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Apr 22 2014
Need To Know: Nick's Next Hit, Black Magic, Hard-Serve Ice Cream + MORE! Comments (0)

Nick-Jonas-UFCPunching bag of Nick: “I'd hit it.”

*widget boy cultureNick Jonas packs on the muscle for new UFC film.

*widget boy cultureBryan Singer's accuser sues three more entertainment big-shots.

*widget boy cultureAccuser recounts being raped after a Siegfried & Roy show.

*widget boy cultureUnrelated: Ice cream laced with Viagra and champagne.

*widget boy cultureGet your Harvey Milk U.S. postage stamps here.

*widget boy cultureI don't look like this in underwear...do you???

*widget boy cultureWhat succulent nipples.

*widget boy cultureThe CK Steel Micro Collection is a hit.

*widget boy cultureNew Blondie album is (almost) here.

Blondie4-ever young

Apr 06 2014
Bi The Way Comments (0)


Debbie Harry of Blondie fame has casually come out as bi, describing her sexual encounters with women and saying she hopes to fall in love again, whether with a man or a woman.

Mar 14 2014
Need To Know: Shirtless CW, Plane Mysterious, Be My Valentine, Scary Movies, Having A LOOK + MORE! Comments (0)


*widget boy cultureStephen Amell, Colton Haynes & more are stripped to the waist.

*widget boy cultureMissing Malaysian airplane's tracking may have been deliberately disabled.

*widget boy cultureBlasé tweet about Philly incident: "so my plane just crashed"

*widget boy cultureFACES: Blondie-a-Go-Go!

*widget boy culturePat Robertson says horror flicks can get you demonically possessed.

*widget boy cultureShepard Smith not necessarily coming out.

*widget boy cultureLooking finale attracted 425K viewers.

*widget boy cultureAnti-gay gay Brandon Ambrosino hired at Vox.

*widget boy cultureFather of one of the lesbian women slain in TX arrested for their murders.

Gay-James-Larry-CosbyThe family that slays together: How could a dad do this?

Feb 27 2014
You Make Me WET Comments (0)


How had I never seen this 1979 cover of Wet featuring Debbie Harry? It's fantastic! And the "Out" in "Out-Laws" looks like the logo of the modern-day gay magazine, no?

Feb 25 2014
Need To Know: Take Me Out Of The Closet, Playing Defense vs. Gays, Fingering JTT, I Wanna Be Luft By You + MORE! Comments (0)

Matt-KaplonMatt's teammates said his coming out brought them together.

*widget boy cultureVia Sticky (Work Unfriendly): Baseballer Matt Kaplon just came out to his teammates. FebChris Salvatore2

*widget boy cultureChris Salvatore launching undies line.

*widget boy cultureLobbyists want to ban out players from the NFL.

*widget boy cultureJustin Timberlake disarms finger-giving fan.

*widget boy cultureDaniel Radcliffe is your mane man.

*widget boy cultureJudy Garland's kids to help celebrate Wizard of Oz @ 75!

*widget boy cultureAlec Baldwin continues to campaign for Douche of the World.

*widget boy cultureRep. John Dingell (D-Michigan) retiring after 60 (!) years.

*widget boy cultureTyga, Lil' Wayne and Nicki Minaj together in one place, at last.

*widget boy cultureFrozen longest-running soundtrack at #1 since Titanic.

*widget boy cultureKenneth in the (212) on StonewallLive tonight.

*widget boy cultureDON'T have a cow.

*widget boy cultureMadonna vs. AIDS hysteria in 1985 (tell me you've seen this?), Blondie in 1979:

Feb 06 2014
Need To Know: As The Day They Were Born, Rx For Unemployment, Mocking Morgan, Zac's Little Blue Thrill + MORE! Comments (0)

AttitudeAttitude adjustments

*widget boy cultureBehind-the-scenes peek at Attitude's "Naked Issue." (Work Unfriendly)

*widget boy cultureScotland approves gay marriage.

*widget boy cultureActually, dumbasses, Obamacare will create jobs.

*widget boy cultureBillie Jean King throws in the towel on Sochi trip. (But for a sad reason.)

*widget boy cultureJoe Mantegna shares a warm & funny Madonna story from Speed-the-Plow.

