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Jul 19 2018
Barry Humphries aka Dame Edna Everage Is Pro-Trump, Virulently Anti-Trans Comments (0)

Barry HumphriesFeminists and trans activists sometimes argue that drag is inherently a joke against them, and against gay people, not with us all. Disagree! But in Humphries' case, they were right. (Image via Barry Humphries' Weimar Cabaret)

This is a huge disappointment, and I had missed his previous comments, but Barry Humphries has made some shockingly anti-trans statements in a new interview, statements that really outstrip the unfortunate/arguably insensitive comments that are routinely called out by the trans community and their defenders.

In other words, this isn't PC vs. non-PC territory, this is outright hostility ...

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Jul 13 2018
POSE Renewed For Season 2 Comments (0)

Pose has been renewed for a second season on FX!

Any quibbles I had early on (Dominique Jackson's act-ting ... the relative lack of people with HIV ... some of the Friends-sized apartments ...) have mostly resolved and I now find it to be pretty satisfying to watch every week. I think Billy Porter just had an Emmy episode, and MJ Rodriguez carries things beautifully, while it's Indya Moore who I can't resist.

Are you into it?

Jul 12 2018
Model Citizen + Dye! Dye! My Darlings + Gay Emmys + Will India Un-Ban The Gay? + Kathy Griffin Gets Reel + Gay Mag Folds + Papa John Joins Uncle Remus + Michael Jackson: Castrated? + MORE! —12-PACK Comments (0)

Above: We've all been there!

Below: Keep reading for Madonna, Michael Jackson, Paula Abdul and also a lot of things that weren't around in the 80s — like a hot male model named Tim and India potentially decriminalizing gay sex...

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It Really Should've Been Her: Drag Queen Interrupts Wedding In Gone-Viral Clip Comments (0)

Lots of stuff goes viral just for causing an eyebrow to be raised or a low chuckle, but having a drag queen interrupt your wedding with a lip-synched “It Should Have Been Me” performance deserves to be so viral it's a pandemic.

Jul 07 2018
Sexy Latin American Pride Pics + How The NYT Helped Trump + Bear Week Bonanza + Shawn Mendes Phone-Sex Audio?! + Brazilian Gymnast's Nude + Jim Jordan Took Saunas With Teens + North Korea Wafles + Strike A POSE + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

Above: Imagine Dragons singer Dan Reynolds got seriously jacked.


Below: Latin American Pride, criticizing the NYT, Bear Week,  Shawn Mendes and Arthur Nury leaks, Jeremy McClain on vogueing, shutting down the Dan Ryan, and more ...

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Jul 06 2018
Dragged!: WHAT WOULD YOU DO? Explores How People React To Drag Queens In Public Comments (0)

Drag what would you do(Video still via ABC)

What Would You Do? tracked how people react to parents attacking their son, who arrives to lunch in full drag ...

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Jun 30 2018
Aquaria Urges: BURN RUBBER Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2018-06-30 at 6.37.16 PM(Image via Aquaria)

Big fan of Aquaria, but “Burn Rubber” is another garbage song from a Ru alum. Why do they always make such crappy tunes? Oh, well ...

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Jun 28 2018
Surprise! Eureka O'Hara's THE BIG GIRL Video Drops Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2018-06-28 at 5.18.30 PM(Image via video still)

I like Eureka and support her, but this is kinda basic for a girl who might win RuPaul's Drag Race ...

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