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Feb 09 2012
Let's Go To Ed Comments (0)


Luxury brand Charisma has Eddie Cibrian('s torso) as its new spokesman, as seen in photos from In Touch (February 20, 2012), above, and OK! (February 20, 2012), below...

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Jul 29 2011
LeAnn On Me Comments (4)

Between OK! and In Touch (both August 8, 2011), they've got us covered on Eddie Cibrian's latest shirtless shoot. I'm guessing In Touch was making a funny by pointing out his wedding ring and saying "sorry ladies, he's taken!" considering the fact that wedding rings are just jewelry to this devil.


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Dec 31 2009
Taylor's Body Comments (8)

As seen in Us (January 11, 2010): What's it say about our culture that 100 people (presumably adults?) quizzed in Times Square (when they weren't too busy avoiding mysterious potential van-bombs) overwhelmingly chose a 17-year-old as having the best body when shown images of six of Hollywood's current hottest heartthrobs?

Granted, Taylor Lautner has a ridiculous body. But still!

Meanwhile, how could Jake Gyllenhaal only knock down 5% of the vote?

Nov 20 2009
The Even Sexier Men Alive Comments (10)

I like Johnny Depp fine, but "Sexiest Man Alive"? Nope. (Noticing the filler in his cheeks on the cover, too. Hm.) I prefer these also-rans from the same issue, starting with Ryan Reynolds (above) and Gilles Marini (below):

Matt Bomer is gay as a goose and cute as a button. In the text, he talks about wanting to find the love of his life, which I believe he has found???:

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