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Nov 06 2013
Pantsing With The Stars Comments (0)
Via Keithers: A seemingly momentous occasion on Dancing with the Stars, as Derek Hough is stripped to the waist for our entertainment. No, he wasn't pantsted, but that seems inevitable.
Aug 10 2012
Dancing In The Gay Bars Comments (9)

Derek Hough National Enquirer gay
Via National Enquirer (August 20, 2012): A fan claims that just because he was dancing with buddies at a gay club (Jam in Salt Lake City, Utah) and threw a fit when asked to pose for a photo, Derek Hough must be gay. Actually, I've been convinced by less evidence in other cases.

May 14 2012
Crack Shot Comments (4)

Thank you, Maria Menounos, for posting this twit pic of Derek Hough's sumptuous ass.

Nov 18 2011
11 Sexiest People Comments (10)

1Dylan McDermott

Not counting coverboy Bradley Cooper, my favorite 11 sexy men from People's November 28, 2011, "Sexiest Man Alive" issue...

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Oct 07 2011
Poling Station Comments (5)

In Touch (October 17, 2011) polls readers as to which Dancing with the Stars hottie looks best shirtless. Derek Hough is, as always, sizzling, but Maksim Chmerkovskiy wins with a resounding 45%. Damn if Mark Ballas didn't win my own informal pole.

Dec 10 2009
Stripping With The Stars Comments (4)

The Dancing With the Stars guys are stripping down in the 'bloids this week. Above, Maksim Chmerkovskiy, Derek Hough and Mark Ballas go sans shirt, prompting Maks to sniff, "I don't think it would be fair to compare me with Mark and Derek because you would be comparing a man's body with boys' bodies."

Below, check out a smokin' picture of Hough from Star (December 21, 2009). Hough says he's single, writing, "Single life is ok, not great. I like being with people, that's probably why I haven't been single in 5 years."


Dec 04 2009
In & Out Comments (14)

Globe (December 14, 2009) has its ongoing "Who's Gay and Who's Not in Hollywood" feature. Here's the tally, according to them: 

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Sep 10 2009
I Love Women, Too, But I Still Suck Dick. What's Your Point? Comments (1)


When combatting gay rumors, go straight to the top: People. In the mag's September 21, 2009, issue, Dancing with the Stars doll Derek Hough casually explains that he's "been called gay all my life because I'm a dancer." (The two are not always mutally exclusive.) He also states "I love women," which is a classic closeted-gay comment that I can remember reading in the 1970s coming from the lips of Rock Hudson himself. Doesn't make Derek gay, doesn't make him not. 

Dancing with the Rock stars: Hudson cuts a rug with Gina Lollobrigida.

Most hilariously, Hough says, "No more showmances!" Look, buddy, a "showmance" no longer means just a romance between people in showbiz, it's more likely to refer to a fake romance contrived to sell tickets or to obscure homosexuality—does no one vet this stuff?