*widget boy cultureMadonnaphobic Piers Morgan is now being called transphobic by Janet Mock.

*widget boy cultureDrunken Tom Sizemore fabricated Clinton/Hurley affair. Hiccup.

*widget boy cultureHeidi Montag & Spencer Pratt are back, and they're snarkier than ever. Zac

*widget boy culture26 kids and teens killed under FL's "Stand Your Ground" law.

*widget boy cultureZac's "friend" didn't know what to do with his huge penis.

*widget boy cultureIf you love Desperately Seeking Susan as much as I do, click here.

*widget boy cultureCanadian TV reminds us how gay the Olympics have always been, after the jump...

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Jan 29 2014


Holy crap, with Madonna, Yoko Ono and "Ms." Lauryn Hill all in one place, it's like a who's-who of hated artists! But while Madonna appears to be just introducing members of Pussy Riot, there better goddamned well be a photo op with Debbie Harry.

The last time Madonna did an Amnesty International benefit, it was 28 years ago, and she did it on the DL with hubby Sean Penn.

Madonna-SeanMore here.

Jan 10 2014
Need To Know: Chain Female, Bridge To Nowhere II, Madonna's Men + MORE! Comments (0)

Debbie-HarryJoan of Do the Dark

*widget boy cultureVia Blondie: A candid of Debbie Harry by Annie Leibovitz for Vanity Fair (February 2014).

*widget boy cultureChristie crony pleads the Fifth in Bridgegate.

*widget boy cultureJustin Timberlake hits Taco Bell.

*widget boy cultureCrackhead's thug brother told to shut his effing mouth, gets all offended.

*widget boy cultureFarrah Abraham's sex tape ruined her life.  Or did a tapeworm ruin her sex life?

*widget boy culture

Russia's biggest homophobe flees to Cuba.

*widget boy cultureMadonna's 3 latest boyfriends: See a pattern?

MADONNA-TIMORThey've got somethin' that she'll really like...

*widget boy cultureKevin DeCarli is one hot piece.

*widget boy cultureGay-sex bed-hopping circa 1986.

*widget boy cultureShakira and Rihanna do Eyes of Laura Mars lesbian-chic.

*widget boy cultureNinety-six-year-old '40s movie actress Marsha Hunt's pro-gay marriage anthem: 

Jan 02 2014
Need To Know: TV Uncle Dies, Bloomberg Is History, Phil Robertson Adds Groups To His Enemies List + MORE! Comments (0)

James-AveryCrying, uncle

*widget boy cultureFresh Prince of Bel-Air's James Avery dies at 65.

*widget boy culturePackers player Aaron Rodgers: "I'm not gay. I really, really like women."

*widget boy cultureNYC gets its 109th Mayor.

*widget boy culturePhil Robertson also hates Muslims and the Chinese.

*widget boy cultureGayest songs of 2013.

*widget boy cultureKaley Cuoco, fresh off of Henry Cavill, marries.

*widget boy cultureGUN SHOW: I'm not into guns, and yet...

*widget boy cultureAnderson Cooper thinks Debbie Harry just unretired.

*widget boy cultureBen Cohen removes his clothing:

Dec 21 2013
DUCK DYNASTY Creator Played Gay-For-Pay, Had A Chip On His Shoulder About Gay Men Comments (0)

ScottGurneyFlufferIn one of the most glaring cases of "OMG, that was the same guy that did that???" it turns out that the (now rich-as-hell) producer and creator of Duck Dynasty, Scott Gurney, was a hot-piece actor/model in the '90s, one who starred in the gay-sex comedy The Fluffer (2001). The fluffer has gone the way of the pay phone and the travel agent, but in the old days, a fluffer was a human being who would be on a porn set strictly to keep the actors aroused, using whatever means were at their disposal. Like, picture eating a banana, except without chewing.

This is amusing in light of the fact that the entire Duck Dynasty clan seems to think being gay is the #1 thing Jesus hates, even though Jesus never mentioned it in the Bible, and though many other heinous acts are actually condoned in said Bible...but we're supposed to ignore that and focus on the faggotry.

My old roommate, Andy Zeffer, appeared in The Fluffer, and actually had some firsthand experience with Gurney. It sounds like he was a bit of a douchebag-in-training.

Andy recalls:

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