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Jun 26 2013
Edith Windsor: ICON Comments (2)

Edith Windsor, victorious DOMA plaintiff, is an instant LGBTQ icon for the ages.


May 28 2013
Need To Know: Your Gay Marriage Could Be Meaningless; Rockets Red Glaring Error; I'll Follow You Until You Love Me, Liber-Liberace + MORE Comments (1)

Blue Is the Warmest ColourYes, she Cannes.

*widget boy cultureAnother story about why federal recognition of same-sex marriage is a must. Ori-for-fod-magazine-2

*widget boy cultureViolent anti-marriage protests in France.

*widget boy cultureThe lines where most singers eff up the National Anthem.

*widget boy cultureOri for FOD Magazine.

*widget boy cultureLowe's Behind the Candelabra perf was "really painful."

*widget boy cultureSteven Soderbergh done with movies, not with directing.

*widget boy culturePornstar Jett Black in Liberace swag.

*widget boy cultureSwift admires Madonna's predictable unpredictability.

*widget boy cultureYOU CAN'T DENY IT, BABY: Lisa Stansfield back soon?

*widget boy cultureLesbian drama Blue Is the Warmest Colour tops Cannes.

*widget boy cultureChris Brown might be off to prison.

*widget boy cultureDan Savage on hubby: "I get to hit that when I get home."

*widget boy cultureAnti-gays are "heterophiliacs."

*widget boy cultureParker Hurley for Mr. Turk. Gulp.

Parker-HurleyThe Hurley Show.

May 13 2013
A Personal Story Of DOMA Comments (1)

Don't miss the story of this gay, married, binational couple and their battle against DOMA, a battle that belongs to us all.

Video after the jump...

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Mar 30 2013
Need To Know: Joan Cool On Hot In Cleveland, I've Got The Lauer, Marie For Marriage + MORE Comments (4)

Joan rivers 2Isn't Sean Hayes one of Hot in Cleveland's producers?

*widget boy cultureJoan Rivers hits HuffPost Live, TRASHES Hot in Cleveland.

*widget boy cultureBlatantly faked "pro-beheading" Muslim call to NY1 dupes gays. Gay-Mike-Epps-shirtless-model

*widget boy cultureAFA radio host's manic anti-gay comments are all too real.

*widget boy cultureJag-off Matt Lauer tweets non-apology to wronged intern.

*widget boy cultureHarry Potter actor dies following heart surgery.

*widget boy culture"Comedian" Mike Epps goes on homophobic Twitter tirade.

*widget boy cultureI MAY FAINT: Marie Osmond is pro-marriage equality.

*widget boy cultureVia Sticky (Work Unfriendly): Rafael M. lookin' good for Dogo Wear.

*widget boy cultureMarlon Texeira behind-the-scenes.

*widget boy cultureKellan Lutz strips to the waist for Java Heat.

*widget boy cultureGuess who's anti-gay?

*widget boy cultureJust about the funniest thing ever:

ColoredbottomWanted poster

Mar 27 2013
For Those Who No Longer Desire To Be Single Ladies Comments (2)
Madonna and Beyoncé think that if you like it, you should be able to put a ring on it. (And Madonna continues her mysterious branding of "Let's start a revolution!")
Mar 26 2013
Before The Judge Comments (0)
Today is the day. The Supreme Court begins hearing arguments for and against in the Prop 8 and DOMA cases. Check out my Q&A with Prop 8 plaintiffs Paul Katami and Jeff Zarillo, who express cautious optimism and the type of confidence one projects only when one knows one is in the right regardless of the outcome...

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My Gay-American Cousin Comments (0)


Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts's lesbian cousin will attend the marriage-equality arguments (Prop 8 and DOMA) that the Court will hear today and tomorrow.

Jean Podrasky says:

"[M]y cousin...will begin considering the fate of two of the most important cases impacting the rights of the LGBT community ever to go before the Court—the challenges to California's Proposition 8 and the federal Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA). I want nothing more than to marry my wonderful girlfriend. I know that my cousin is a good man. I feel confident that John is wise enough to see that socity is becoming more accepting of the humanity of same-sex couples and the simple truth that we deserve to be treated with dignity, respect, and equality under the law."

