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Mar 31 2015
Need To Know: What A Joke + DC For JC + Ban-diana + TIDAL Wave + Hardy Boy + MORE! Comments (0)

*widget boy cultureWhy is ridiculing a group excused when it's humor, even malicious humor?

*widget boy cultureDestiny's Child reunion, praise Jesus.

*widget boy cultureYes, Indiana is a big deal.

*widget boy cultureIt's legal: NO GAYS ALLOWED.

*widget boy cultureMadonna & many others join Jay Z for TIDAL launch in NYC.

*widget boy cultureYour daily hunk fix.

*widget boy cultureEdilson Nascimento: Tits 'n' pits.

*widget boy cultureBill O'Reilly's cameraman calls him a liar.

*widget boy culturePetition to save Looking.

*widget boy cultureLiam Hemsworth's mushroom.

*widget boy cultureTom Hardy for Esquire.


*widget boy cultureTrevor Noah is the new Jon Stewart.

*widget boy cultureBritney's got a new song (May 5) with Iggy Azalea.

*widget boy cultureBeckham & James Corden in undies.

*widget boy cultureRuPaul's DragCon lineup.

*widget boy cultureNew Raymond & Lane!

*widget boy cultureKit Harington feels demeaned by the word “hunk.”

Nov 27 2010
Party All The Maritime Comments (3)

Edilson Nascimento (and others) frolic in the water. Can't someone set up something around this like those close-encounter dolphin experiences???

Aug 03 2010
Ed Note Comments (1)

Edilson Nascimento captures the cover of the new Junior. Shouldn't he be on every magazine cover? Even Cat Fancy?

Mar 01 2010
Attention Kmart PhotoShoppers Comments (8)
Picture 1
It now seems clear that the body from that popular Taylor Lautner New Moon image was stolen from the (rather nicely endowed) model Edilson Nascimento on the right. What was never clear to me, however, is if the promo on the left was ever an official Summit promo or was just a relatively well done fan creation.
Feb 01 2010
PREF Pieces Comments (0)

PREFmag (Janvier—Février 2010) is good for several eye-popping shots, including the above glistening look at Edison Nascimento and the below illustration for a piece on Jitrois denim: 

Maybe the best is this one by J Cassoni, illustrating "La Banalité du Male":


Aug 25 2009
Skinny Dipper Comments (0)


Edilson Nascimento is captured in all his glory (and I do mean all of it) by Greg Vaughan for TETU. Check some out after the jump...

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Jun 30 2009
Making A Splash Comments (0)


"Poseidon" by Pieter Henket captures Edilson Nascimento at his most perfect, whether he's modeling swimwear or lounging in the raw in the surf:



More after the jump...

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May 29 2009
Prescription-Strength Edilson Comments (0)


Made In Brazil supplies what they call "This Week's Dose of Edilson Nascimento." Question: Should he be taken orally or anally for best results?


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