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Sep 18 2014
One Of CNN's Anchors Is A Real Lemon Comments (0)


Don Lemon continues to say idiotic things on TV. I really wish I could like him, but his opinions are so often completely unsupported. Check out the video after the jump as anchor Chris Cuomo cites 30 years' worth of behavioral science in opining that spanking does not work, then Lemon steadfastly ignores the science and brings up training dogs and (incredibly) slave culture.

How is anything from slave culture something for which he should be arguing? (He's called on that and tries to say that's what he meaaans, he's evolviiing...)

Spanking is not a racial issue. I'm sick of hearing that it's a black thing, or a black southern thing. It's not. Or at least, it shouldn't be. Hitting your child is, across the board, ineffective, all about the parent and—too often, though not always—abusive. It also creates more aggressive human beings...

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May 01 2014
Need To Know: Lindsay Needed Franco Fix, Amy Schumer vs. The Plastics, College Cocksman, FOX's Big White Hole + MORE! Comments (0)

Lindsay-Lohan-James-FrancoSleeping beauties

*widget boy cultureJames Franco did not have sex with that Lindsay Lohan woman.

*widget boy cultureClick HERE if you think you sound gay.

*widget boy cultureAmy Schumer on body (and face, don't forget face!) dysmorphia.

*widget boy cultureYOU BETTER CLERK: Judge Scalia's epic dissent hobbled by glaring factual error. Rob-Ford-Judge-Judy-Rock-Hudson-Phyllis-Gates-gay

*widget boy cultureIs Prince Harry bicurious? Or just dick-lomatic?

*widget boy cultureCollege stud services women, pops balloons, for cash.

*widget boy cultureRapper, athlete and Shaquille O'Neal mock disabled man.

*widget boy cultureBrunei slips steadily backward toward the Stone Age.

*widget boy culturePeople gets perfect pic of Clooney enGAYgement ring.

*widget boy cultureJudge Judy to kick asses, take names in prime time.

*widget boy cultureMayor Rob Ford decides he has a problem.

*widget boy culturePeaches Geldof had one—death attributed to O.D.

*widget boy cultureJane Lynch iffy on reports Naya Rivera fired from Glee.

*widget boy cultureVincent Paterson preferred the old, young Madonna.

*widget boy cultureThe UN's pro-gay Bollywood-style campaign.

*widget boy cultureRush Limbaugh calls gay Don Lemon “big black hole.”

*widget boy cultureSo what you're saying is that Shep Smith is gay, regardless?

*widget boy cultureEllen DeGeneres tells Ellen Page she's proud of her for coming out:

Mar 21 2014
Need To Know: Give It To Me In '50s, And The Supremes, Life Gives Us Lemon, Homo-Sexercise + MORE! Comments (0)

55RevengeofCreatureHunky John Bromfield (R) in Revenge of the Creature

*widget boy culture10 most beeefcake-heavy horror flicks of the '50s!

*widget boy culturePossible Supreme Court nominees...should any vacancies occur.

*widget boy cultureWhy the fuck is Don Lemon self-destructing???

*widget boy cultureRyan Gosling to play Busby Berkeley?

*widget boy cultureChad White for Atlantic Men. Chad-White

*widget boy culture"RUBELLA!": Thanks, Jenny McCarthy & Kristin Cavallari.

*widget boy culturePNP? RIP: Bad batch of GHB killing gay Manhattanites?

*widget boy cultureKylie's "Sexercise" turned into a gay fan's wet dream.

*widget boy cultureNick Bateman touches his nipples.

*widget boy cultureChick spends marathon taking hunk pic-withs!

*widget boy cultureBlogger says tomorrow = wonderful, but makes the '90s look outta sight!

*widget boy cultureMike Albo's The Junket is in my future!

*widget boy cultureGay swimmer's tough year.

*widget boy cultureMadonna's Like a Prayer, 25 years (!) on.

*widget boy cultureVia pop au cubo: "My name is Dita, I'll be your dermatologist tonight...":

Mar 15 2014
Need To Know: Dis-R-E-S-P-E-C-T, Wendy's Big Mouth, My Aunt Fanny, Cavallari's Shot In The Dark + MORE! Comments (0)

*widget boy cultureABOVE: Aretha Franklin atomic-shades Patti LaBelle at the White House.

*widget boy cultureMalaysian plane probably pirated, or otherwise sabotaged.

*widget boy culture"Commandeering" aircraft more common than you think.

*widget boy cultureWendy Williams leads unapologetically transphobic CrossFit chat.

