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Sep 17 2014
Need To Know: Stade Muffins + Iggy Popped + To Your Health + Noun, Verb, Benghazi + MORE! Comments (0)

StadeIt's Dieux, duh.

*widget boy cultureDieux du Stade is still three years away from being legal!

*widget boy culturePhilly gay-bashing solved by Twitter?

*widget boy cultureCould that Iggy Azalea sex tape see the light of day after all?

*widget boy cultureMadonnaTribe does Encyclopedia Madonnica!

*widget boy cultureFor all you vodka Queens.

*widget boy cultureThanks to Obamacare, uninsured rate plummets.

*widget boy cultureAdvocate names 50 most influential LGBT mediaites.

*widget boy cultureDownton Abbey ventures into ex-gay territory.

*widget boy cultureRaymond & Lane's delusions of grandeur.

*widget boy cultureElisabeth Hasselbeck connects Ray Rice to Benghazi.

*widget boy cultureFind out how pic-with king Geoffrey Dicker totally won the Internet, and met Oprah.

I won the internet

Jun 11 2013
Gays Of SNORE Comments (1)
Basically everyone I've ever met is in this hilarious Downton Abbey spoof, entitled Snore. You will love it, even if you love the show...

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Feb 15 2013
Need To Know Comments (0)


*widget boy cultureMaggie Smith has never seen Downton Abbey. Britney-Spears-gay-Drake-Jensen

*widget boy cultureHow NOT to win an Oscar.

*widget boy cultureJewel's gay-cowboy fascination.

*widget boy cultureHow to get kicked out of an ex-gay meeting.

*widget boy cultureAre meteors God's punishment for anti-gay Russia?

*widget boy cultureGun nut Pistorius tears up after slaying GF.

*widget boy cultureBritney Spears has a mystery date.

*widget boy cultureEve speculates Britney didn't sing on Will.i.am song.

*widget boy cultureMore proof that Lil Wayne is a sociopath.

*widget boy cultureDrake Jensen's OUTlaw available for pre-order.

*widget boy cultureLautenberg retiring, Cory Booker well positioned for NJ Senate.

*widget boy cultureHighlights from Illinois Senate passing marriage equality:

Feb 12 2013
Downton Scene Comments (0)
Classic! Are you watching?
Hate To Love You Comments (4)
Downton-Abbey-shirtThe latest in Downton Abbey wear. I love it! Though I really take exception to Rob James-Collier's perception of his character arc on the show. Yes, he plays a pretty nasty guy, but "Thomas" has of late been rather softened by the depiction of his desire for "Jimmy" (Ed Speleers). Cruelly misled by "O'Brien" (Siobhan Finneran), he allows himself to believe his desire may be a two-way street, is humiliatingly rejected and has to withstand the condemnation of his boss and the threat of being cast out of his job to face an uncertain future. Baffling that James-Collier thinks "Thomas"'s actions toward "Jimmy" make him "an Edwardian sex pest" when in fact they provided the first sign that he had some of the humanity of which "O'Brien" seems completely devoid.
Dec 27 2012
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Ggw_gmayl_french_promo_500Oui are the world

Widget boy cultureHottest Madonna collectibles of 2012. Katy-Perry-Dan-Stevens-Rhoda-Valerie-Harper-Schatz-Hawaii

Widget boy cultureFloral fashions, complete with PhotoShop loading bars.

Widget boy cultureSchatz chosen to succeed Inouye—against Inoye's dying wishes.

Widget boy cultureBoehner vacationing as fiscal-cliff plunge looms.

Widget boy cultureFOX labels Westboro "left-wing cult."

Widget boy cultureDan Stevens leaving Downton Abbey.

Widget boy cultureValerie Harper releasing I, Rhoda memoir.

Widget boy cultureAnti-privacy Facebook exec changes her tune.

Widget boy cultureKaty Perry to youth: "Ask for help."

Widget boy cultureAfterElton's most popular posts.

Widget boy cultureBlind items to uselessly try to guess.

Widget boy cultureTop gay-porn stories of 2012.

Chris-crocker-670x479Off their Crockers

Dec 13 2012
Need To Know Comments (1)

Lancome-hero-OregonPutting his best face forward

Widget boy cultureMeet the most heroic Lancome clerk ever. Gossip-gay-RuPaul-Antonin-Scalia

Widget boy cultureMeet Injustice Scalia's ideological tormentor.

Widget boy cultureSir Ian McKellen does not have prostate cancer.

Widget boy cultureCalifornia Gov. Jerry Brown does have prostate cancer.

Widget boy cultureRob James-Collier not into gay Downton Abbey kisses.

Widget boy cultureSouth Americans losing it over Madonna.

Widget boy cultureVOTE: RuPaul for Best Reality Show Judge/Host.

Widget boy cultureIf "gay" is a birth defect, will righties go pro-choice?

Widget boy culturePlan to castrate and murder Justin Bieber thwarted.

Widget boy cultureBeekmans defend twins against anti-gay rap.

Widget boy cultureThe do-it-yourself...drone???

Widget boy cultureThe boy from Bora Bora.

Widget boy cultureSarah Palin's son, Track, divorcing. Already.

Widget boy culture10 stories that affected HIV/AIDS in black America.

Widget boy cultureAndrew Christian's too-hot Vimeo account deleted.

Widget boy cultureAll of 2012 in one video:

Jul 19 2012
Lena On Me: Emmy Nominations Announced Comments (7)

Lena Dunham Girls Emmy nomineeI loved that mop-lady cartoon before The Carol Burnett Show!

Emmy nominations are out, and for the first time I can remember, there are more cable than network nominees in the Best Comedy Series category. I'm thrilled that Girls and Veep were recognized. Girls totally deserves to win, but will never overcome Modern Family (which I still enjoy in spite of increasingly saccharine, tied-with-a-bow endings to each episode).

Even better, Lena Dunham was nominated for Best Actress in a comedy series, along with every other working actress who's ever made a person smile, from Zooey Deschanel to Edie Falco.

Margaret-cho-kim-jong-ilMargaret Cho is America's best-kept state secret

Bizarrely—and happily—Margaret Cho received an Emmy nod (Outstanding Guest Actress In A Comedy Series) for impersonating Kim Jong-Il on 30 Rock! But otherwise, I'm never truly satisfied with the Supporting or Guest categories. None of the Girls girls or boys?

Maggie-smith-downton-abbey-2I'd give all the dramatic awards to Downton Abbey, which is more fun than a week-end.

American Idol failed to get nominated for Reality-Competition Program in spite of six others getting the nod.

Anyone you think was missed or unfairly recognized?