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May 18 2011
The Ways To A Man's Heart Comments (2)

SafariScreenSnapz001 Just when I think I know everything about Madonna, I find out she has an unreleased song called "Cook and Fuck" from the Girlie Show era and that part of it was played as she came out on Letterman in 2000.
(She clearly reacted to it. I don't remember this happening at all.)

Now, The Beats Within has the backstory.

May 16 2011
Male Trouble Comments (8)


New York Post columnist Andrea Peyser is a sorry excuse for a human being, which is 090208_book news why her vitriolic new column slamming Chaz Bono as a sorry excuse for a man is so ironic—and so offensive.

Peyser's take-away from the Chaz media blitz (I highly doubt she even watched Becoming Chaz, though she seems to have watched Bono's Letterman stint):

"Chastity grew into a depressed, pill-popping woman, traumatized by her Republican father's death in a skiing accident, and overshadowed into invisibility by her gay-icon mother. There was only one thing to do. Sex change."

Peyser willfully overlooks Bono's lifelong transformation from girly-girl to a much butcher female, something that is backed up by her family in Becoming Chaz. Bono is able to articulate his feelings—he waited 40 years before feeling ready for surgical and hormonal intervention—with remarkable candor, yet Peyser can only view him through the lens of his parents' fame.

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Mar 31 2011
The Endo Times Are Near Comments (14)

Entertainment Weekly (April 1, 2011) recalls Madonna's F-bomb tirade versus David Letterman on March 31, 1994, 17 long years ago. No matter what anyone says today, I will never forget watching it and cringing in embarrassment at her utter inability to spar with Letterman using her wits. She resorted to just humiliating him. I thought it was similar to going and taking a dump on his stage—sure, it soiled him and left him befuddled, and The New York Times later pointed out his ratings slid afterward, but still, she was the broad taking the dump, you know?

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Feb 19 2011
He Was Born This Day Comments (7)

With thanks to Peter, via New York Magazine: How Madonna wished David Letterman a happy birthday on April 12, 1994, less than two weeks after her widely publicized (and not all PR is good PR) obscene appearance on his show.

Nov 12 2010
Shooting From The Hips Comments (10)

Cher gave a hilarious interview to David Letterman last night. He deserves some of the credit for presenting her with a list of men she's rumored to have bedded, eliciting responses from her that ranged from "yes" to "once" to "noooo!", but giving candid, funny, earthy interviews is in my opinion what Cher does best. She also talks about her son Chaz's transition and her, er, eagerly anticipated film Burlesque (the lips and cheeks look painful! There, I said it!)...after the jump...

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Jul 27 2010
Letterwoman Comments (20)
In honor of her upcoming appearance on the show this Friday (repeat), Boy Culture reader Daniel contributes this fanciful look at Madonna (and Madonna...and Madonna...and Madonna...) on the couch with David Letterman. I think my favorite look was the first one, though her face was great for "Hung Up"! And her "Don't Tell Me" acoustic performance was brilliant. No matter what anyone says, the great F-bomb incident was an embarrassment I hope to never watch unfold again.
Jun 15 2010
A Voice For Cyn Comments (3)

Image001 For Carmen: As much as I enjoyed Cyndi Lauper's Bring Ya To The Brink, it was patently obvious that she was faking it in order to give her audience some of what it wanted—a gay-friendly diva singing club music. She's far better just singing and riffing, as she was on The Late Show with David Letterman last night, belting "Early in the Morning" with Allen Toussaint on the piano.

Reminds me a bit—if not in sound, then in milieu and style—of her grand days with Blue Angel, when the unusual part was just window dressing and the vocals were the main draw. You remember, like this (unfortch not live):

Lauper's Memphis Blues is out June 22 on Downtown Records...and she's touring!

Oct 01 2009
No Matter How You Slice It Comments (5)


...Madonna's appearance on Letterman's show last night was charming enough. She looked lovely and age-appropriate (though I'll never get over the stretching at the top of her face next to the eyes and the full cheeks) and was quite funny if, as always, a bit reticent around Dave.
I'm not sure this sells CDs for her—he showed Harry Connick Jr.'s CD by accident at first, and they didn't discuss the fact that she had a greatest-hits package out after his initial false claim that she is the most successful recording artist of all time.


I also thought the pizza bit, while cute, kinda works against her in the long run because does anyone really believe she's never had pizza in New York City?
And if she hasn't, that just makes her seem pretty out of touch. I guess they were playing on her strict diet regimen.

Still, she had some sassy lines about her pie, didn't flinch at an out-of-nowhere reference to A-Rod and seemed comfortable sniffing at parenthood as being what life's all about.

[Madonna claimed eight appearances on Letterman...but: There was her 1988 Bernhard shocker, her 1994 F-bomb shocker, a Valentine's Day drive-by in 1995, a contribution to his Top 10 list in 1998 that was pre-taped (that I don't remember), her amazing "Don't Tell Me" performance in 2000, plugging her books in 2003 (which I don't remember), the show-stopping horse-riding appearance in 2005 and her forgettable Arthur & the Invisibles appearance in 2007. So isn't it really nine? I guess unless the pre-taped one isn't counted, but a press release from the show counted that but didn't count the Bernhard appearance. UPDATE: They're not counting 1989 because that was pre-CBS. Annoying...that was her best appearance.]

Instead of hanging outside the theater, I went with a friend to see The Invention of Lying. When I got to the theater where the advance screening was being held at Broadway and 68th, I didn't see the table so figured I'd mixed things up and should instead have gone to AMC on W. 42nd. So we cabbed all the way back and dashed in, got tickets from the table and sat down in the very front of the theater...only to discover it was a Zombieland screening. I'd RSVPed for that, too, then had forgotten. So apparently, Lying was at 68th after all.



It was a happy accident—I really liked Zombieland! With Jesse Eisenberg as the lead and narrator, it was like a gorefest with Woody Allen. The gimmick is that the world's population has been infected with a zombie plague that's spread via bites and very few humans survive, one of them being our wimpy hero, despite his irritable bowel syndrome, another of them being a gun-crazy redneck played to the hilt by Woody Harrelson. The odd couple treks cross-country toward the West, where they hope the plague isn't as bad, encountering a pair of take-no-prisoners sisters (Emma Stone and Abigail Breslin), and winding up in the last place I'd head during such a plague—Hollywood.

The movie is really witty and light-hearted despite unsparingly graphic zombie massacres, plus has a sweet romantic angle and the best, best, best surprise celeb cameo ever. Check it out—it's dead funny.