*widget boy cultureCheryl Merkowski's "Walls Fall Out" video is BEYOND: 

*widget boy culturePrincess Diana leaked royal numbers out of spite.

*widget boy cultureThe origins of "teenagers."

*widget boy cultureKristin Cavallari doesn't believe in vaccinations.

*widget boy cultureTennessee (!) now recognizes 3 gay marriages.

*widget boy cultureDirtbag Chris Brown arrested. Again.

*widget boy cultureOut anchor Don Lemon in running to replace Piers Morgan.

*widget boy cultureTHE SKIN I'M IN: Aesthetician plotted rival's murder.

*widget boy cultureDON'T compare Gaga to Katy Perry.

*widget boy cultureMissed that My Brilliant Career & Happy New Year actress Wendy Hughes died 3/8.

Wendy HughesEnd of a Brilliant Career

May 26 2011
'Fession Is Good For The Soul Comments (0)

Globe (June 6, 2011) tries to make Don Lemon's principled coming out sound salacious, stressing that he "'fesses he's gay!" with the word "gay!" in hot pink. Interestingly, the short piece is mainly an excuse to openly theorize about Anderson Cooper's own potential for coming out soon.

May 17 2011
Lemon Joy, or Born This Black Comments (0)


CNN anchor Don Lemon dazzled in his coming-out interview on Joy Behar's show, mixing seriousness with humor.

On his coming out affecting other anchors coming out:

"Every little bit helps...drip, drip, drip...everything helps. I'm not saying they should. It would be great if they did, quite honestly."

On how other famous people could come out, even without a book:

"Just tweet it...I think it's just important to live your own truth in your own being in your own life and if someone asks you in an interview or in any format, just say, 'Yes, next question.'"

On whether being out betrays a bias:

"I can talk about President Obama and be objective and I'm a black man...I don't think just because I'm gay that it takes my brain away or it makes me not be objective."

On homophobia in the black community:

"In black culture, the worst thing you can be, really, is a gay man, right? A gay black man. That's the worst thing you can be. So you're afraid that black women won't accept you, your family, the church, people you—and then, you know, every other gay person who's not black has to deal with the other things, but you have that, that whole thing and the church especially. You have to deal with that...I'm here to tell you, in the black community it's worse. And hopefully, it's getting better. Hopefully, people like me will make it better. But I think it's sort of the vestiges of, of discrimination and slavery and thinking that if you're gay, that you're effeminate or that you're not a man or that you're weaker...I'm not weak at all. So I just think that's, that's part of it and the black community especially needs to get over that...I was born gay just as I was born black."

More of Dazzling Don on Joy's show here.

May 16 2011
Hoops!...They Did It Again Comments (2)


Along with Don Lemon, also coming out recently: Former Villanova hoops star/current music artist Will Sheridan (pictured above) and Phoenix Suns prez Rick Welts (pictured below).


It's great to see a diversity of people coming out—different races and ages and from a different area than is usual (sports). The more the merrier.

SafariScreenSnapz002Screen grab from Sheridan's "Welcome to the Jungle" video

Out...And About Comments (9)

Don_Lemon_picHe's coming out...he wants the world to know...

Looks like the rumors were true—Don Lemon is the "TV personality" who was set to come out this week. He does so in the context of promoting his new memoir Transparent.

The first interview he's given seems to be with The New York Times. In it, he acknowledges a couple of the potentially difficult aspects of his coming out that commenters on my Facebook page and elsewhere have brought up, starting with the fact that he is best known for having coming out as a survivor of sexual abuse at the hands of a male:

"People are going to say, 'Oh, he was molested as a kid and now he is coming out.' I get it."

He also points out the cultural impact of coming out as a black man:

"It’s quite different for an African-American male. It’s about the worst thing you can be in black culture. You’re taught you have to be a man; you have to be masculine. In the black community they think you can pray the gay away...You’re afraid that black women will say the same things they do about how black men should be dating black women. I guess this makes me a double minority now."

Don-lemon-sexy1 I'd been quarreling with a Facebook friend—who is an out gay man—over the "why" of a public figure, in particular a journalist, coming out. His belief was that being gay would read as having a slate of opinions and would lead to a Judge Walker-like backlash. My opinion is that that backlash is not something to reward, and that I was always taught in journalism and in academia that it's not wrong to have opinions, it's just important to be upfront about where you're coming from. Write a persuasive essay against marriage equality without informing the reader that you're employed by a Republican candidate for the presidency? That's no good. But furthermore, being gay is not having an opinion or set of opinions any more than being a woman or a man or white or Jewish or black is.

Lemon speaks eloquently about this need for (you guessed it) transparency:

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