Mar 02 2013
Need To Know: Bieber Buns, Chelsea Man-Handlers Rocco, Strike 3...You're In? + MORE Comments (2)


*widget boy cultureA must-read, amazing story of gay parents. Underwear-hot-guys-Justin-Bieber

*widget boy cultureObama would rule against all "gay-marriage" bans.

*widget boy cultureBradley Manning wanted to be a war whistleblower.

*widget boy cultureVirginia's 1st out gay judge sworn in.

*widget boy cultureLesbian mom beaten down in Texas.

*widget boy cultureWhich doc subject are you like...Madonna? Little Edie?

*widget boy cultureChelsea Handler cuts a rug with Rocco.

*widget boy cultureNadya Ginsburg's Kickstarter for Madonnalogues.

*widget boy cultureFacebook is work-shopping itself in New Zealand.

*widget boy culturePiers Morgan...love his politics, but hate him. Others do, too.

*widget boy cultureJustin Bieber in sheer tightie-whities.

*widget boy cultureLunatic beheads mom, poses with her noggin.

*widget boy cultureA 94-year-old teacher retires, trash-talks "entitled" kids.

*widget boy cultureFor Mile High Sports, a mustachioed, strapping pitcher says gays should stay quiet.

Mark-KnudsonIt's especially galling when a horse-hung guy tells you not to be all gay about it

Feb 24 2013
Need To Know: Bromance, Humor, DOMA, Bearding, Girls, Stallone, Idol + MORE! Comments (7)

Taylor-Lautner-Patrick-SchwarzeneggerSomeone looks guilty!

*widget boy cultureTaylor Lautner & Patrick Schwarzenegger take a drive. Barbara-Stanwyck-American-Idol

*widget boy cultureAlmost as importantly, Pres. Obama files DOMA brief.

*widget boy cultureParenting for dummies complete idiots.

*widget boy cultureGay Inc.'s "appalling silence" on Bradley manning.

*widget boy cultureLesbian millionaires are the "chupachupacabra!"

*widget boy cultureWelcome to vintage TV-movie paradise.

*widget boy cultureUpdate on marriage equality.

*widget boy cultureGay activist's family seeks answers in his sudden death.

*widget boy cultureDebating the merits of Girls.

*widget boy cultureDetailing the gay merits of Sylvester Stallone.

*widget boy cultureDanny Aiello still kinda douchey about Madonna.

*widget boy cultureMadonna busted by Instagram.

*widget boy cultureThe unkindest cut of all.

*widget boy cultureBlake Skjellerup's A+ butt. (Work Unfriendly—quit!)

*widget boy cultureAmerican Idol will cut a bitch.

*widget boy culture9TH COMMANDMENT ALERT: Vatican says no gay cabal exists...or at least objects to the insinuation.

*widget boy cultureMarilu Henner mentions her time as Travolta's ...um... girlfriend while Grease opened in Europe.

*widget boy cultureHelp The Trevor Project: Bid on this salacious-looking book that, in Spanish, would be about nekkid brothers:

Mark-Roeder-Nudo-TwinsWhich one pitches and which one catches?

Feb 23 2013
Need To Know Comments (1)

Perry-EllisI very much approve

*widget boy cultureMeet the Perry Ellis Very Perry campaign.

*widget boy culture"Fierce advocate" Pres. Obama fiercely advocates against DOMA.

*widget boy cultureAnti-gay nut: Obama dating Reggie Love.

*widget boy cultureCan NJ legislature override Christie's anti-equality veto? Gay-press-gay-power

*widget boy cultureOscar-ish: Anderson Cooper's Top 10 favorite films.

*widget boy cultureEven for $25K, I wouldn't tongue-kiss Maloof.

*widget boy cultureGay Press, Gay Power = amazing LGBT non-fic book.

*widget boy cultureBTS of Purple Crush's "Little Bitch."

*widget boy cultureA guilt-free Barbra Streisand trip.

*widget boy cultureAmazing Madonna mash-up.

*widget boy cultureMadonna is music's #1 earner of 2012.

*widget boy cultureGaga isn't in the Top 40! (But it didn't count merch, etc.; she's #4 there.)

Madonna DSC0079 Mo money