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May 10 2017
LONG TIME Coming: Blondie On THE TONIGHT SHOW Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2017-05-10 at 10.54.21 AM(Image via NBC)

Blondie performed their new single “Long Time” last night on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

Watch 'n' listen, after the jump ...

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May 06 2017
Call Them Mermaid King & Queen Comments (0)

Unspecified(Image via Coney Island USA)

Debbie Harry and Chris Stein of Blondie have been named Queen Mermaid and King Neptune of the 2017 Mermaid Parade, taking place Saturday, June 17, on Coney Island.

If you've never been, this is the 35th installment of the kooky, seaside march.

Via press release:

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Apr 19 2017
Debbie Harry, Sexy Septuagenarian, Hots It Up In New Blondie Video Comments (0)

Debbie-Harry(Video still via YouTube @BlondieVEVO)

The new Blondie single “Long Time” is here, and it almost begs the question of lead singer Debbie Harry's ability to look so good for such a long time — she's 71!

To put this into context: Bea Arthur looked great, and I am not in any way disparaging how she aged. (She had work, of course.) But Bea Arthur had completed her run on The Golden Girls by the time she was the age Debbie Harry is now. Just let that sink in while watching Debbie sink to her knees in her sexy new video.

Bea ArthurBea Arthur was a few years younger than Debbie is now in this pic. (Image via

I just find it fascinating how we perceive people — age-wise, sexuality-wise — now as opposed to even 20, 25 years ago.

Video after the jump ...

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Apr 09 2017
Chicago Dance Flashback Comments (0)

I went to college — and to gay clubs — in Chicago in the late '80s and early '90s.

Surfing YouTube waiting for a friend to show up, I found these classic reminders of the way things used to be ...

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Mar 28 2017
6-PACK — S Club 7" + And They Stall Laughed + The Abbey's New Reality Series + BIG LITTLE Peen + Debbie Does Aging + RIP Mama! Comments (0)

JonOne of your Jons (Video still via BBC)

WIDGETOMG Blog: S Club 7's Jon Lee, formerly a little twink, wants you to see what a rugged, tramp-stamped Treasure Island Media type he's become.

WIDGETNYDN: The Port Authority cops are now peeking into men's room stalls in order to charge guys with lewdness. Instead, they're spying lawsuits.

Screen Shot 2017-03-28 at 12.24.30 PM(Video still via E!)

WIDGETE! Entertainment: Billy Reilich and some other people are on a new reality series centered around The Abbey, the gay mecca of L.A. Lots of straight stuff in the trailer:

WIDGETDListed: Alexander Skarsgård's peen made a violent appearance on Big Little Lies. It looked a little big! (Work Unfriendly, even if it's a prosthetic)

WIDGETKenneth in the (212): Debbie Harry continues her OMG Can You Believe How Amazing I Look? tour, dings reporter for “creating an issue” about her age.

WIDGETHollywood Reporter: What's Eating Gilbert Grape's Darlene Cates dies @ 69.

Screen Shot 2017-03-28 at 11.32.43 AM(Video still via Sally)

Feb 28 2017
Punk Rock Forever! (Or At Least Until It Hits HSN) Comments (0)

Lyric-culture-blondie-hoodie-jumpsuit-with-zip-detail-d-2017022415052618~537409_alt6(First three images via HSN)

Look, Blondie is my favorite band, and I am happy if Debbie Harry is getting paid, but I'm not wild about her showing up on HSN to hawk fannish outfits that look like the fashions of the NINETEEN AY-AY-TIES.


Meanwhile, I'm writing a bitchy post about the clothing and suddenly notice they also have a poster-sized wall calendar and I'm all, “Oh, I want that!”


Okay, fine: More Blondie on HSN here.

I prefer this:

DHSN02_grande(Image via

... but then again, what % of the population would know the reference?

Feb 15 2017
Debbie Does Disco Comments (0)

Lots of kissing, including same-sex, in Blondie's chic new vid for Fun, a '70s-sounding disco wedge that's growing on me steadily ...

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Feb 01 2017
Fun Boys: New Blondie Song Is Here Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2017-02-01 at 1.05.38 PM(Image via BlondieVEVO)

The new Blondie single, “Fun,” sounds a lot like their “Good Boys” (a single I loved that went nowhere fast) to me. 

The best part is the part of the second chorus that sounds like vintage disco — “I wanna make love again!”

It's not the most memorable song ever, but I'm amazed how kittenish the septuagenarian can still sound.

Keep reading to listen to this and another new song, “Gravity” ...

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