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Aug 16 2011
Death Panel For Elvis Comments (2)

At a campaign stop, Michele Bachmann noted that today was Elvis Presley's birthday. Elvis Except it was actually his deathday. Don't people who work for her bother to fact-check anything at all? She's made so many of these gaffes it's alarming.

Meanwhile, Rick Perry thinks we should employ drones at the border (which violates the law and would basically declare war on Mexico)...except he actually meant it.

I'm glad Elvis is dead—as conservative as he was, with nuts like this running around, he never woulda made it!

Nov 12 2010
Shooting From The Hips Comments (10)

Cher gave a hilarious interview to David Letterman last night. He deserves some of the credit for presenting her with a list of men she's rumored to have bedded, eliciting responses from her that ranged from "yes" to "once" to "noooo!", but giving candid, funny, earthy interviews is in my opinion what Cher does best. She also talks about her son Chaz's transition and her, er, eagerly anticipated film Burlesque (the lips and cheeks look painful! There, I said it!)...after the jump...

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