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Jul 19 2015
About Last Night ... Comments (0)


A 21-year-old man's dead body has been recovered from the bottom of Demi Moore's Beverly Hills home's swimming pool.

Moore was not present last night, when he apparently drowned, but her daughters had been throwing a party the same night.

No way of knowing if they were so engaged in partying nobody noticed a person dying in the darkened waters, or if someone snuck onto the property afterward.

Jan 14 2013
WouldaCouldaShoulda: 5 Incredible Movies That Never Happened Comments (1)

A-film-unfinishedUnmade's quarters

With all the crappy movies that get made, it's shocking when intriguing concepts—whether potential classics or potential hot messes—fall by the wayside, never to be revisited again.

Check out this list of five films that almost, but never ultimately, got made...

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Dec 08 2012
Need To Know Comments (0)

Psy-gangnam-style-2A PSY is still a PSY

Widget boy culturePSY abjectly apologizes for anti-USA lyrics.

Widget boy cultureBob Hope's pre-auction garage sale! Britney-Spears-X-Factor-Lindsay-Lohan-shirtless-Bob-Hope-auction-gay-William-Smith-Kathie-Lee-Gifford

Widget boy cultureAnn Coulter: Hispanics an underclass.

Widget boy culture(Nude) statue of David meets Scruff.

Widget boy cultureKathie Lee's Scandalous to heaven.

Widget boy cultureBoy Culture's new Facebook page.

Widget boy cultureBritney Spears flaps her gum.

Widget boy cultureOne Million Moms give up on Ellen.

Widget boy cultureLindsay Lohan a Wanted woman.

Widget boy cultureNZ electric company zaps homophobes.

Widget boy cultureDemi Moore's boytoy = young, not hot.

Widget boy cultureKim Kardashian's pussy dies young.

Widget boy cultureAnother new Glee guy.

Widget boy cultureChunky but HUNKY.

Widget boy cultureJared Leto is such a heel.

Widget boy cultureLeft off my list OOPS #1: William Smith.

Widget boy cultureUnlike wine, Asian cheesecake doesn't get better with age:

Asian-girls-bikinisAre you a retrosexual?

Feb 11 2010
If You're Happy And You Know It Lift Your Face Comments (1)

In Life & Style (February 22, 2010), we get to read how Demi Moore looks fab at 47 (and she does) without surgery. Um...huh? Her publicist says, "Her beauty regimen is and has always been: Make yourself happy and it will show." 

So all the wrinkly bitches out there are just unhappy inside?

Jan 23 2010
More Or Less Of Moore To Love Comments (4)
Now if we can just get Demi to don her W Magazine duds for a side-by-side, Hipgate might be solved. As you can see from the above side-by-side, girlfriend looks pretty hot sans retouching (albeit with the kind of A+ retouching that certain doctors go to school to learn how to do). It's not that I expect images to never be retouched, but how about laying off a bit? When you're starting with near perfection and you make these kinds of drastic changes, you overshoot perfection and land in mortuary or statuary or depth-free medieval painting.
Dec 30 2009
Even Moore Comments (1)
W's Korean edition subtly but noticeably fixes Demi's missing hip, the one she and her people and the magazine and the photographers claim was never retouched (incorrectly or correctly) in the first place. 
Dec 21 2009
Still Moore Drama Comments (5)

Demi Moore is wrong. Anthony Citrano is right. There is no gray area. More of his clever proof that her image was retouched before gracing the cover of W is available here. Honestly, woman, nobody believes photos are not retouched extensively at every magazine. No exceptions, not even for beauties.
Nov 20 2009
Decent Proposal Comments (6)

Photographer Anthony Citrano identifies himself as the one who started the whole Demi Moore retouching (mini-)scandal, and writes me to say he has upped the ante—he's offering $5,000 to charity if Moore can prove that the image she claims is the original really is the original:


This is a bet she would lose, though I'm not at all sure the shooter will comply in a way that really is provable. What would there be to gain? Pissing off stars tends to have repercussions.

I wish the photographer who shot her would release the real original, not the fake one that maybe Moore believes to be the original. (Has she fooled herself into thinking retouched images are real after all these years?)

"While I really feel bad that Demi is on the defense over this, I also don't like being accused of 'bullshit'. So, let's find out who's bullshitting. This isn't about  her and it isn't about retouching (I've no problem with either). It's about a blooper, basically. The cover is a blooper; it goes on the art department's wall of shame. So what? We all make mistakes. That's got *nothing* to do with Demi. She's a beautiful woman with or without retouching. And where the hell is W Magazine on this? Why are they forcing Demi to address it? It's not fair to her."

So let's have the original and let the bullshit fall where it may. 


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