

David henrie-albert michaelHis future's so bright, he's gotta wear shades


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