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Aug 27 2016
6-PACK/politics —Trump Obscenely Capitalizes On Murder + Trump's Quack Doctor, Dismantled + TV Goes Into Remission From Dr. Drew + They're With Her + Steve Bannon: Tax Opportunist Or Voting-Fraud Expert? + Gov. LePage: POC = Enemy! Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2016-08-27 at 2.23.03 PMDoes anyone—at all—believe that Trump prays? (Image via

*widget boy cultureStar athlete Dwyane Wade's cousin is shot dead in Chicago, so Trump capitalizes on it with this sick tweet.

*widget boy cultureTrump's quack doctor, Dr. Bornstein, wrote his rousing assessment of Trump's health in all of five minutes!

*widget boy cultureTrump's doctor — IN QUOTES — has shady credentials, and his letter is B.S. — P.S. Shady Dr. Drew got canceled!

*widget boy cultureAnother endorsement Hillary doesn't want but can laugh about having: Wolfowitz (!). Also, the Teamsters = yay!

*widget boy cultureTrump's campaign chief Steve Bannon is either committing voting fraud or tax evasion?

*widget boy cultureGov. LePage of Maine, comparing skin color to uniforms, says POC are “the enemy” and “you shoot at the enemy”:

LGBTQ For Trump T-Shirts For Sale ... Or For Show? Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2016-08-27 at 2.42.27 PM(Image via

Trump is now selling “LGBTQ for Trump” T-shirts, which is like our community's DO NOT RESUSCITATE sign.

What's funnier to me is the fact that even though somebody told Trump's grifter staff that “LGBTQ” was the way to pretend to be inclusive, they only have the shirt available in a men's tee! Sorry, lesbians. Sorry, trans girls.

The “Q” is for all the questions I have for any LGBTQ person dumb enough to vote for Trump over really anyone. I'd sooner vote for Ted Cruz, who is on a holy war against gays, because at least he wouldn't accidentally nuke London or something.

Aug 26 2016
Um, No Comments (0)
Lunatic Governor When Challenged By C*CKS*CKER Lawmaker: I'M AFTER YOU! Comments (0)

Come ON, Maine, you can do so much better than racist, anti-LGBTQ, mentally unhinged Gov. Paul LePage. Check out his crazy rant to a Democratic lawmaker.

Strong Message: Hunks For Hillary Comments (0)

14066504_1231027626948786_138845989895530027_o(Image by Abel Cruz/Photo Studio Miami)

Fitness model and Oryx lifestyle brand owner Eric Turner is launching Hunks for Hillary, which encourages fellow Insta-stud dudes to put their skin real estate to good use as long as their shirts are off and declare their support for Secretary Clinton.

I'm Matthew Rettenmund, and I approve this message.

P.S. Visit his Facebook page and check out the comments from the intellectually challenged and not-very-hunky fans who burp out anti-Hillary memes. There are two very distinct types of anti-Hillary gays, both ugly on the inside.

Aug 25 2016
6-PACK — Pulse Survivors' Bills Covered + Boiling-Water Attacker Gets 40 Years + Pro-LGBTQ Vet Slain + Robbie Rogers' Tormentor Punished + Scott Eastwood: Only Pretty On The Outside + Shawn Mendes Can't Have Sex?! Comments (0)

CqtUZKjWAAQkx0PTim Tebow with Pulse survive Rodney Sumter (Image via Instagram @ihollyrod)

*widget boy cultureOrlando will not bill Pulse gay nightclub mass-shooting survivors for their (astronomically expensive) treatment.

*widget boy cultureMan who deliberately poured boiling water on sleeping gay couple gets 40 years in prison. Bye-eee!

Screen-shot-2016-08-25-at-9-26-820x430Tromain Mackall (Image via WDCD)

*widget boy cultureVeteran Tromain Mackall was murdered, his body stuffed into a toolbox. Was it because he was dating a trans girl?

*widget boy culturePlayer suspended for calling Robbie Rogers a “queer” denies it, says he simply swore at him.

*widget boy cultureScott Eastwood's ex-GF died in a car crash and he never called her dad, never sent flowers, never attended her memorial.

*widget boy cultureNewly-18 Shawn Mendes to Billboard: Sex, post-fame, is “impossible”; he “hooked up” with an older woman, but she freaked.

Shawn-Mendes(Image via Billboard)

Hillary Clinton On E-Mails (Again): I TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR IT Comments (0)

Candidate Hillary Clinton has made her most directly apologetic remarks yet regarding the media-driven, lingering e-mail, er, scandal.

Speaking with CNN's Anderson Cooper, she took on the current narrative, that she was blaming former SOS Colin Powell for her woes:

I have the utmost respect for Secretary Powell. He was incredibly gracious and helpful after I was nominated and before I took the job. I appreciated the time he took when I was preparing to become secretary. I valued his advice. I'm not going to re-litigate in public my private conversation with him... I've been asked many, many questions in the past year about emails, and what I've learned is that when I try to explain what happened, it can sound like I'm trying to excuse what I did. And there are no excuses. I want people to know that the decision to have a single email account was mine. I take responsibility for it. I've apologized for it. I would certainly do it differently if I could.

I will never understand why this particular issue continues to fester, other than the media's desire to try to keep the presidential election a horse race, even when one of the candidates is a horse's ass.


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