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Oct 23 2010
Bear And Grin It Comments (0)

Went to the Quad tonight for the 7:15 show of BearCity, Doug Langway's bear rom com about a group of men looking for love, self-acceptance and the occasional cheap thrill, and was surprised how much of a good time I wound up having.

BEARCITY Cast & Creators @ The Quad NYC Premiere 10.22.10 from Matthew Rettenmund on Vimeo.

BearCity2 BearCity—co-written by Langway with film writer Lawrence Ferber—is sort of like a hairy, white Noah's Arc with some Desperate Housewives and Sex and the City thrown in. Tyler (first-time film actor Joe Conti) is a preppy thesp who's sick of acting like he isn't wildly attracted to bears. He meets furry partners Brent (Big Gay Sketch Show's Stephen Guarino) and Fred (Brian Keane) and is taken under their paws, finding himself introduced to 400-pound Michael (Gregory Gunter) and his cubby hubby BF Carlos (James Martinez) as well as the hottest bear in town, silver-haired and silver tongued Roger (CSI's Gerald McCullouch). Instant community!

ROUNDUP-BEAR-articleLargeAre they hirsute-able for each other?

Tyler falls hard for Roger, who seems to resist returning the favor to protect his rep among the muscle bears—as much as Tyler has felt expressing his attraction to bears to be a second coming out, Roger feels the same way about expressing his attraction to a non-bear.

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Oct 05 2010
She Probably Didn't Inhale, Either Comments (3)

While I think it's peachy-keen that Teri Hatcher is crusading against plastic surgery (or at least against the perception that she's had it)—I wouldn't be one of the people trashing Madonna for looking old if she'd never had surgery—I really don't think I can buy her claim to have had Botox once in 1997 and never again. And nothing else. Nothing else??? (And I'm sure she doesn't count a nosejob from way back since it's not anti-aging?)

Aug 11 2010
Invasion Of The Teri Hatchers Comments (8)

Teri Hatcher, perhaps seeking some attention (because this is not exactly the latest hot topic)—not that there's anything wrong with that!—has posted pictures of herself looking very, um, natural to prove that she has not had Botox. At least not recently; she admits to experimenting with Botox and fillers in the past but not with surgery.

PreviewScreenSnapz00210 years ago, in proportion

I'm not a big fan of hers anyway, but she was looked real and she was spectacular back when she made her legendary Seinfeld appearance*, and I don't buy for a second she has not done anything more than experimenting with Botox and fillers. That eye on the left is stretched unnaturally and has been for several years, her cheeks are definitely still enhanced with some kind of filler or injection (she weighs about 10 pounds yet her face isn't gaunt?) and the taut quality of her face is unnatural.

Since she brought it up.

But whatever she says, because God knows stars would never lie about plastic surgery.

*It's funny that, as in that appearance, she now feels the need to defend her realness vs. suspected surgery.

Jun 07 2010
There Will Be Shirtlessness Comments (0)
I have a picture with Josh Henderson somewhere, back when he was in Scene 23 (The WB's Popstars missed the American Idol pie by like two years). But he wasn't as cute as he is now, as captured by Tyler Shields and as presented by Henderson's Twitter. Just don't get any ideas—on his Facebook page, his only fave book listed is the Bible. Which means he probably won't eat shellfish. 
Apr 09 2010
Too Good To Play Bad Comments (3)

Globe (April 19, 2010) has an approving article on Neal McDonough, the Desperate Housewives villain who's just been let go from a steamy new show called Scoundrels because he refuses to do sex scenes. Why? Because he's "a devout Catholic and family man." I guess Catholicism isn't against murder, because he mimed that well on DH. (And yes, he even did physical scenes feigning violence. While I can understand avoiding 9-1/2 Weeks-esque sex scenes, if you're not willing to French and play out lovemaking for a part, you're not an actor.

Apr 05 2010
Team Nicollette Comments (3)
Nicollette Sheridan is suing Desperate Housewives creator Marc Cherry for $20 million. No, not just for unfairly getting rid of her, but because she alleges he created a hostile work environment from Day One and physically struck her! The details are quite juicy. If she reported this to ABC as she says, there will be a pretty solid timeline.
Feb 19 2010
Shooting With Ryan Carnes Comments (0)
Insanely hot Ryan Carnes (Desperate Housewives, Eating Out) is captured by shooter Jeff Slater. 
May 15 2009
What The Tuc? Comments (8)

Am I crazy, or is that Tuc Watkins (of I Think I Do, Desperate Housewives and One Life to Live fame as a stripper in this outrageously cheesy, 1980s Chippendales video co-starring Audrey Landers?

I dunno, I think it could be. His first listed credit on IMDb hits around 1990:


Here he is in the early 1990s:


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