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Mar 09 2013
Need To Know: Something Good Happened On The Subway, The Tribe Has Spoken, Bieber Acts Like a Baby-Baby-Baby + MORE Comments (1)

Elisabeth-Hasselbeck-firedBut I had the immunity idol!

*widget boy cultureElisabeth Hasselbeck has been voted off the island after 10 years.

*widget boy cultureAnn, starring Holland Taylor, charms The New York Times. Shemar-Moore-gay-dads

*widget boy cultureSurprisingly, a complete asshole blogs for Field & Stream.

*widget boy cultureBee venom kills HIV.

*widget boy cultureTelling Canadian Bieber to "go back to America" rankles.

*widget boy cultureShemar Moore-Moore-Moore...how do you like it, how do you like it?

*widget boy cultureJuan Williams blames plagiarism on researcher.

*widget boy cultureSweden's the best place to be gay, Iran's the worst. Your guide.

*widget boy cultureIs Keith Urban homophobic on American Idol?

*widget boy cultureMatthew Fox hypocritically critical of Harry Styles.

*widget boy cultureWait, why are small knives okay on planes suddenly???

*widget boy cultureGay dads who found son in subway on Anderson Live.

*widget boy cultureJust because you've always wanted to see the Teen Wolf cast nose-free:

Tumblr_mj91774rQN1rbl1aio1_250You'll howl with laughter

May 15 2012
50 Shades Of Gay Rights Comments (1)

In engaging remarks on The View, President Obama talks about his former support of civil unions, his now fully evolved marriage-equality views, his belief that DOMA is not Constitutional and his ignorance of 50 Shades of Grey.

Jul 30 2010
The View Kills Comments (1)

TheView-420x0 According to a press release, The View's Obama edition was its most-watched telecast ever, with 6.59 million total viewers, or just over half the number of kids who watched the series debut of iCarly in 2007. Anyway, it had a lot of viewers.

I thought they did a decent job, but I didn't like Joy's pop-culture segment so much; I would have preferred a question on DADT or gay rights in general. Obama was very good. Still, though, I think he's so bad at manipulating and running down his opponents. All this high-ground stuff was great as an antidote to Bush, but these are different times (already)—he needs to be more aggressive.

Jul 26 2010
From The President's Point Of View Comments (0)

President Obama will tape an appearance on The View Wednesday that will air Thursday—the first time a sitting U.S. president has appeared on a daytime talk show. Kudos to Barbara Walters for this big get; Walters will be returning for the first time since her heart surgery for this episode. 

This is going to be a huge deal. Not only will Obama have to be on his toes for whatever right-wing bullshit Elisabeth Hasselbeck will spring on him in order to score points with her base, he'll also have pointed, I would assume, questions from the left's Joy Behar. After all, things have changed since his 2008 appearance as a candidate.

I wonder which will bring up Don't Ask, Don't Tell or gay issues in general—the left-leaning crew, out of genuine interest, or Hasselbeck, out of a desire to stick a salty finger in the wound between the president and gay activists?

He's got a lot of other stuff to be grilled about, too—BP, the economy, Afghanistan and Iraq, fluffy stuff, the upcoming elections, Shirley Sherrod. Hope he takes it as seriously as one last Hillary Clinton debate.

Jun 23 2010
Bloody Nonsense Comments (4)

Via Joe.My.God.: Yesterday on The View, fill-ins D.L. Hughley and MSNBC's Thomas Roberts (the former much more so than the nervous latter) contributed to a discussion on the FDA's decision to maintain its ban on blood donations from any men who've had sex with other men since 1977. Hughley eventually stated agreement with the decision, stating that "political correctness" has no place in the medical world.

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Jun 22 2010
Praying Mantras Comments (7)

"Gay-lifestyle" foe D.L. Hughley and out MSNBC anchor Thomas Roberts joined The View today, and the results were...a whole lot of crazy coming from Elisabeth Hasselbeck and way too many prayer-obsessed hosts. The debate was whether or not President Obama should have referenced prayer regarding the BP spill. Joy Behar said no because it's not logical, which led to Hasselbeck insisting that prayer IS logical. Oh, and of course Sherri Shepherd emphatically believes prayer "works."

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Jun 15 2010
Cool Places Comments (10)

Elisabeth Hasselbeck was seething all through The View's interview with Kathy Griffin, but it never got past Griffin telling her, "Actually, this moment is what I live for—so bring it!" All Hasselbeck could muster? "It's all...cool."

