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Dec 01 2013
Singin' In The Pain: Debbie Reynolds Fights AIDS Comments (0)
As seen in In Touch for Men (December 1983), a Lynda Burdick snapshot of Debbie Reynolds that reveals just how early on the Hollywood legend from a more conservative era was hoofing on behalf of people with AIDS, a disease that was only a couple of years old and was considered richly deserved by a large number of Americans.
Apr 01 2013
That Unsinking Feeling Comments (4)

Debbie Reynolds shoots from the artificial hip in her candid new memoir Unsinkable. As excerpted Debbie-Reynoldsin Entertainment Weekly (April 5, 2013), she recalls her Tammy and the Bachelor (1957) co-star Leslie Nielsen as good but not good fun:

"Leslie was very gifted. But [he] fancied himself a Method actor... The fact is, most of the time Leslie was a pill to work with. The goat [in the movie] and I worked very closely. She was certainly more fun than Leslie."

She also remembers the night when Elizabeth Taylor made out with gay Monty Clift at a party, then later had to pull teeth from the back of his throat, perhaps saving his life, after he drunkenly crashed his car at the end of the driveway.

Most pointed is her recollection of a presumptuous—and much older, dear—Gene Kelly, who, while filming 1952's Singin' in the Rain, planted more than just a kiss on Reynolds:

"Gene took me tightly in his arms...and shoved his tongue down my throat. 'Eeew! What was that?' i screeched, breaking free of his grasp and spitting...Gene had stepped back, not amused. After a few minutes, I calmed down enough to face his now-icy stare and we redid the scene as you see it in the film."

Debbie-Reynolds-UnsinkableA (juicy-)storied career!

Man, I would've done that scene for free, Debbie, but I do sympathize with her. She was 19 and a newbie and had this man old enough to be her father tongueing her for all the world to see. No, wait, I still don't see her point.

Can't wait to read this book.

Jun 11 2012
Absolutely Fabulous Comments (8)

OutClick to maximize

Visiting NYC in 1988 and being the good gay tourist I was, I had this picture snapped of me with those infamous ACT UP outing posters on C Street (there is a chance this was taken in 1992 instead, but...seems like it would be late for that?). At any rate, let's see how accurate they were:

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Sep 16 2011
Dancing Around The Subject Comments (0)

With all the lunatics freaking out about Chaz Bono being shown on television's Dancing With the Stars—where kids might SEE him!—it's refreshing to read 79-year-old hoofer Debbie Reynolds's take on the situation, which is: "Don't like this? Turn it off!" They're ridiculously out of place in the otherwise rather reactionary Globe (September 26, 2011), but her supportive words about transgender issues are welcome.

Jul 02 2011
Hoarders: Debbie Reynolds Edition Comments (0)

19853415_1You just know this is what Debbie's living room looks like

In case you were bemoaning the breaking up of the fab collection of costumes and props owned and auctioned off by Debbie Reynolds, guess what? Bitch saved some stuff.

More items from her collection will go on display at the Paley Center in L.A. In fact, Debbie Reynolds: The Exhibit will be on view throughout 2011, with new items added monthly, and will only cost you $6 a pop to ogle.

The multi-media  exhibit is said to include items worn by "legendary stars including Marilyn Monroe, Frank Sinatra, and many more" and will touch on movies as diverse as Show Boat and Moulin Rouge.

P.S. This is the time José and I saw Debbie perform and sort of became a part of her act!

Jun 19 2011
Debbie Does Dollars: Isn't It Delicious? Comments (15)

SafariScreenSnapz015$4.6 million + $1,058,000 premium = $5.658 million

I was curious to attend the huge Debbie Reynolds Hollywood memorabilia auction yesterday, but it would have entailed flying in and landing the morning of, then hoping I'd get into the gallery, then flying back on the red-eye, all the while sacrificing a day I was spending with my family in Chicago.

SafariScreenSnapz016Cleopatra concept painting = $17,000

Ultimately, I'm glad I didn't go, but (most) everything else went—and for big, big, record-breaking bucks.

SafariScreenSnapz001Rudy was derided by male movie-goers as a "pink powder puff"

I had a hunch the Marilyn Monroe subway dress from The Seven-Year Itch was dramatically undervalued with an estimate of $1 million to $2 million, and once earlier pieces like Rudolph Valentino's matador outfit from Blood and Sand started exceeding their estimates (it was estimated at $60K to $80K and went for $210K!), I knew it would be a memorable final bid. In the end, Marilyn's simple halter dress went for over $4 million. If that doesn't blow Debbie's skirt up, nothing will.

An interesting quote regarding the breaking up of Reynolds's collection:

"Hollywood may come to rue the day that the Reynolds collection was broken up and distributed around the world. Several of the buyers were from Saudi Arabia and Japan.

"Randy Habercamp of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, who attended the auction but did not buy, said: 'Well it happened to the treasures of Greece. It happened to Italy. I guess now it's our turn.'"

Other highlights and points of interest for me (all prices are NOT INCLUDING the auctioneer's premium)...

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Mar 30 2011
View From A Broad Comments (0)

Img441The legendary ladies in These Old Broads

Aw, it's only just now been a week...indulge me in a bit more Liz: One more tribute to Liz from Debbie Reynolds, this time in Globe (April 11, 2011). It's not exactly the same one she gave People earlier on.

I'm glad I got to meet and interact with Reynolds!

The tribute, after the jump...

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Mar 29 2011
"When People Say, 'She's Got Everything,' I've Got One Answer—I Haven't Had Tomorrow" Comments (5)

People (April 11, 2011) devotes its cover to the late, great Elizabeth Taylor. I remember when all the greatest stars from the Golden Age of Hollywood were passing away in the '80s and very early '90s and People was churning out these memorable tribute covers. It's been a while since I saw one that reminded me of that group, all of which I owned and devoured with gleeful misery.


I wonder if this Taylor tribute was written back when There Must Be a Pony had just aired—the media's been anticipating her passing forever! She even outlived her obituary writer.

Inside this special, there is a touching remembrance by Debbie Reynolds, which would be like Jennifer Aniston reminiscing fondly about Angelina Jolie:


Meanwhile, over the hill (and through the woods) gossip columnist Janet Charlton wins Got-gossip-with-janet the award for worst tribute—the nasty has-been typed up an absolutely poisonous attack on Taylor, disparaging her for "stealing other women's husbands" and failing to control her urges (and her pets' urges). I see no reason for such bile. I haven't read anyone saying Elizabeth Taylor was a perfect person or some kind of saint—and I don't recall Taylor giving off the impression that she saw herself in this light. She indulged and enjoyed, but did balance it with giving back. She may have been flawed, but who isn't?

At the end of the day, what's Charlton done and who is she compared to what Taylor did and who she was? (And BTW, Mamie Van Doren saw fit to cut-and-paste Charlton's Taylor take-down on her Facebook page, later acting surprised at the negative reaction since she hadn't written it herself.)


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