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Jul 27 2015
Friendly Persuasion: Matt Shepard Doc On Logo TV Tonight Comments (0)

Tonight, Logo TV will be premiering the second documentary in its Logo Documentary Films division, Matt Shepard Is a Friend of Mine

Filmmaker Michele Josue interviews many of Shepard's intimates and others associated with his life and death.

Jul 15 2015
Sibilant: The True Story Of A Gay Man Possessed By 2 Separate Voices—A Review Of DO I SOUND GAY? Comments (0)

David-ThorpeThorpe looks butch in his film's opening ... but he worries that when he opens his mouth, a purse falls out.

BOY CULTURE REVIEW: **1/2 out of ****

In a documentary that's currently the buzz of the industry, filmmaker David Thorpe sets out to get some answers—and there is invariably more than one—to the age-old question: Do I Sound Gay? The casual, at times distressingly personal film raises questions about masculinity, sexual identity and self-image that are applicable to many gay men by chronicling his own personal struggle with how he sounds ... and how he thinks he sounds.

Do%20I%20Sound%20Gay%20Pic.jpg?g=1433856522569Thorpe has thought he sounds very gay for decades, and his friends agree. Where they're less agreeable is when he begins a mini-odyssey to change the timbre of his voice. We are not really used to gay stories being put forth with self-doubting gay heroes ... our community's message has been defiantly self-accepting for even longer than Thorpe has leaned on his sibilant S.

Visiting a voice coach, he's told people code-switch—raise or lower tones to communicate things like authority or affection—but all he cares about is not sounding like a “braying ninny.” Probably not fair, then, that one of the words on a list he reads to practice not sounding gay is “dynasty.” He's the right age that he probably couldn't help envisioning Joan Collins as he tried to utter it as someone, well, less gay might.

Thorpe's fragile ego is put forth to us the way you extend your hand to a dog—friends?—and for many viewers, I think his honesty will work. For me, it worked until it didn't, which was when the aggregate of his open-and-honest exclamations regarding his troubling voice made him come off as kind of on the verge of aspiration ally ex-gay. He's not ex-gay, but he wants his tongue to be.

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Jul 14 2015
Truthed Or Dared: 25th-Anniversary Screening Of One Of Madonna's Greatest Projects Comments (0)

CJ2kIDVUkAAqe-oCarlton, Donna, Alek, Luis, Kevin

Many of the principles from Truth or Dare assembled at Outfest in L.A. last night for a 25th-anniversary (give or take) screening of the iconic Madonna doc.

Director Alek Keshishian was joined by Donna De Lory, Luis Camacho, Kevin Stea

Screen Shot 2015-07-14 at 8.55.26 AM

I'm sure Madonna would have loved to have been there ... texting from the front row.

Jul 11 2015
The Whole TRUTH Comments (0)


Jeremy Kinser turns in a great Alek Keshishian interview that offers many new insights into Madonna's (now old!) film Truth or Dare.

Don't worry, those 2,000 hours of footage are not lost forever. Madonna stuff has a tendency of turning up.

Jun 12 2015
The Good SEED: A Review Of The New Chuck Holmes Doc Comments (0)
  Seed Money - Al Parker Weekend Lockup Seed Money - Boat Seed Money Header Sage jpg Seed Money - Mailer Montage Screen Shot 2015-06-11 at 11.54.03 PM 10441927_690918197657756_5593802665401700649_n 10501643_658405477575695_6998974185094424287_n

Screen Shot 2015-06-12 at 12.39.16 AMI absolutely loved Seed Money: The Chuck Holmes Story, (sexxxy) director Mike Stabile's A+ doc on the porn magnate that's making the film fest rounds.

Seed Money is at once a sympathetic but unblinking portrait of Falcon founder Holmes, an impeccably curated collection of some of the most indelible clips from the unbearably erotic movies that have become a shared visual language among gay men, and a ribald cockumentary on the commodification of M4M sex.

Seed Money - Chuck BW Portrait
Seed Money - Stabile HeadshotChuck Holmes (top) and Mike Stabile (bottom)—which might be wishful thinking.

The film will make you marvel at the fact that clean feet and fresh-from-the-package tightie-whities could make a guy so rich, and leave such an impression on so many others just like him. Even though Jeff Stryker is on hand to reminisce, the film's money shot is its honest portrayal of a gay kid from the sticks whose drive to make something of himself and whose struggle with and eventual celebration of his sexuality wound up all but defining the history of gay porn.


Seed Money is that rare documentary that you could easily jack off to (hello, Bill Henson ... how you doin', Buster? ... 'sup, Kurt Marshall?) but that never stops engaging your brain. Though it touches only briefly on the potentially problematic nature of Holmes's taste becoming the gay community's default position on all things randy (you'll cringe when Chi Chi La Rue tells it like it was regarding what black models were and were not allowed to do on Falcon sets), that portion of the film is emblematic of its thoughtful, nuanced approach.

Screen Shot 2015-06-10 at 11.31.30 PM

Think of it as yet another side of Aspen.

Make sure to catch this important film at Outfest and/or Frameline.

Jun 08 2015
Need To Know: Pinball Wizardry + Peter Can + Walmart Whore + Restored Virginity + MORE! Comments (0)


*widget boy cultureAmazing pinball machines of the past.

*widget boy cultureZayn goes green.

*widget boy cultureKelsey Grammer brags that his B'way show can run 30 years.

*widget boy culture10 ways to celebrate Gay Pride.

*widget boy cultureHot remix of Teenage Love's “Lazer Vision.”

*widget boy cultureWOW, did Reese Witherspoon ever get paid for this.

*widget boy cultureDonald Trump invites Caitlyn Jenner to judge Miss Teen USA.

*widget boy cultureCaitlyn was almost outed in 1985.

*widget boy cultureBarbie finally has flats.

*widget boy cultureMan wrongly accused of crime & denied trial commits suicide.

*widget boy cultureThe Voice contestant dies @ 28.

*widget boy cultureThe Queen of Versailles subject dies @ 18.

*widget boy culture1985 report on Madonna's Virgin Tour, first time on the 'Net.


Jun 05 2015
Finding Your Gay Voice Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2015-06-05 at 12.12.30 AM

Check out the trailer for the fascinating-sounding doc on sounding gay, Do I Sound Gay? I had a chance to see it and had to pass this week, but will probably pay to see it ASAP ...

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May 13 2015
That's A Wrap(ped In Plastic): Check Out This Queer TWIN PEAKS-Themed Kickstarter Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2015-05-13 at 11.13.20 AM

If you are gay, are interested in the problem of substance abuse, are obsessed with Twin Peaks, are intrigued by fandom and/or are a fan of films like Tarnation, you should get over to Kickstarter and check out the campaign for the new documentary Northwest Passage.

Director Adam Baran (Jackpot), who I blogged about recently regarding his Looking rant, is proposing to explore his teen fascination with Twin Peaks.

From the campaign:

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