Jun 25 2009
Let's Get Loud Comments (0)

23121_TopNews_RosieM Rosie O'Donnell has announced she'll be back in the public eye...or at least its ear...with her own Sirius XM Radio show. Rosie Radio will be on daily, so I imagine it will be a much-needed return to constant controversy, considering she will have to comment on all the day's news just like she had to do on The View. The first guest should be Elisabeth Hasselbeck, who says she had to restrain herself from hitting Perez Hilton when he was on The View—a feeling a lot of people probably have to stifle when they're around Hasselbeck.

Feb 20 2009
Offense Intended Comments (6)

6a00e54fb7301c883400e54ffa90eb8833-800wiSo many gay men, such a good time.

I saw D-list darling Kathy Griffin for the first time a year ago, then I saw her at Madison Square Garden's WaMu Theater last night. As she pointed out, the WaMu has to be renamed in a few months thanks to its namesake bank's disastrous collapse and since nobody wants to pay for the privilege it'll just be called "The Theater" again. Even when she plays MSG she's D-list, forced to appear in the wing with the undesirable sponsor.

Reality check: It was the opening night of a sold-out run of shows.


Griffin's increasingly popular comedy is fascinating to me because it's anti-cerebral and yet still incredibly smart. She's a consummate pop-culture connoisseur and observer and owes a huge part of her following to how much her audience probably agrees with every word out of her mouth, whether she's joking or being serious or both.

At one point, she made a side reference to Jessica Simpson's weight gain, which got a big hoot. This led to a coquettish, "Shall we?" This is her secret—she knows her fans' limits (non-existent) and revels in seeking our approval for her obscene and obscenely funny remarks.

Her gay following is not surprising considering her surgical take on pop culture—I think gay people are particularly good at observation, deconstruction and destruction—and due to her explicitly identifying as one of us. She ended her set with a funny report on how she spent her birthday with Cher, during which she admitted "as a gay man" it was an amazing thrill meeting Cher. Remember when Madonna started the "I'm a SafariScreenSnapz001 gay man trapped in the body of a woman" trend 18 years or so ago? Kathy has dropped the body of a woman part.

(Oh, and she's rooting for The Woz on Dancing With The Stars.)

It was a hilarious evening, a real pleasure and was almost 100% new material. She's funny, fearless, desperate for attention and an unflinching liberal big-mouth—if I believed in organized religion, I might nominate Kathy for Jesus.

IMG_1539MSG as gay mega-church.

Some of her highlights (or lowlights, depending on your last name):

Miley Cyrus is a whore: "I'm just gonna come out and say it—Miley Cyrus is a whore. I don't care anymore! She's a whooore...whooore...oh, God...whooore! That's not, that's not nice to say about a 16-year-old. But don't you think she would fuck a cucumber at this point...if it was attached to her dad?...Believe me, she is sore right now from some shit...Granted, this girl is 16 and I'm definitely being too hard on her, but she's a little advanced. Can we at least agree that she's a little what we could call forward? When I was 16, I was such a nerd I was looking at my mom and saying, 'When will I get menstruation?' I wasn't sending pictures of myself in panties on the Internet...which they didn't have. Nor did I use the postal system or a mule team. She's a whore."

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Nov 22 2008
Coming Up Rosie/Coming Down Hard/Coming Clean Comments (2)

Above: Rosie O'Donnell appeared on Conan O'Brien's show to publicize her upcoming variety series Rosie Live—it airs November 26 on NBC and is live (!!!?). I'm surprised her appearance on his show was not more hyped; she is a major get for any talk show. I suppose the incestuous (NBC plugging NBC) element made it not so big a deal, but it was still entertaining hearing her discuss The View. Too bad she'd already spoiled her best line (about Star and Debbie), because otherwise, I felt like the in-studio audience was not finding her all that funny.

I will watch her series, but I expect it to suck. I like her a lot, but the best thing I've seen her do was her stand-up act on the most recent True Colors Tour, which was less about jokes and more bittersweet. I don't find Rosie that hilarious in skits and such, so...I think this show is gonna be a hard-sell for me.

From left to right: Sudden appearance of a meteor over and eventually on Canada as captured by a cop car's dash cam, and Twilight romeo Robert Pattinson's tortured-soul appearance during an Ellen DeGeneres Show Q&A, in which he comes clean about a teen-years crush on...Patricia Arquette!