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Dec 04 2015
Poster Joy: ALTERNATIVE MOVIE POSTERS II Is Here Comments (0)

JL BeanEye-popping fresh views of Pink Flamingos and Grey Gardens by JL Bean

Out today is the lovely, holiday-gift-worthy book Alternative Movie Posters II: More Film Art from the Underground, which gathers stunning new takes on old movie posters that rival the originals.


Pee-wee-tastic cover by Steve Dressler

Editor Matthew Chojnacki rounds up the work of nearly 100 emerging artists in this volume, a feast for the eyes.

Jun 02 2014
A Divine Retrospective Comments (0)


The works of late poster artist Todd Trexler are on display at Magnet in San Francisco from today through the end of the month. Many, including images promoting appearances by Divine and Sylvester, are being seen for the first time in 40 years.


Trexler was aware of this retrospective, but died unexpectedly on February 9.

Check out an interview with the artist after the jump...

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Mar 30 2014
Need To Know: Grand Total, Zimbabwe Out Of Line, Christie Post-Occupied, Sean Cody 101, Basic-Bitch Diagnosis + MORE! Comments (0)

*widget boy cultureOut artist Steve Grand ropes in $326,593 on Kickstarter.

*widget boy cultureZimbabwean Pres. Robert Mugabe says, “Gays are inhuman.”

*widget boy cultureChristie, ignorant on foreign policy, goofs with Jewish mega-donor, says sorry.

*widget boy cultureSean Cody gives lip service to teacher concerned about high-school porn actor.

*widget boy cultureIf you're not sure whether you're a basic bitch, you probz are.

*widget boy cultureIT'S SO BEAUTIFUL: I Am Divine debuts digitally tomorrow.

*widget boy cultureElton John & David Furnish: It's their “duty” to marry.

*widget boy cultureLena Dunham directs her first music video.

*widget boy cultureDynasty star & international sex kitten Kate O'Mara dies @ 74.

Death-kate-omaraO'Mara was also unforgettable on Ab Fab as “Patsy”'s sis “Jacks.”

Oct 21 2013
Divinity School: A Review of I AM DIVINE! Comments (0)

DIvine-split-imageThe filthiest woman dead: Divine.

I Am Divine!, the latest inspired queer documentary by Jeffrey Schwarz (Wrangler: Anatomy of an Icon, Vito) opens with footage from the premiere of the film Hairspray in Baltimore. In it, Divine is intereviewed, gushing about how happy the night was making him. "I'm loving every minute of it!" he says, unaware he would be dead within days.

DIvine-John-WatersDivine and John Waters as teens, when their creative partnership was formed.

It's a bittersweet start to an otherwise ebullient documentation of a singular film icon, a punk drag artist with humor who was simultaneously the most beautiful "woman" in the world and the filthiest person alive. And underneath it all, "she" was also a mousy boy from Baltimore who unironically worshiped Elizabeth Taylor and longed for stardom.

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Oct 17 2013
Need To Know: Shutdown Gets Shut Down, Michael Lucas Puts Tan Mom In Porn, Cat Burglars + MORE Comments (0)

Tumblr_mt5u0uDVKG1szb6xpo2_500Joe's one of the nicest stars I've ever met or worked with. No snark.

*widget boy cultureJoe Jonas seeing addiction specialist? Love this guy. Hoping he is okay.  Hot-butt

*widget boy cultureObama and Dems win on the debt ceiling and shutdown.

*widget boy cultureTed Cruz under the mistaken impression that his side won.

*widget boy cultureTan Mom's non-porn porn debut is messier than santorum.

*widget boy cultureMy Instagram of hot dudes just got hotter. Follow!

*widget boy cultureGet fit with Nicole Winhoffer & Mya.

*widget boy culturePlease "like" Boy Culture on Facebook.

*widget boy culturePUSSY RIOT: Cats stealing dogs' beds. Many times over.

*widget boy cultureAwkwardness is all for media consultant Vanessa Bayer.

Blake-SkjellerupBoycotting the boycott.

*widget boy cultureOut jock Blake Skjellerup: No to anti-gay companies, yes to Russia.

*widget boy cultureAwesome "private" Madonna snap.

*widget boy cultureCeline Dion's "Loved Me Back to Life" lyric vid.

*widget boy cultureJordan Steele is crazy-hot. Machete Kills

*widget boy cultureI Am Divine director speaks about his filthy subject.

*widget boy culture"Yaaaaassss yaaasss Gaga!" is catchier than "Aura."

*widget boy cultureMachete Kills has disastrous wide opening.

*widget boy cultureBut good news! Gaga will be in a Muppets Xmas special.


Sep 02 2013
Need To Know: Assad Situation, What Are The Feds Smoking?, Box Office Blow-Out, Divine Duds + MORE Comments (0)

Victor-GasparWouldn't you love to go spoil this Victor?

*widget boy cultureI <3 Victor Gaspar!

*widget boy cultureRand Paul <3 Assad!

*widget boy cultureSYRIASLY?: Sarah Palin's solution on Syria is, "Let Allah sort it out."

*widget boy cultureDemocrats reigning in Obama on Syria attack resolution.

*widget boy cultureWeed one step closer to being legal.

*widget boy cultureSpanish-language Instructions Not Included slays at box office. Orlando-cruz-announces-hes-gay

*widget boy cultureOut boxer Orlando Cruz goes nude online.

*widget boy cultureDruggy Electric Zoo Festival in canceled after deaths.

*widget boy cultureBig Brother drama as in-denial racist toad is evicted.

*widget boy cultureFuneral services set for DADT activist Darren Manzella.

*widget boy cultureDarling, your sweater is simply Divine.

DivineFashion for the filthiest people alive.

Jun 26 2013
You Should Be So Lucky Comments (0)
The Stock-Aitken-Waterman sound, via massive megamix.
Feb 12 2013
Musicals To My Ears: Reviewing Best Of Warner Bros. 20 Film Collection-Musicals Comments (7)

Out today is Best of Warner Bros. 20 Film Collection: Musicals, which is described in a press release as follows:

Pop-Warner-Bros"Warner Bros. continues to entertain the world with films passionately produced, selectively acquired, carefully preserved and impeccably curated for both the casual and ultimate movie lover to enjoy forever. Best of Warner Bros. 20 Film Collection: Musicals will be released February 12 and will include films such as Singin' in the Rain, The Wizard of Oz and many more."

Talk about a killer collection! The full list is:

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